Weebly Review for beginners

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Weebly Review

Weebly is one of the largest website builders; it has over 50 million websites built with its platform.
Unlike many competitors, Weebly has traditionally been more interested in improving its technology platform than in running expensive marketing campaigns.
It is a platform created by David Rusenko, who was an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania and co-founded with Chris Fanini in 2006, has gone through several iterations since its creation as a side project.
From Penn State, Weebly has expanded across the globe, now hosting over three million websites, including the official website of WWE superstar Roman Reigns.


However, since the e-commerce company Square gained Weebly in 2018, we have noticed a slower rollout of new features (especially when Square launched Square Store Builder).
In fact, Weebly’s development team does not seem to release blog updates more frequently than once per year.
And several of its more recent features look outdated — some templates are not as modern as they could be, and elements of the classic editor (which is still used to build non-eCommerce sites) also hark back to an earlier era.

While Weebly’s lack of significant updates may make it less appealing to some users.
Weebly company’s platform remains a viable alternative to website builders, such as Squarespace and Wix sometimes, particularly for individuals who value user-friendliness and ease of use.
The builder offers 50 different website templates to help get your site started, but they’re somewhat limited compared to platforms like Wix.If none of the designs Weebly offers catch your eye, you can upload your own theme or purchase third-party templates.

Weebly’s built-in template library lets you choose layouts that seamlessly integrate your own content.
This makes it easy to switch between different themes without losing the custom data you have added.
Users of Wix, who have a less flexible website builder, must re-upload their content whenever they change templates.
It can be a time-consuming process.

Weebly pricing plans

Weebly’s plans run from free to $72 / month. With eCommerce and phone support available on all plans, the company makes it easy for the users to get started with a website.

Free plan

The Weebly service includes a free plan, which is one of the most generous in the website builder industry.

The free plan offers many features, including no transaction fees, unlimited products, gift cards, in-store pickup, and Instagram and Pinterest integrations.
Besides the free plan, Weebly also offers customer phone support for free customers—a benefit other website builders do not offer their free users.
There are some limitations with the free plan, including a custom domain name, and the advertisement at the bottom of every site.

Paid plans

The Personal plan is Weebly’s most affordable option.
It is a plan with a price tag of $9 a month, but the Free plan only differs from the Personal plan in that you can purchase a custom domain name for your website.
The plan is $16 / month and looks a lot like the cheapest plans from Squarespace and Wix (which are $16 / month and $17 / month, respectively).
It’s for people who want a simple website with little customization, but it doesn’t have some features offered by other services, such as customer reviews, and shipping labels.

Weebly’s performance plan is $29 / month and includes some additional features. These are:
customer reviews, shipping labels, shipping discounts, abandoned shopping carts, advanced analytics, priority support and Paypal as a credit card processor.
It’s like the Personal plan but has more features for a higher price.
The Premium plan is not available on the Weebly pricing page. You won’t find it on the Weebly pricing page.

The platform costs $72 /month and is designed for high-volume stores; introduces lower credit card processing fees, steeper shipping discounts and a real-time shipping rate calculator.
Website builders use annual plans to attract customers because a long-term commitment is a powerful indicator that you will be a continual customer.
For example, the annual Personal plan costs 77% less than the monthly plan, and the annual Professional plan costs 47% less than the monthly plan.
Weebly is less expensive than its competitors, Wix and Squarespace, but presents similar options for web building. While it may not perfectly balance plans between the three, The community pricing can’t be beat.

Email and Domain pricing

Like most website builders, partners with Google to power custom email addresses.
If you want to have custom email addresses in your domain ([email protected]), I recommend Google’s G Suite.

It’s the industry standard for custom email addresses got through a website builder. The price is the same as it is for general G Suite accounts:
When using a domain provider such as Namecheap, it is less expensive to buy domains than to purchase domains from Weebly. NameCheap costs about $15 / a year to purchase a domain name, while Weebly charges $19.95 / year.
In addition, Weebly charges $10 per year for domain privacy. Namecheap provides domain privacy for free.

Weebly Interface

Weebly’s easy-to-use editor allows users to drag-and-drop page elements anywhere on the page and rearrange them as they wish. You can see, in real-time, how your pages look while you edit.
Users looking for more advanced capabilities shouldn’t rule it out.

If you can code, Weebly grant you greater control over how your site looks and functions.
The platform offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that gives both amateurs and designers alike the power to create professional-looking websites.
Without touching code, users can customize fonts, colors, and more.
Advanced users who have coding experience can dig deeper by customizing raw HTML and CSS files for ultimate control over their sites’ content and appearance.
Weebly’s mobile app lets you view your site statistics, edit content and access your account information and settings on the go.
If you often experience connectivity issues on your phone, you can choose to work offline—changes made to your site will automatically sync when you’re online again.




Weebly Review

Weebly provides a wide range of features, including helpful pop-up guides that explain how to use various features. It also offers a variety of resources, such as comprehensive help articles and tutorials.
For additional help, Weebly’s customer support team is contactable via email or phone.
However, live phone support is only available for customers who subscribe to at least a pro plan.

Weebly Education

Weebly Education is a subscription-based site-building and management tool designed for teachers to use with their students.
Teachers create a personal account and can then add up to 40 students to their dashboard, assigning logins and passwords that enable students to view their own progress on the teacher’s home page.

Although Weebly’s Education Interface is outdated, the site builder itself includes more style and is easy to use.
Users can choose from a variety of themes, place photos, add text and other pages, and publish their site.
It’s ideal for personal websites devoted to any subject and for e-commerce to promote products and services.
Due to how the web community designed the Weebly education, students and teachers can feel safe sharing work and collaborating online. Teachers can create student accounts and control access.
If students want to make their sites public or use social media, they can do so under supervision.
Privacy settings allow teachers to decide if student accounts are private or viewable by everyone on the Web.

Themes and templates

One of the most important choices you’ll make when building your community is choosing a theme.
Themes help define the overall look and feel of your site, and serve as a way for your members to identify themselves as members of your community.
While Weebly’s library of templates is not huge, these themes are crisp and stylish.

They serve as a good option for users who want to focus on images and avoid distracting elements.
The design tab opens the site-wide editing options menu.
The building tab provides access to the drag-and-drop dashboard/wizard, which is where you’ll spend most of your time.
Listed below are the pages, themes, apps and settings buttons.

 Weebly Ecommerce

Businesses can take advantage of the app store once they meet the class-based requirements.
They include revoking a certain number of products, as well as a transaction fee.

Weebly includes additional eCommerce features, such as sales reports, product reviews, and inventory management tools.
The builder interface makes managing an online store simple. Its integrated e-commerce tools allow users to build a basic website and add products to their inventory, which you can manage on a dashboard.
For owners of the business and online stores, Weebly offers Storefront Pages, allowing them to select individual products and highlight them as they sell.

Weebly Games

Using the Flash element

You can add games to your Weebly website by either uploading Flash files (often called SWF files) using the Flash element or copying and pasting embed code for various games using the Embed Code element.
The following paragraphs describe both methods of adding games to Weebly.

To add a flash game to your Weebly website, go to the Weebly dashboard, click Edit to access the Site Editor, find and click on the Build button at the top of the page.
Choose Flash from the drop-down menu that appears, drag the Flash element onto the build section of the page and click on it to open its settings. From there, select Upload.

  The Embed Code Element

To embed a game, log into your Weebly account and access the Build section. Then locate the Embed Code element and add your code to it.
If you have MSPaint Adventures installed on your computer, you can use the game’s script and embed it directly in your Weebly page.


Weebly has come a long way from its roots as a product at Penn State.
With many current and retired university researchers on staff, the company has built a powerhouse of a web hosting option. Now with over 30,000 themes, the platform is still simple enough for newbies to design sites that are visually stunning. has thousands of articles and we likely have an answer to your question.
Many of our users search online for answers to questions about Weebly. Simply type keywords that describe your issue, then add at the end.
You may also submit your questions to us through our contact form, and we will respond directly to you.

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