WooCommerce Coupon Box 2.1.0


WooCommerce Coupon Box 2.1.0

WooCommerce Coupon Box is a plugin that adds a coupon box to your WooCommerce store. The plugin allows you to create and display a coupon code box on your store’s checkout page or any other page on your site.

With WooCommerce Coupon Box, you can easily customize the appearance of the coupon box to match the look and feel of your store. You can also set the coupon code that will be applied when the user clicks the “Apply” button.

Other features of the WooCommerce Coupon Box plugin include:

  1. Option to show or hide the coupon box on specific pages or products.
  2. Ability to limit the use of coupons to certain product categories or individual products.
  3. Option to set a minimum or maximum cart total for the coupon to be valid.
  4. Option to set an expiration date for the coupon.
  5. Customizable error messages for invalid or expired coupons.
  6. Option to display a success message when the coupon is applied.
  7. Compatibility with WooCommerce 2.x and 3.x.

Overall, WooCommerce Coupon Box is a useful plugin for any WooCommerce store owner who wants to offer coupons to their customers and increase sales.

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