Website Design Cost for 2022

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Website Design Cost for 2022

Glad you came, if you’re here you must have asked yourself how much Website Design Costs? Is there a website construction price list? How this thing works and more.

These are probably some of the first questions for anyone who wants to build a website for their business.

Today most businesses both small and large have their own personal website more than 2.4 billion exist

websites and this number is only growing and growing day by day.

Before we start, I have to clarify something very important, the price of each site is different and just like no two faces are alike.

There are no similar sites.

In this article, I will try to give you concepts of the Website Design Cost, the costs of the various website components,

And what kind of price to expect.

We will also understand the difference between the various systems that currently exist in the market as of 2021 and what their costs are.

Website Design Cost list: how much does a website cost?

The correct answer to this question depends on many factors in your desires and requirements from the site.

in your needs and your budget, and you have to decide how much you are willing to spend on it.

I prepared a Website Design Cost list for you and also added later the services I provide for website construction.

Website construction price list updated for 2022
I prepared a website construction price list according to the US market:

  • Building an image website for a small business – price range  1,000-2,000$.
  • Building an image website for a large business – price range 1,700-3,500$.
  • Building a virtual Ecommerce store – the price range usually starts at 2,000$.
  • A WordPress site without content can cost 1,200$.
  • As an advanced WordPress site – the price range is between  1,200-2,300$.
  • A complex WordPress website starts at 2,500$.
  • Custom WordPress site development starts at 5,000$ (these are custom sites, sites that load very quickly)
  • Building a website for a business with personal characteristics and personal design and other developments – in the price range of 5,000-15,000$ and even more.
  • A website with compatibility for additional languages ​​starting at 3,000$.
  • Building a catalog website starting at  1,200$.
  • Building a catalog website including a store starting at 2,200$.
  • Board websites start from 1,300$ and can reach up to 52,000$
  • Index sites start at 1,500$ and can reach 25,000$ and even more.
  • A blog site starts at 1,200$ and can reach 5,000$ if it includes unique developments.
  • A photo gallery website with personalization starting from  3,000$ can also reach up to 5,000$ if you add a store and personalization to it.
  • Price comparison sites start at 3,500$ and can reach up to 45,000$.
  • A website with a personal characteristic starting from 2,000$ to 10,300$.
  • Construction of a landing site starts at 1,500$.
  • Building a landing page starting at  250$. Lower prices will not bring you results!!!
  • Optimization for website promotion starts from 1,000$ for websites with a size of 10 pages.
  • Building a virtual store price starting at 2000$
  • Building an image website for a small business – price range 1,000$-3,000$.

Price list for building various websites:

  • An hour of programmer development from 150$.
  • Design hour by a graphic designer from 90$.
  • Website content 300 words starting at 50$.
  • Small website hosting starts at 25$ per month.
  • Website hosting increases from 50$ per month.
  • Hosting a very large website starting at 100$ per month.
  • Optimization and improvement of site loading speed starting from 350$. This greatly helps the site to advance in Google.
  • A digital business card is built on the website starting from 400$.
  • Installing a new plugin and setting it up from 70$.
  • Installation of a script or unique code for the website starts from 150$.
  • WordPress site maintenance starts from 120$ per month on average depending on the size of the site.



How much does it cost to have a website?

Have you asked yourself how much it costs to have a website? What is the cost per year?

I made a list for you:

  • The cost of a domain on average costs  20$ per year.
  • The cost of hosting the website, in a quality company with good service and fast storage from the country to the website on average costs 10-20$ per month.
  • Updating of content on websites according to the hour of work, about 35$ per hour, the more content there is to update, the price goes down.
  • Updating plugins and regular maintenance of the WordPress site with daily backups and security of about 250$ per month.
  • Website promotion every month from 500$.

In summary, the price per year is from 250$ to 2500$. (not including website promotion)

Yes, you will be surprised, there are websites that deserve maintenance more than these amounts if they update new content every month.

Website Design Cost for 2022: what does the cost of our website consist of?
As a first step before looking at the website building price list, let’s look at everything that goes into building a website,

and how this translates into the final costs of various systems.

The causes of website costs and how they are related to the website construction price list:
While the price of building a website is very personal there are some things that are common to every process of building a website,

And this is how they help us determine the cost of the website as a start with the help of a website construction price list.

The type of site
Websites are not created equally.

The price depends on the type of site you want. A blog is simply easier to set up than an online store,

An image site for small businesses has fewer pages than an image site for large businesses or a site for huge companies.

Website storage
Every website needs a home and an address that everyone can reach. In terms of websites,

It is a hosting server (hosting company) and a web domain which is actually the address of the website.

You can buy them yourself or purchase them from your website builder.

Website technology
Every website is powered by some kind of software in the background. It could be HTML or PHP files, or a content management system like WordPress or something else. Depending on your choice, the costs will be different.

Want to Know About Shopify? Read that: Myshopify.

The underlying technology is not everything. Depending on your requirements, you may need additional plugins, third-party apps, or services, many of which will cost money or unique development for your site.

Installation / Design / Development
A good website builder will install, design, and open your website perfectly, of course, he works with content writers, graphic designers, and more,

And according to your requirements, he sells your site, for example, if you want 10 pages and not 5 pages, the price will be accordingly.

Ongoing maintenance
Plus, it’s not enough to just build a website, you also need to keep it running. Regular maintenance (including marketing) annual costs of updating the site, hosting the site, the site domain, the site’s SSL certificate, site promotion costs, and more.




Choosing a system to manage the site’s content
Before the website construction price list, you need a content system to manage the website.

In today’s era, you will hardly see websites that are built without a content system because, in the end, the client himself wants to update his blog from time to time,

Either add a page to the website himself or let the website builder and his website promoter do it for him for a fee

Therefore, in such systems, the cost will be cheaper than a site without a content management system or a site with a content management system,

But such that they built it for the client in a disgraceful way and believe me I have seen such systems it is simply a shame to see that website builders are starting to invent systems for their client,

Instead of installing a simple and good system for him, that receives updates at any time.

The most relevant systems on the market today are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more.

It should be noted that WordPress is the system that has the largest community in the world and this is a big advantage in terms of updates and more.

Building a website with a template lowers costs significantly

And believe me that an experienced web developer can do real wonders with a template and lower your costs.

Read More About: Create Personal Website.

The cost of the templates for the different systems:
WordPress: 20-300 dollars with the average being about 79 dollars. Add-ons range from $39-$69.

Joomla: $59-250. Add-ons range from $39-$79.

Drupal: $20-99. Add-ons range from $16-$29.

The system most recommended by me is WordPress, suitable for all types of websites, even if you think it is not.

Various costs in building the site and promoting the site
Before you go with a website building price list in hand, you must understand that a website is more than just a computer program. In order for the site to be successful, you need a few more things.

The most important is the content and the marketing. Depending on your abilities (or willingness to purchase them) that comes with additional costs:

Not a born count? Well, no one! To make your site more attractive, you must purchase a content writer for the site in order to promote it on Google and more.

Photos on the website
Content without images is not content, remember this, there are websites that buy images, don’t worry, the website builder also buys them for you if you have concluded it.

It is important to keep your website secure.

An SSL certificate is one of those basic steps to do this, it also helps to promote the website,

Don’t be stingy and invest in installing such a certificate.

SEO website promotion
Search engine optimization is a very important thing in order for Google and the biggest search engines in the world to know how to read your website and add you to the first page.

Current costs – hosting the site, updates, innovations, and additions to the site, SSL certificates, and more.

That’s why there are websites that can reach larger amounts than what you see in the website construction price list,

Because they demand more quality and more things.

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