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Are you going to build a website and you are searching for some website building tips? Well! It’s a very good question. We appreciate you Because it is always a good practice to do research before taking any decision.

Just imagine yourself as a customer or a user. You are just landing on a page so what! First of all the main home page will attract you the most. If someone had used really light colors and text is also attractive. Definitely, you are going to spend much more time on the website and probably you can even make a purchase of a service or product.

So it’s good to have some knowledge that what are the qualities of a good website? And what are those tips that you should follow for an amazing website?   

How to create a website?


If you don’t have any coding knowledge and you want to create your website. You can create it without any kind of coding knowledge with the help of different software services like

Well! Are you curious to know those tips so Here are some tips on how you can create an amazing website that will attract customers? So despite beating about the bush let’s dive into the topic.


if you don’t have much budget and want to create a website you should use Weebly. because IT’S FREE! yes, you have heard right, it is free to create a website on Weebly without knowing any knowledge of coding.

if you are thinking about is that Weebly is 100% free, so the answer is yes! it’s 100% free. most of the website building software provides the option of a free trial but it does not exist in Weebly. with Weebly you can create your website for free. you can also change your Weebly free version to a premium package whenever you want.

the most amazing thing about Weebly is that they offer 30 days money-back guarantee. it means if you are not 100% satisfied with your Weebly premium package you can get your money back.

it’s free but there are some limitations like it offers only 10MB maximum file size, and a  Weebly web-based domain name. here is an image of what it looks like.

 website buildng tips
just click on create your website and start building your website for free


Website building tips


Building a great website is not a science and it’s not about technology. You can create an amazing website by following some simple principles that can make your website great. And you can stand out from the crowd.

Here are some tips about how you can create an eye-catchy website and even can attract more customers. Website is something that contributes a huge part to your customer conversion so you should do not consider it useless.

So let’s start explaining the principles of a great website that you should follow.

  • Create a logo
  • Simple color schemes
  • Font selection
  • High-quality photos
  • Engaging interface
  • Mobile optimization
  • Connect google
  • Ideas from others
  • SEO
  • Start tracking

Well, don’t worry we will explain all these points one by one so read on till the end because you are going to get some amazing ideas.

Create logo;


So first comes first, the logo is the unique identity of your business and now it is going to turn into the identity of your website too. 

Never ignore this part, if you don’t have any brand logo then nobody is going to consider you as a brand.

I assume that you had already selected a unique name for your brand but wait! You should remember that your brand name should be short to make it simple and easy to read.

If you had a brand name that is easy to read and if someone listened to it once. they are going to remember this for years so it will definitely increase your brand awareness and sales.

A good brand name leads to a good logo.

Simple color schemes;


The most important tip that everywhere you would receive while creating a website. Your website color scheme attracts most of the users.

Just think about that you had landed to a website and which attracts you the first definitely the website colors is the first thing you are going to navigate with.

What if the colors are too sharp you will definitely lose your interest and will kick back to another website.

So while making a website try to use Simple color schemes. Ideally, soft colors combination just like light blue or white will attract you more than the red one.

always keep your website home page simple.

Font selection;


Font selection is the most important tip you should consider while creating a website. 

Choose fonts for your website that are easy to read. So that the user could easily understand what are your services, or products you offer.

If you had chosen such kinds of fonts that are not easy to navigate then how would you expect users to create sales?

So keep your fonts selection simple and in moderate size. Your font size should not be too big or neither too short.

High-quality photos;


Use only high-quality images for your website. If your website images are small, low quality, and blurred, Ughhh! Nobody is going to interact with your website.

If userland at your website and you have blurred and low-quality images. They will definitely bounce back and open another website. So what will happen now? You lose your customer and your competitor has got that lead. OOPS!

Good and light color schemes with high-quality photos will definitely attract your customer. The chances of bouncing back will reduce.

Probably, you had found the importance of getting high-quality images. And good to go next.

Engaging interface;


Create an engaging interface for your website. Put all the information in your home page but don’t make it messy or difficult for users to read.

In order to create an engaging interface, you should add some categories to your website. Creating a category section will help users to find the related information easily and quickly.

Let’s say you have a jewelry store. So you should add some categories of your products just like “necklace, rings, earrings” etc by creating these categories the user will jump to their desired location at once.

I had already discussed that the blog section is the most important part. Add it to your homepage. Write engaging content where you will provide certain guidelines or you can also tell them about your products.

Mobile optimization;


Mobile optimization is the most important part. While creating a website most website owners don’t consider it. 

It is a digital era and everyone has a smartphone. So the searches on smartphones are more than the searches on the web. While you are on the way, in your home you are using your mobile. So whenever the customer has any query they will just go to google and find out the answer.

Make your website mobile friendly and test whether it is working on the mobile properly or not. The load time affects most of your users, if your website loading speed is fast then the user will definitely stay on your website. 

Always keep your website mobile-friendly to engage more customers.



Always do the proper SEO of your website. Most people ignore this part and don’t focus on it because they consider it useless. But the reality is if you are not doing SEO of your website then you are at a great loss.

SEO gives you long-term results. While building your website you may consider Google ads more important but never ignore the power of SEO. you can get your desired results with SEO without spending a single penny but on the other hand, PPC is much more costly you will have to pay for every click you will get.

So it is compulsory to make your website SEO optimized. User proper H1, H2, H3, title tags, alt text, and so on to keep your website SEO optimized.

If you don’t have any kind of SEO knowledge you can higher someone through various freelance platforms. Or you can also learn them easily by paying little attention to them.


Connect google;


Don’t forget to connect your google with your website. You should connect your website With the google search console and google analytics.

Google search console and analytics will give you an opportunity to take your website to next level. 

With the google search console you will get the necessary information about indexing, ranking, and some major parts of your website.

Google Analytics will help you in doing research of how much visited your website? And where they are from? Which should be your targeted country? So you should never ignore this part.

 connect your google account to get analytics
connect your google account to get analytics

Ideas from others;


If you are confused about which product category you should add or which one should not? You should get ideas from others websites.

Simply find your competitors and do the proper analysis of what they are doing? You will definitely get amazing ideas from your competitors.

Even if you have an amazing website, you should not avoid the importance of your competitor analysis. There may be something that they are doing better than you.

Start tracking;


Some people assume that they had built a website and their job is done now. They don’t need to do anything but it’s completely wrong. 

After building an eye-catchy website your all preference should be his tracking. Track how’s your website is going.

For tracking purposes, you should use Google analytics one of the best tools to analyze your website performance.

Through google, tracking analyzes how much people are visiting your site, how much time they spend on the site, how many of them found it useful.

If you had found any issue during tracking, fix it as soon as possible.

Summary of website building tips


Now you had learned all those tips that you need to consider for an attractive website. Probably most of them you knew it or most of them you may find it really helpful.

There is one thing that is for sure, building a great website could help you to stand out from the crowd. All these website building tips are most important and they are interlinked to each other so never miss any of them.

Consider each and every part as a game-changer for your website

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