Which Shopify Plan is Best

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which shopify plan is best

Which Shopify Plan is Best?

Which Shopify plan is best for dropshipping? You are going to start dropshipping, and you have chosen Shopify for dropshipping. 

Well congratulations, you had chosen the right platform for yourself because Shopify has plenty of users so definitely you will meet your potential customer. Shopify also provides shipment and fulfillment plans which have created ease in your business journey. Also, Shopify is user-friendly and easy to use. Ahhhh! Right, it seems to be an all-in-one package.

Rather than selling through an online marketplace such as Amazon or eBay, many business owners opt to develop their e-commerce websites. Shopify is one of the top eCommerce platforms. It offers monthly pricing plans ranging from $9 to $299, depending on your requirement

The good thing about Shopify is, they are providing a free 14-day plan. So It’s a pretty good thing! so start your 14 days Shopify free trial 

What is dropshipping?

So if you are going to start your business with dropshipping it means you are already well aware of what dropshipping is and how it actually works. But if you don’t we will explain it for your

In simple words, Dropshipping is such a kind of business in which retailers do not need to keep any specific inventory in their warehouse. they can buy it from any other third-party person and deliver it to the valued customer. 

The good thing about Shopify is, There is no need for a high amount of investment while starting dropshipping you can start it with a low budget.

if you are also looking for an ultimate step by step guide for dropshipping,  read that for sure it will be highly beneficial for you

Which Shopify plan is best for dropshipping?

So here is your most wanted question which Shopify plan is best for dropshipping? And which plan you should buy? Before going to the actual question we need to know about Shopify plans.

So let’s talk about the different plans on Shopify so they have actually four plans if you’re first starting in your store you’re only gonna see three actually, but technically they have five plans.

here you will find an image and you will get to know how many plans they actually have and what is the price of each plan. Shopify plans start from $9 to $299. depending on your need you can choose anyone, but if you don’t really know which one to choose? then don’t we will guide you so keep reading to get the answer


 about shopify plans
four plans if you’re first starting in your store you’re only gonna see three.


but they have the normal basic plan which I recommend to you if you don’t have a store you get this $29 a month plan now.

So let’s dive into the topic and start discussing which plan is best for you?

Shopify lite;

There is a  $9 a month plan and I think this only lets you sell on Facebook. you can’t actually sell through your online store.

this would be good if you want to sell on eBay or Etsy or another platform. If you want to use the Shopify app but don’t need actually need of storefront this could be best for you. 

you could use this plan right here that way you could you can manually enter the orders or whatever into $9 a month so it’s super cheap to do this kind of thing.

Shopify lite plan is best for you if you do not need any eCommerce website. And you just want to sell something personally. You can just simply ad products to your blog and can get the payment with a credit card. 

With Shopify lite, you can get the core functions. Following is the list of Shopify lite core functions that you will get.


 list of shopify lite core functions
all the features that Shopify lite include

by getting the Shopify lite plan you will get access to the following features of Shopify

  • order management
  • customer profile
  • product management
  • custom discounts and codes
  • dashboard overview
  • finance reports
  • email carts

Basic Shopify plan;

There is another plan Basic Shopify $29 plan. You can use this plan if you want to sell in only one country. Basic Shopify plan also provides the option of 4 inventory locations and you can add only two payment accounts.

For $29 you have to pay 2.9 percent plus 30 cents for every single transaction basically per order this is through Shopify payments. So if you are wondering what the Shopify payments are? don’t worry we are going to discuss Shopify payments briefly.

The Basic Shopify plan is the most recommended plan. you will get all the necessary features that will help you to start your business online.

Shopify payment

so when you sign up for Shopify they’re gonna ask you do you want to use Shopify payments? You can say Yes! But if you don’t want to use this you can select NO.

well, if you selected yes so, now you’re gonna pay that two points nine percent plus $0.30 from stripe because that’s basically what they charge the exact same rate. so when you’re first getting started use Shopify payments

For this, you should have a  US bank account. so it’s super easy for you to get approved for Shopify payments if you are trying to set up the Shopify store.

If you’re from another country you’re gonna have a really hard time trying to get Shopify payments if you’re outside unless you have a US company.

Shopify regular plan;

there’s another plan here for $79 a month and you actually do not need this. It gives you some additional staff accounts and it gives you some reports so you can download like them. you can see what kind of products are selling in which areas it’s just advanced reporting.

If you want to sell internationally then you can take this one. It also gives you an option of two or three accounts which is pretty good.

This plan provides a good option of gift cards but you don’t really need gift cards unless you have a strategy for it but yeah there are professional reports that are the only advantage. so you don’t need this plan is big and you don’t need this one.

Shopify plus;

There’s another plan called Shopify plus which you definitely don’t need. It costs up to $299 per month. It gives you an option of 8 inventory locations and 6 to 12 account creations.

it’s probably more expensive and you know what they just give you a dedicated person and then they let you edit the checkout process so you can have a custom branded checkout process.

Pros and Cons of dropshipping

All the necessary details of accounts have been discussed earlier. Now we are moving forward there are some pros and cons of dropshipping that you should need to know. So let’s start.

 if you are thinking to build a website with Shopify and getting confused about how to do it easily? The process of creating an eCommerce site is virtually automated with Shopify. wait! if you are not aware of how you can build your Shopify website here is our complete guideline.



  • The biggest advantage is you don’t need an inventory. you can buy products from any third party and sell them to your potential customers.
  • You can start with a low budget because it contains a low start-up cost. you are not going to produce anything so it will saves you from plenty of expenses.
  • You can quickly test the products and could work on them which are more profitable or which suits you best.
  • As you are not manufacturing the products themselves so you don’t have any kind of manufacturing cost at all.
  • Because you are picking up the product from a third-party person so you don’t need to have any physical store. this will save you from the barrier of having stuck in one place and you can enjoy other things of your life.



  • one of the biggest disadvantages Of dropshipping is, there is always a low-profit margin.
  • There is high competition in the dropshipping business because plenty of people are trying to sell online so the competition has also increased.
  •  those small businesses who don’t have much investment, for them the shipping cost could be an issue. 
  • There is always a race to the bottom. because The person who gets ranked will surely get higher sales. that’s why everyone is trying to become at the bottom to generate revenue

power of Shopify


Shopify gives you everything you need to start, it helps you to build your website, and to grow your business.  it has plenty of users. it has created ease for a business to reach potential customers and generate revenue. we had also brought some amazing ideas for your Shopify dropshipping store.

the best thing is Shopify gives you 24/7 customer support where you can get in touch via email or live chat. your customer support helps you to easily find the solution to any kind of problem that you might have.

one of the things you need to know about Shopify is that Shopify will automatically update inventory, orders, and products. so you don’t need to worry about all those things you can focus on those things that matter most means your sales.

with the help of entrepreneur tools, you can get free marketing tips, podcasts, and other resources that will help you to thrive in your business.


 power of shopify
all the power of Shopify

So which Shopify dropshipping plan is best for you

you probably only need this $29 a month. Because if you are just starting off and don’t have much budget then it would be the best fit for you. so sign up for free to get the 14 days free trial and start your eCommerce journey.

If you have a budget and want to sell internationally then you can choose from any other plan mentioned above. All the details and advantages are mentioned above so you can easily select which one you should choose.

You can choose the $29 package or use your own choice. All the benefits and qualities of each plan have been mentioned. Wishing you a great business journey in the future.

Shopify is the simplest and most dependable way of bringing your business on the web. now you are on your way and able to choose your plan. you can build your Shopify website easily.

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