What’s the deal with OptinMonster?

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What is OptinMonster?

OptinMonster is one of the most popular WordPress lead generation tools. It allows you to design an opt-in form and place it on your site with just a few clicks. If your landing page converts well to subscribers, leads, or customers — but you’re not making a profit — you need to double your conversions. We can do these two ways: optimize your email conversion rate and/or increase the number of visitors to your website.

In a nutshell, OptinMonster lets you grow a targeted list of subscribers that love what you have to say. I’ll explain why I think it’s so important, and how it compares to other opt-in plugins and share an unedited testimonial.

OptinMonster is a landing page & email opt-in plugin for WordPress. A desire to build the best digital marketing product inspired us we could. And boy oh boy, did we achieve that goal.

With converting users into sign-ups or sales, a high-converting opt-in can mean all the difference between you getting that boost or not. But what is an opt-in, and why do they matter? And why is OptinMonster one of the best options in the market? Well, these are all brilliant questions.

OptinMonster: More Than Just A WordPress Plugin

OptinMonster improves your website’s ability to convert users by creating captivating and persuasive pop-ups and slide-ins. With over 250 templates to choose from (along with 100 non-template actions), there are some pretty outstanding options for you to use when creating your own custom optin forms.

This blog persuades readers to join the OptinMonster list. I’ll accomplish this by providing them with a 1,000-word sales pitch that covers each aspect of an amazing product. The following copy will cover: what it is, why they should use it, who it’s best for, and how to get started.

Who OptinMonster is best suited for?

When I was creating a new website, I wanted to learn as much as I could about email marketing. This included how to get more subscribers, how to convert them into leads and then, ultimately, customers. I wanted to know what tools could do these things.

If you’re looking for email marketing software that offers more than your typical newsletter pop-up, I highly suggest checking out OptinMonster. It’s a tool that allows you to create professional and effective pop-up forms. You can easily include a countdown timer, countdown text, redirect page, and more when using this tool.

When you first work with OptinMonster, you’ll probably be like most people. You might think that it’s just some plug-in which will automatically provide you with more opt-ins, better conversions, and more sales. But after a while, you’ll come to realize that it is actually so much more than that.

What’s the deal with OptinMonster? Is it worth the hype? Who can use it? These are just some questions you might ask yourself. We aim to answer these questions while providing you with a no-nonsense review that is easy to comprehend.

OptinMonster is best for marketers or eCommerce businesses who want to increase conversions and sales using pop-ups, slide in scroll boxes, floating bars, full-screen welcome mats, countdown timers, and more.

OptinMonster helps online publishers collect email addresses from recent visitors and turns them into loyal readers and subscribers.

Hence, for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and marketers looking to build an email list, grow their social following or increase sales, OptinMonster is worth a closer look.

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How easy is it to use OptinMonster?

OptinMonster is one of the most popular lead generation tools in the world. Their drag-and-drop pop-up creator makes it quick, easy, and proven to help increase your email list sign-ups. So, how easy is it to set up OptinMonster? it is probably less than you think!

  • It lets you easily create beautiful landing pages.
  • You can create pop-ups knowing no code.
  • OptinMonster offers lots of templates and themes.
  • There’s an easy A/B testing feature built-in.

OptinMonster is a plugin for WordPress. Install it, activate it, and you can immediately begin using OptinMonster to create your first opt-in form.

You will go through a few steps to create your opt-in form. I break these steps down into three main areas:

  • The Campaign type – You will choose between either a light-box pop-up or a floating bar. The Campaign Type determines the style of your opt-in form.The Design – This is where you actually design the opt-in form itself.
  • You can choose from a library of 100+ pre-made templates or start from scratch. You can also customize the styling and animation effects of the opt-in form.
  • The Rules – This is where you define when and where your opt-in form appears on your website as well as which visitors see it. For example, if you want your opt-in form to only appear on specific pages, you can set up rules for that here.

OptinMonster is easy to use, and the interface works like a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor. This means something instantly reflected the changes you make inside the editor in the live preview on the right side of the screen.

Is OptinMonster Right For Your Business?

OptinMonster has been around for about 5 years and is one of the more popular lead generation tools in the world. Because of this, there’s a high probability that you’ve heard about them before (maybe from me?).

The question then becomes when should you use OptinMonster?

Over 1,000,000 marketers loved OptinMonster worldwide and over 50,000 small businesses trusted the OptinMonster every single day.

OptinMonster Features

I’ve been using OptinMonster to collect email addresses from my website for years. It’s a fantastic WordPress plugin that allows me to easily create eye-catching opt-in forms right on my site.

The tool is packed full of useful features, such as the ability to A/B test certain areas of your opt-in form and their templates, which I use all the time. After using it for so long,

I thought it was time to share some tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the past few years of using this killer plugin in this review.

  • OptinMonster is a popular tool for increasing your website’s opt-in conversions. It provides various powerful tools and features to help you get the best results, including an Optin- form, double optins, and exit-intent capabilities.
  • These tools can benefit businesses from small businesses to large enterprise companies because the main purpose of any online marketing is lead generation.
  • The mobile, responsive design guarantees that every pop-up will look great on any device and display elegantly as it adapts to small screens sizes.
  • You may select from various pop-up campaigns including Floating Bar, Slide-in Scroll Boxes, Fullscreen Welcome Mat, Lightbox pop-up and more.
  • OptinMonster integrates with all major email marketing service providers (ESPs) and allows you to turn anonymous traffic into real subscribers in minutes.
  • The campaign performance section provides detailed reports for all of your campaigns so you can easily track your conversion rates and make educated decisions about which types of campaigns are most effective for your business goals.
  • OptinMonster has detailed analytics to track your list growth and keep improving your campaigns. It provides you with stats such as total conversions, total impressions, conversion rate, geography, OS/browser, and device used for conversion.

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Can you afford it?

Can you afford OptinMonster? I’m going to ask you that question because I know it’s a question you’re asking yourself. If you can’t afford OptinMonster, that means you have some immediate cash-flow problems and I don’t have the answer for that.

But if you can’t afford OptinMonster, then it’s probably for a few reasons:

OptinMonster is not the most expensive email marketing tool on the market, but it’s certainly not the cheapest either. When you’re first starting out, budgeting can be tricky. You don’t want to spend money on unnecessary tools.

But if you’re serious about making money online, then you need a high-converting lead generation strategy that converts visitors into subscribers and customers.

We designed the OptinMonster to be affordable for anyone. We offer four different subscription levels: Basic, Plus, Pro and Growth. Our Basic plan starts at $9/month (billed monthly) or $7/month (billed annually).

OptinMonster is a powerful tool and an important component of your marketing strategy. Of course, you can get started without it. But if your competitors are using OptinMonster and you aren’t, then they’ll have an advantage over you.

The alternative is to find cheaper alternatives that don’t work as well. In the long run, this will cost you more money because of all the lost sales and leads. That’s why we think OptinMonster is worth every penny!

The pros of OptinMonster

  • OptinMonster is a powerful lead generation tool that allows you to create attractive opt-in forms and display them at the perfect moment to convert visitors into subscribers and customers.
  • OptinMonster integrates with all major email marketing services, making it easy for you to send new leads directly to your favorite email marketing service and start sending emails right away.
  • User-friendly is what OptinMonster is. You can create effective and beautiful pop-ups within minutes with no knowledge of code.
  • The plugin allows you to A/B test different campaigns against each other, so you can find out what works best and easily optimize your campaigns.
  •  OptinMonster comes with a comprehensive analytics dashboard that allows you to track click-through rates and conversion rates so you can see which campaigns are successful.
  •  With the Exit-Intent technology, users about to leave your website are given a special offer, increasing your chances of retaining those customers..
  • OptinMonster helps online publishers collect email addresses from recent visitors and turns them into loyal readers and subscribers
  • OptinMonster is super affordable, particularly for small businesses and marketers on tight budgets, starting at only $9 per month.
  •  There are no restrictions or limits on the number of opt-ins you can create or the number of leads you can capture per month, which makes it easy to try different approaches until you find something that works for you and your customers.

The downsides

While the OptinMonster plugin is incredibly powerful, it has its downsides. Here are a few things to consider before buying:

  • It’s a premium plugin. This means you’ll have to pay for it upfront. At $49, it’s not the most expensive plugin out there, but if you’re on a tight budget, you may prefer free alternatives. OptinMonster is not cheap, but they offer a money-back guarantee within 14 days of purchase, so you can try it risk-free.
  • You’ll need to manage multiple plugins. While OptinMonster itself is easy to use, you’ll still need to deal with your email marketing software separately. If you’re a fan of all-in-one solutions like Thrive Leads or Bloom (which we’ll discuss later), this might be a drawback for you.
  • It doesn’t have any onboarding or educational content, such as guides or tutorials. And although there are several ways to integrate OptinMonster with third-party apps and tools including Shopify, MailChimp and WooCommerce, the app itself only offers integration with ten other services.

OptinMonster Review: The Best Lead Generation Tool for Bloggers (2022)

If your business is looking for a way to generate leads and grow your customer base, opt-in forms are the best way to do so. OptinMonster is one of the easiest ways for you to get those valuable opt-ins without having to spend hours creating each individual form on your own. Stand out over your competition and select a unique, multi-step form that will attract potential customers by giving them something they really want. OptinMonster enables you to do just that with its vast collection of professional-quality templates and drag-and-drop functionality.


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