Ways to Drive Quality Traffic to Your Site

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drive quality traffic

Who does not love to generate revenue?  Whether you have a blog or eCommerce business you will love to increase your website traffic because Traffic leads to revenue. We all know that where there is traffic there is revenue. 

That’s why you have questioned what are the ways to drive quality traffic to your site? If you have quality traffic for your site it will be just like a gold deal for you.

Well, you are also interested in increasing your site traffic. So don’t worry we will guide you complete how you can increase traffic on your site. so Just keep reading.

What is quality traffic?


You might be wondering what that quality traffic means don’t worry we are going to explain it first then we will jump to our second step ways to drive quality traffic for your site.

So let’s say that you are providing unique and great content that satisfies the user’s need. What will happen next? Off-course users will love the content that you had provided. If they will love that content they will spend more of their time on your site. That’s the sign of quality traffic.

If your site had more visitors and less bounce rate it will be a sign for Google that you are satisfying your user needs. Ultimately search engines will rank your site higher.

Different websites have different criteria to measure quality traffic but most commonly websites measure the quality of traffic with the user engagement, lead that they had got, Bounce rate, etc.

We will discuss all these topics later on in another blog. Today we are going to talk about paid or unpaid ways to drive quality traffic to your site. So let’s start.

Ways to drive quality traffic to your site


As a blog owner, or eCommerce store owner,  the first thing that you will love the most is the traffic on your site. Because traffic is the function of revenue. The more you have traffic the more you will generate revenue.

Actually, many businesses struggle with this. it’s even frustrating to have no visitors. Sometimes you will get visitors but you did not get sales just because they were not quality visits. UGHH! I can understand it’s quite depressing. 

your hosting plays an important role in driving quality traffic to your site. use only trusted reliable hosting for your site. Webflow and Bluehost are reliable and quality hostings. Most important thing is that both of them are trusted by WordPress.

Don’t worry we have got some amazing paid or unpaid ways through which you can drive quality traffic to your site. Let’s jump in……

  • Start PPC
  • Focus on keyword research
  • Link internally
  • Create backlinks
  • Optimize website speed
  • Update content 
  • Merge similar posts
  • Use social media 
  • Create email marketing

If you had tried a lot but not got enough quality traffic you should try these.

Start PPC;


Obviously, the most important way to drive quality traffic to your site is having Paid ad campaigns. PPC stands for pay per click. 

You can say that if you want to get instant traffic you should focus on PPC. paid advertisement is the most important, demanding, and best way to showcase your content to your potential customers.

It does not matter which platform do you use for advertising. Whether you are using Facebook, Instagram, Google, Linkedin, Youtube, or Twitter for advertising your content it does not matter at all. The only thing that you should need to keep in mind is to know your audience.

If you had got the answer to where is your most of the audience comes from it will be easy for you to choose an advertisement channel.

With the help of Meta, you will get the option of retargeting which is the best thing to show your content to potential buyers again and again. As we all know nobody is going to purchase anything when they will see it first. that’s why it’s important to retarget your customers.

Ok, Ok! I understand you are wondering about SEO yes that’s another important way for driving quality traffic to your site we will talk about this in detail don’t worry. If you want quick and instant results you should focus on PPC rather than SEO. because it drives quick results.


paid ads camapign

Focus keyword research;


If you want to get quality traffic on your site you should focus on keyword research. Spend much more time to get high-quality keywords. 

If you got success in finding the right keyword you will definitely get success in generating quality traffic. If you are worried about how to find keywords so that’s not a big deal. 

you can find keywords through many paid or free tools like Google keyword planner, Ubersuggest, SEMrush, Ahrefs, etc. they all are trusted tools and enough to get high-quality keywords that will perform.

read out our blog for tips for keyword research to get high-quality and performing keywords.

Always find keywords that have higher search volume but with low competition. In fact, we can say that having finding keywords with higher search volume but with less competition is real art.

Let’s talk about how finding focus keywords will affect your traffic on site. 

If you had got some amazing keywords that the user is searching for with low competition. What will happen next? Your chances of ranking on SERP will increase. If you got success and ranked your site. your next goal should be to provide enough quality information to the user. If the user found that information useful he will not bounce back and will spend more time on your site. This will ultimately increase the quality of traffic on your site.

Focus on  SEO;


Here is the most awaited way to drive quality traffic to your site. Some people will tell you that SEO is dead, or you should not use SEO as it’s slow. Don’t focus on these fool things because if you know you know!

Remember SEO is the most important part to get quality traffic. you should focus on your site’s on-page SEO first. On-page SEO is the most important part because through the mix and match of primary and secondary keywords you will get your content indexed.

When someone is doing on-page SEO it means they are preparing their content for the crawler to get ranking. In on-page SEO your meta title, meta description, tags all of these play an important role.

Focus on SEO to get long-term results. You will not have to pay anyone to get ranked just like PPC. SEO gives you long-term and free costs results. That’s why it is always recommended to do SEO rather than PPC to get high-quality traffic to your site.

Link internally;


Internal linking is the most important of generating quality traffic. In this way, we link some of our site pages with the current page.

Now the question is how it leads to generating quality traffic to your site? So the answer is………let’s say that the user is landed to read a certain type of content on a page where he found an internal link what he will do now? If the user needs that information he will click on that link and will land on another page of our site.

So what does that whole scenario means, simple when we are doing internal linking and the user is also reading the parts that we had linked. It means that it is giving a hint to a crawler to be authentic information. This will also increase our dwell time on site and will decrease the bouncing rate.

So internal linking is the most important way to drive quality traffic to your site. you can learn our complete guide to SEO with yoast plugin.

Create backlinks;


After giving enough attention to on-page SEO your next way to drive traffic is backlinking. It could be a much better way to generate quality traffic. If you don’t know what actually backlinking is;

So in simple words, backlinks mean putting our website link on someone’s other website page. When the reader will go to that site he will find our link and land to our site. In this way, the quality traffic that needs that information will land on our site.

There are different ways to create backlinks but the most famous methods are blog comments, pdf sharing, press releases. They all are free but there is a way known as guest posting is the most important and a  better way to generate revenue.

While creating backlinks you should focus on the quality, not the quantity. Having a quality backlink is much more important and effective than the number of other backlinks.

Optimize website speed;


The most important way to drive quality traffic to your site is by optimizing your site speed. We had earlier discussed this topic in detail you can read here all the benefits of speed optimization along with how to optimize your website speed.

We will discuss it here shortly. So optimizing your website is the most crucial part to generate traffic. Let’s say if someone is landed at your site and he found that page is taking too much time to load. What he will do next? Obviously, he will jump to another site because there is plenty of valuable information available on the other sites too.

That’s why we had said that optimizing your site speed is an important way to drive quality traffic to your site. So focus on it.

Use social media;

Social media can be used to generate quality traffic to your site. Use your social media wisely. You should put your site links on different social media platforms to get quality traffic.

Social media is a powerful tool you should generate revenue from it. Create your social media presence for a business, blog, or eCommerce store and generate traffic from all these resources.

If someone is following you on social media it means they are already interested in your product or service and want to know more about it. If you succeeded to provide the best quality information they will turn into your potential customers. 

Sounds interesting! Let’s move on to our next exciting way to drive quality traffic to your site.


 use social media to drive quality trafficc

Update content;


Sometimes it is noticed that site owners are not paying attention to updating the content. Updation of content is is another important thing. It should not be ignored.

Google and the reader both love fresh content. If you had written content years before. it would not attract users to take any kind of action because they love to get fresh information.

You can merge similar content on one specific page. To merge similar content help to drive quality traffic. must try it!

Always consider this part important and pay attention to updating the content.

Email marketing;


Email marketing is the need of an hour. We are hoping that you are paying enough attention to it. If not then focus on it immediately.

Create an email newsletter in your blog. If readers find your content useful they will subscribe to your blog newsletter and will get quality information in the future.

This subscription will ultimately help you in the future to generate quality traffic to your site. You can send them updates about your new blog, product via email and can generate revenue.

Choose the best hostings for your site, Choose Bluehost or Webflow.

Summary of ways to drive quality traffic to your site


So those were some proven ways to drive quality traffic on your site. They all were proven ways. If you are ignoring any of them you are at a great loss. 

All these ways are interlinked with each other. Most of the sites ignore the part of SEO, backlinking, and website speed in fact these are the most important ways to drive quality traffic on your site.

Never miss any of them. Write in the comment section which were you following and which one found new. We would love to hear from you.


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