What is an Email List and How to Create an Email List

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what is an email list and how to create it

What is an email list and how to create it? This is the most important question that everyone beginner will face. Most bloggers ignore this part because they are unaware of the importance of creating your email list. 

So if you are a beginner and you are focusing on what is an email list and how to create it? We appreciate your approach because this is the most important part of your blog or eCommerce business. But if you are an old blogger but did not adopt this strategy yet, you are already too late and you had missed a great part of your revenue or potential readers.

Creating an email list is a primary way to generate traffic and as you all know traffic leads to revenue. If somebody is reading your content it means they found it useful and they could be interested in reading your blog’s future content. So building an email list is effective to convert your readers into buyers.

Building an email list is always an effective strategy to generate traffic and revenue. There are some other ways to generate traffic or to create an email list but creating an email list is the most effective way to increase ROI (return on investment).

Many bloggers ignore this part and don’t focus on the creation of an email list. It is because somehow they found it difficult or they thought that creating an email list is not much effective. But in fact, having an email list will always produce good results for you.

So let’s unpack a bundle of questions that exists in your mind starting with what is an email list? This is followed by the importance and benefits of creating an email list, then the final how to create an email list. So let’s dive into the topic.

What is an email list?


So here is first comes first what is an email list? In simple words, 

An email list is a list with names and email addresses of your customers who had subscribed to your blog newsletter to get, some future updates, related information, product discounts, or coupons. 

An email list is the most important part of creating a connection with your readers. so if you want to build an email list, you need to create a blog where you will mark your service with a high converting CTA – call to action.

PRO TIP; here is our pro tip that you should consider before building an email list “it is the wrong strategy to build email lists randomly, you are in need of a quality list only” while you are creating an email list focus on these three things Quality, Relevance, and volume or quantity of that list.

Benefits of creating an email list


Before discussing how to build an email list let’s discuss some benefits of creating an email list for your business. So let’s discuss some of them briefly…….

  • Building an email list is an interesting way to create some social interaction with your readers.
  • An email list could help you to get a better engagement of your blog readers. If someone had subscribed to the newsletter it means they found it useful and they are interested in getting some future updates of that blog. By sending emails you can engage your previous readers. It means an email list gives you loyal readers and in the future, they can be converted into buyers.
  • With the help of an email list, you can get better quality leads for your business because if you have an email list it would be easy for you to reach potential buyers.
  • Whenever a receiver will get an email it will be sent by your business name which means sending emails is also a way to create brand awareness among people.
  • If you have an email list you can even launch a new product easily. Because you have complete control of that list so it would be easy for you to launch a product. You can inform your reader about it and can generate sales.
  • Nowadays emails are a great source of getting conversions. According to research, an email list can give you 4300% of the average ROI (return on investment) because an email build trust between you and your buyer.

So after getting this information, you are excited to create your email list and eager to learn how to create an email list. OK, OK, I understand let’s straight dive into the topic.


 what is an email list and how to create it

How to create an email list?


You might have heard about purchasing an email list but it’s not a good idea to buy an email list. Rather than buying an email list, you should choose the option of creating an email list. Email list creation gives you an opportunity to get quality and relevant readers only.

So, in short, to create an email list you need to follow these steps only;

  • Your first step should be to create a website
  • Then you need to add a subscription or a CTA which is known as a call to action button of your site. Here the reader will put their names and mail I’d for further updates.
  • You next should be to connect an email building software – Don’t worry about which software is good and which one you should use, we will guide you here just keep reading.
  • The last step is to add the plugin of that software to your site. 

 Let’s discuss some tips about how you can create your email list;

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Early start;


An early start is the only key to building an email list. No matter whether you have a blog site or an eCommerce website building an email list is a must and you should start this process as soon as possible. Building an email list should be a part of your initial steps.

Great blog;


Your whole blog plays an important role in your email list. Want to know how? So the answer is your blog should be best from every side to get customer emails. Like the content written in your blog should be awesome, website speed should be optimized to save readers time. 

If you had written amazing content for your site then the reader will also be interested in the future to read such kind of useful content.

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Always try to limit to signup information as much as you can. It means ideal newsletter signup should include only the reader’s name and email list. YEP! It’s best to save the reader’s time.

Sharing feature;


Add a sharing feature to your blog. If you had added a sharing feature in your blog and someone found that blog interested and useful they would love to share with others. In this case, sharing feature will be highly beneficial. Because if the reader had not subscribed to your newsletter possibly the next one who is receiver would subscribe.

Imagine that you had given information about a certain product or discount and the reader had shared that information on their Facebook using the share feature. The next person who will read that content maybe he is interested in getting some same coupon or discount-related information. That’s it! In this way, the chance of converting readers into buyers has been increased. 

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Call to action;


Adding a call to action is an amazing way to get a subscription to your newsletter. Call to action could be in any way or anywhere on your site. 

Like it could be on the right or left side of your site or page. It could be in the form of a sidebar or a pop-up function. No matter where it is the only purpose is to get noticed and to convert your reader before he leaves.

Build with Optinmaster;

You might have listened about building your email list from scratch or buying an email list these are not effective ways. Rather than choosing these options, you should go with building your own email list.

Optinmaster is absolutely an amazing software through which you can get information about where the user is coming from, which page he is reading, which page he had found useful, and what is he doing on your site. These are all important questions to create an email list and the Optinmaster will give you the answer.

Optinmaster has also some built-in features and some pre-made templates where you can easily perform the A/B testing.

You might be wondering if you can do this through a service provider but he will provide you with a code for all these functions and you don’t know about coding. So what you will do now? That’s why using Optinmaster is the best option because there is no need for coding at all.

So Optinmaster deserves a try!

Remember tip one;


You need to follow above mentioned all tips and remember tip number one which was an early start. Your early start can give you the best results.

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How to manage an email list


After creating an email list you might have faced problems like how you could manage your email list. Once you start building your email list the biggest problem that every site owner faces is managing that list.

So here are the three most common ways that will surely help you to generate an effective mail list. Let’s them briefly.

Do segmentation of your list – it means you should build your email list using customer or reader history, personal performance, and traffic of your site. Notice the individual reader that in which topic they were interested and which topic is performing best on your site. The answer to all the questions you will get from the Optinmaster.

The second way is to analyze the list of data, or focus on user clicks send them emails that are helpful for them. Always use email lists wisely, don’t send random emails to the customers because it can annoy them and they can unsubscribe from your list. Provide them only relevant and quality information.

The last but not the least way is to create a list of those customers or readers to whom you want to Re-engage with your content. Send them emails that will force them to click and read. 

Managing your email list is the most important part. Building this habit could help you to generate good traffic and saves you from frustration. You can easily send emails to the right person because relevance and quality are always the keys.

Reasons to build an email list


After knowing all your questions from what is an email list to how to create and manage an email list. Now it’s good to know the importance of building an email list or the reasons why you need an email list. let’s discuss

  • One of the key importance is that emails are personal and by subscribing to your newsletter the user is giving you a space in your personal inbox. The user gives you space now it’s up to you how you utilize that space. Your emails can convert them into buyers.
  • The second most important thing for which you should create an email list is that email is the only way of one-on-one communication between you and the reader. You can get benefit from the user talks. The user gives you permission to send an email now it’s your quality content that could turn them into buyers.
  • Because you have a list of targeted emails that builds trust between you and the reader. Most importantly you are the owner of that list. You can send personalized emails to a reader to generate high and quality traffic for your site.
  • Another most important reason why you should build an email list is that emails are the cause of high conversions. Most of the large companies love to build email lists and for this purpose, they are spending a huge amount of budget on paid campaigns and force users to build signup forms.
  • There are 3.8 billion active users of emails which is half of the population. so I’m pretty sure you don’t want to miss this chance to showcase your product to potential buyers. 

To conclude 


To conclude the whole conversation from what is an email list to how to manage and create an email list we can say that an email list is a foundation of digital marketing and you can use this for a skyrocketing performance of your site.

It does not matter what kind of business you have. Whether you have an e-commerce store or a blogging site building an email list is a must. Adopt this habit as soon as possible as it will ultimately help you to boost your site.

So what do you think? Give it a try to Optinmaster! And start building an effective email list with Optinmaster without any coding to boost your performance.

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