WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Pro v1.30.1

WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Pro

WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Pro v1.30.1

Download WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium v1.30.1 Nulled Free

  • Feature: Ability to set a wholesale sale price
  • Bug Fix: ACFW Integration (BOGO): Minimum order subtotal price is not calculating properly if the coupon has price/discount of override price is 0
  • Bug Fix: Forbidden WC API when WWPP is enabled
  • Bug Fix: Minimum order subtotal price not calculating properly if Advanced Coupons BOGO or Add Products discount below the wholesale price
  • Bug Fix: Products with restricted visibility show up in Grouped Product page
  • Bug Fix: The allow “add to cart” below product minimum is not working if the min qty has its qty step
  • Bug Fix: The wholesale sale price and sale badge is not display when ONLY input the “From/Sale Start” date with today date
  • Improvement: Ajax handlers not checking for nonce and/or nor use input sanitization
  • Improvement: Change wholesale sale price filter to new hook before return wholesale price only
  • Improvement: Database queries not using prepared statements
  • Improvement: Fixes PHPCS issues on class-wwpp-bootstrap.php, class-wwpp-scrip…
  • Improvement: If COD payment method is mapped for wholesale customers it will be available for all shipping methods
  • Improvement: Show the warning when inputting sale discount percentage without having wholesale price
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