Why Hosting is Important

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Why hosting is important? This is the most important question asked by most beginners website owners. They are not sure about what hosting is? And why it is important? Well if you have landed on this site we will answer all your queries. All you need is just stick to it and keep reading.

If you had created a site and want to make it available for internet users. For this, you will use hosting, no matter whether you have an E-commerce site, or a blogging website, having to host is a must.

it makes your service available on the site. It acts as a rent house that stores all your data and helps to keep your site running.

Buying a web host is very important it is just like buying a house on rent where you will grant permission to the hosting providers to store and organize data.

So let’s find out what is the difference between domain and hosting? Impacts of a web host and most importantly the reasons why hosting is important?

So let’s dive into the topic straight away

Difference between domain and hosting


Before getting into our main topic you need to understand the difference between web hosting and domain.

So the domain name is a unique website address that should be one or two words only. For example in this case our site name is “” which is a unique name. Make sure to keep your domain name simple, short, and clear. 

Hosting is the most important part to keep your website running and making it available for the user. In other words, we can say that it acts as a building block for your site that stores data.

When choosing a web hosting provider you should be careful because choosing a reliable host provider is the most sufficient and important thing.

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Impact of hosting on the website


You might be wondering what is the impact of a web host on our website. But remember hosting makes your site available on the internet for the users. That’s why it is important to choose the best provider for your website. Choosing a reliable web host is a crucial part that needs proper care and research before taking any decision.

Hosting has the following impacts on your site.

  • Let’s say you have landed on a site and google gives you an alarm that this site is not secure. What you will do now? Definitely, you will bounce back because everybody wants to protect their data from vulnerable attacks. So in this case it will provide you security. This means after getting a web host your site will be shifted from HTTP to HTTPS in form of an SSL certificate which is a secure connection.
  • The second most important impact is the site’s better performance. it increases your website performance because you are getting SEO, page loading, or speed advantages that are the most crucial parts to increasing your site performance.
  • A third and most important impact of having web hosting on your site is user experience. It will increase user experience.

 why hosting is important

Why do you need a reliable host?


Since we are talking about choosing a reliable web host service you might be wondering what is reliable hosting means and why od we need that?

Let’s find out which qualities you should consider while choosing a host for your website. in other words, a  reliable web host has the following qualities

  • You should choose a hosting that suits best your website needs. It means the hosting provider will be called a reliable resource f they are providing great services under the package you have bought.
  • A reliable web host should have a 24/7 customer support facility. As this is the most important concern that is necessary to consider while choosing. 
  • A reliable web host should provide enough security options to keep your website secure. Because security feature is essential to grab the SEO opportunities.
  • A good web host provider must provide the services of backups, SSL, and CDN without having these features a hosting could never be called a reliable web host.
  • Despite having all these qualities reliable hostings should be qualified to meet customer needs and budget with efficient customer support.

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Reasons why hosting is important


OK! OK! I understand you are excited to know the reasons why hosting is too much important for your website. 

They all are very common reasons and you will understand them easily. So let’s find out together.

Safety feature;


The most important reason for buying hosting is its safety features. Hosting provides us the option to make our sites secure. It means you can transfer your hosting from HTTP to HTTPS.

Let’s explain with an example, you have landed on a website and a navigation bar is shown you that this site is not secure, what you will do next? Definitely, you will go back to another site.

That’s why we purchase hosting to keep our sites secure and to gain the crawler and reader’s trust.

Web hosting saves our personal data that’s why it should be reliable enough to meet the site security standards.

Data storage;


As we all know that hosting stores our site’s data that’s why it is most important to buy. Without a web host, it would be impossible for us to manage our website data.

While we think about data storage there are a lot of questions that need to be considered. Thus the web hosting service has resolved our all queries and now we don’t need to worry about the traffic of our website or data management. Because hosting providers are professional enough to solve all these issues



The most important reason to buy hosting is its backup service. Web hosts provide us the facility to back up our data regularly.

Let’s say you had mistakenly or accidentally had deleted a file and the file was very important what you will do now? In this case, hosting will provide us a unique feature of backup through which we can back up our most important that had been lost mistakenly.

With the help of a backup service, our websites run smoothly and we don’t need to worry about it at all.

Customer support;


You can say that it is a very unique reason to buy web hosting. With the help of customer support whenever you need any kind of help you can contact with them

As a web hosting customer support is available 24/7 so whenever we think that we are stuck at a certain technical point we can consult with them freely.

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Speed is the most important reason for purchasing a hosting plan. 

Nowadays everyone is in a hurry no one has much more time to open a website and wait for loading so that they can read that answer. Most probably the reader will bounce back and will open another site whose speed is much faster than you.

No matter whether you have an eCommerce website or a blogging website. Speed is the most crucial part to consider that’s why we purchase hosting to optimize our page speed. 

SEO factor;


We also buy a plan for an SEO point. It means having a web host service will give you an edge in ranking.

Other than ranking factors hosting is also beneficial to do some On-page SEO. also a web host service will probably save us from having any technical issues with our website. If there is any technical issue we can detect it as soon as possible, and can solve that issue quickly.

 why hosting is important

How to find a good hosting


If you are wondering about how to find good hosting for your website, or where you should buy it. Don’t worry we guide you here briefly so that you can take your decision.

So we recommend using web hosting from any of these

These are two reliable web host resources that you can trust. Both will provide you a 24/7 customer support. Also, they have some amazing features that other web host providers don’t have.

So while finding a good plan keep these points in your mind;

  • Your budget matters a lot
  • Customer support of that web host
  • Size of your business or blog
  • Your expertise with a web hosting

Those are some key factors that you should keep in mind while you are choosing a web host service. However, if you don’t have any kind of technical knowledge about how to manage web hosting then you should definitely consider this part cautiously.

Which hosting type is best for you


Every web host service provider has different prizes, types, or plans to buy. If you are just a beginner you might be confused that which plan should I choose don’t worry we can guide you on some basic points. After which you can take your decision easily.

So, the following are the types of a web host

  • Shared  
  • VPS
  • Managed  
  • Cloud  
  • Dedicated  
  • Collocation

Wondering which one to use? So let’s find out the solution

  1. Shared hosting will be best for you if have a low budget and a small business
  2. VPS is best for those websites that have outgrown shared hostings
  3. Cloud hosting would be the best option if your business is growing rapidly
  4. If you don’t need technical access to a web host but are in need of some advanced option then you should buy a managed hosting
  5. Though dedicated hostings are expensive if you have a huge business with lots of traffic then it will work best for you.
  6. If you need more control over hardware and software issues then colocation is the best plan for you.

So, why hosting is important


So, why hosting is important for your website? The answer is simple!

a web host service will make your website available on the internet and choosing the best and most reliable hosting is the most important thing. 

it is important to grab key benefits or features of data storage, backups, SEO factors, and some other safety features. Most importantly for getting customer service support hosting is important.

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Till Next!

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