What is ChatBot and How it Works?

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Want to know what is ChatBot and how does it work? So in simple words, we can say that chats are just small boxes that usually appear at the bottom right of the screen. It allows customers or site visitors to chat with your support team.

In most cases, chatbots usually work as an artificial intelligence tool that will respond automatically to customer queries. I know! You have a lot of questions like what are the benefits of using a chatbot, how to use a chatbot? And why use a chatbot. Don’t worry just read on to know the answer.

How to define a chatbot


your first question should be what is ChatBot and how does it work. let’s understand what is chatbot. So, A chatbot could be defined as an artificial intelligence tool that is used by most businesses because it helps in managing customer queries. It is just like a tool device that can be easily set up without having any kind of technical knowledge.

In short, this tool helps businesses and customers to find the answer to all their queries. As this is an artificial intelligence tool it automates customer relations via instant messaging. 

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Why use chatbot


Now you had got the answer to what is ChatBot but, before getting the answer to all other queries it’s important to know why to use a chatbot. So here are some reasons why you should use a chatbot.

  • Definitely, it can help the customer service agents from responding to those questions that were really common.
  • After having Chatbot Customer service will have to respond only to complex questions or the questions that need human intentions and help to answer customer issues.
  • Chatbots are a source of customer satisfaction.
  • The conversational bot helps the customers to retain by providing them complete satisfaction.
  • Chatbot makes it possible to answer quickly, that’s why the internet users or your customers can get the quick answer to problems that may arise.
  • There will be no need to go through different speakers to obtain answers to their questions.

Which chatbot to use?


We recommend using ChatBot software. ChatBot is empowering companies to stand out with customer experiences. You should definitely use ChatBot service to automate customer relations. 

Before setting up a bot it is necessary to have some internal audit like “is it good enough” or “does it have flaws”. The goal is to find the necessary improvements and a better chatbot for your business.

Indeed the ChatBot software is intended to create a knowledge panel that will be effective and solid. It gives more accurate information to the users. 

As it is an artificial intelligence tool so we can say that it works just like Google and Apple. So that the users can ask questions revolving around the company or its products.

So how does this innovation work and how to integrate with this? it is not rocket science. A chatbot could be easily set up and does not require any technical knowledge. 

Here is a look at the ChatBot pricing.

 what is chatbot and how it work

Features of a ChatBot


Do you want to know which features does ChatBot offer? Though 

chatBot offers a variety of features with key benefits for the users and customer support teams. To know the features just keep reading…..

  • First of all, ChatBot is a complete platform for your business
  • It gives you an opportunity to build and manage a successful business
  • You will also get the 14 days free trial of ChatBot
  • Facility to customize your ChatBot without any coding knowledge just with the help of drag and drop
  • You can also customize your Chatbot with the help of customized templated or you can also use the prebuilt templates.

How does ChatBot work?


Now the question is how does ChatBot work, ChatBot is like a tool or device so it has limited human intervention and creates instant messaging. It has also helped the employees and business owners with repetitive tasks.

Most chatbot software allows you to switch from one software to another. If you are not using any chatbot or did not take any decision yet. We suggest you use ChatBot software. It has a number of users including well-known companies.

  • A ChatBot uses predefined rules, machine learning to interpret customer requests and then provide responses according to them.
  • It is ideal when the customer’s needs and questions are not clear or specific.
  • it is just like an automated tool it is helpful and even we can say that it’s best for answering common questions or recommending articles.
  • Let’s say someone has asked “how can I change my ticket?” then ChatBot could help with “step-by-step instructions for this task”
  • If ChatBot has access to the customer and company data it can perform much better and can provide more personalized and contextual results.
  • This ChatBot can help the customers to complete the task interactively.

So it’s easy to install ChatBot because it’s not necessary to know to code. The user conversation with this ChatBot is more sophisticated and natural. ChatBot provides a very specific and detailed customer database like gender, age, and location.

ChatBot with artificial intelligence


A ChatBot is an artificial intelligence tool and it learns little by little from the interaction that it has made with customers. With the passage of time, it understands the customer needs, expectations much better.

This ChatBot is designed for an intimate discussion with a human that’s why it’s possible to create much more dynamic conversation. We can say that it works like a virtual assistant just like Alexa as it is also an automated tool and work with machine learning.

For a better understanding let’s explain with an example;

A customer asks a query then the ChatBot will first interact with the interlocutor and ask for details according to their profile. That’s why we had said earlier that it works best with the analysis of past interaction.

It will answer just like this “hello, I see that you have an eCommerce store, maybe this article is helpful for you”

Will ChatBot replace Customer Agents


After knowing about you might be wondering, “will ChatBot replace customer agents”. So the answer is…….. The power of real ChatBot reveals when it is paired up with human management.

Customer service management is always a key to answering customer queries. But a partnership with a machine agent could help humans to interact better and prompt. must read our blog on 9 must-have artificial intelligence tools

As customers want to interact with real people to make the interaction more meaningful. sometimes customers may have specific questions like “how do I change my password” and in this case customers prefer to find a solution by talking with a customer service agent.

ChatBot works as a helping hand with your customer service agents. When the agents were busy responding to customer queries then ChatBot help them by answering those questions that do not require any human interaction.




So make ChatBot a helping hand for your service agents Now!

Add a chatbot to messenger


Yes! Of course, you get the point. ChatBot works like a Facebook messenger chatbot where you do automation of your specific messages.

Facebook, messenger, and WhatsApp have their own chatbot. You can also make your website chatbot just like them. 

So choose a ChatBot software automated software and let him help you in your business growth.

Benefits of ChatBot for your business


Before making any decision to use Chatbot you might be interested to know the benefits of ChatBot software for your business. So let’s discuss some benefits that will amaze you and will excite you to use ChatBot. So let’s dive into the topic.

For better understanding Let’s divide our advantages into two parts for business owners and for users. So let’s start. check out the latest trends  to increase your business

For business owners;


  • A powerful tool for the customer support team, in generating sales, and lead generation.
  • One of the key benefits of ChatBot is that the Live chat feature is integrated with this software which helps all sizes of businesses to grow faster.
  • It is the live chat ability to communicate with site visitors in real-time and improve user experience. You can read out our blog benefits of a live chat support system to get further knowledge.
  • A chatBot is an effective software for e-commerce stores, businesses, or even for start-ups.
  • ChatBot offers a 24/7 communication channel to business owners to communicate easily.
  • ChatBot will Sell directly by showing similar or other products which means your tension of getting sales reduced too. Because the ChatBot is itself generating sales
  • It can answer 100% common questions in just minutes.

For users;


The main purpose of using ChatBot is to provide facilities to your customer support team and the users. It helps the user to get quick answers to their questions. Let’s have a look at some benefits of the ChatBot from the user’s point of view. 

For the user point of ChatBot provides these important benefits

  • If your site had integrated a ChatBot then your users don’t need to have to switch your site to get information about any product or service.
  • Offer FAQ and knowledge base questions. And the user doesn’t need to go anywhere because the artificial intelligence team is saving their time.
  • Provide 24/7 support. Through ChatBot a user can get support wherever he needed.
  • The user does not need to search for the desired information because ChatBot is getting the desired information itself.
  • Though many of the businesses will find it a new tool it has turned into a must-have tool for many businesses.
  • The User can do Active communication with the company. 

To Recap


To recap what is ChatBot and how does it work. to conclude all those conversations given above we can say that chatbot is an amazing tool to automate your business but it could work best only if they have an integration with the human support team. 

With the help of chatbots, human interaction has been reduced. It also keeps the customer engaged with the store.

There is one thing that you need to understand is that it is not intended to replace customer service. The main purpose of the building chatbot is to give answers to fairly easy questions.

A ChatBot is an artificial intelligence tool or device that’s why they are not able to provide information to customers about certain things. The things that require human intentions.

Now you are ready to take your decision! Tell us in the comment section which one you are using and did you find ChatBot software useful?

Till next!

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