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Want to make your business sky-rocketing? Are you afraid of writing long codes? Then congratulations! You have come up to the right place. Now you would be wondering as if we have a magic pen to upscale your business. So yes! You can think of that. Because we are talking about Shopify. Shopify is trusted widely, not only by hundreds of, but by millions of businesses worldwide. Currently having the gigantic revenue of 2.93 billion dollars, this superb platform has provided lucrative and profitable businesses to the millions of people. So, hurry up! Upscale your business on Shopify.

Formally stating:

“ Shopify is a cloud based software that is packaged as a service shopping cart solution and allows businesses to set up an online store with the least hassle.”

The Least hassle?

What does it mean?  Shopify does not need any coding to start with? Is it free of cost to start selling on Shopify?

It’s TRUE. There is no need of writing codes and encryption, decryption. Moreover, you can start promoting your merchandise FROM NOW!! Shopify gives you the chance to avail its services for free for the first fourteen days. Try Shopify for $0 for 14 days and enjoy trading.

Is it necessary to sell something on Shopify to have earnings?

Well, before we go ahead let us have an insight whether it is necessary to sell something on Shopify first and then have earnings? No, the Shopify marketing affiliate program allows you to earn money on per successful referral made from your account to the Shopify platform. The more sellers you bring to the stream of Shopify , the more you earn.

What can you sell on Shopify:

When you think of selling, what comes to your mind at first? Whether you are wishing to make your hobby your earning resource, or  you are thinking to make your business top trending.

Shopify is here to assist you in all your  business matters. Some of  the well renowned services and businesses which you can provide to your beloved clients through the platform of Shopify are as follows:

Service meet-ups:

To start as a seller, you can sell almost anything, almost everything on Shopify. You can set up virtual consultations time slots of salons and all such stores.

For instance, you want to start a business of selling some fashion outfits to the buyers, and then it is most likely that you start taking appointments of all those clients who want to take consultation. Consultation about which type of dressing suits them the most and much more.

Digital products:

More surprisingly, apart from all other physical objects, you can sell all such expertise that you have on Shopify. Whether it’s a music content, creative writing or any other sort of products which you can assume of selling in real world, you can sell it in digital virtual reality now. All this is because of Shopify. So, sign up now and upscale your business on Shopify.

Hand made embroideries:

You can sell handmade embroideries and elegant products on Shopify in much valuable costs.


Selling eBooks on Shopify is much simple. All you have to do is to use Shopify digital downloads app to upload digital files on your stores with the blink of eye.

Is Shopify a good choice for beginners to start their business?

Shopify is an excellent platform for the beginners also. Shopify has an entire environment of various editable tools to start with.  It has an easy to use and a flexible back end. Hence, Shopify is the promising platform for your glorious business

So, just make a firm and resolute decision to starting selling your perks, services and products from today. And make your journey with Shopify even more interesting and memorable! Upscale your business on Shopify.

Salient features of Shopify:

The salient features of Shopify include:

  • SEO and Marketing
  • Easy to manage
  • Easy to set up
  • Store management
  • Top notch support
  • Easy to manage:

  1. You can manage your Shopify store at anywhere at any time.
  2. You also get full access to the HTML of your site. It helps you to make any modifications in the site, as and when needed.
  3. On the basis of your settings, you can automate a reminder named sending reminder to your clients who have already added products to the carts but did not proceed further.
  4. Shopify can calculate all the taxes on its own based on the state or country of the buyer.
  5. Calculation of shipping charges can be done automatically using Shopify.
  6. You can change the product prices, add a new product, and can track all those orders which are placed by your customers and clients.
  • SEO and Marketing:

  1. Shopify has a remarkably fast loading and response time.
  2. It provides you integration of your site and business. You can also share your products and your store to other social media apps like Facebook and Instagram. The payments and offers related to the product are related and synchronized directly to your Shopify store.
  3. SEO services give your pages the right titles and Meta tags. sitemap.xl is automatically created for all of your products and posts.
  • Shopify Security

  1. Shopify is certified level one PCL DSS compliant.
  2. It gives you 256 bit built-in SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. It protects your Shopify store from hackers and invaders who have malicious intentions.
  • Easy to set up:

  1. Shopify allows its users to build an entire web page and a complete website without  diving down in the deep technicalities  of coding and all that stuff. To expand the business, sellers can also go for a Shopify mobile app. Shopify accelerates the process of selling, from building a website to establishing a whole empire of your own business.
  2. It aids you as a host of the eCommerce platform.
  3. Apart from these, you can also select from over 100 payment procedures.
  4. Based on their colors and sizes, you can add various add-ons to your products in the form of different images, videos and much more.
  5. Shopify has its own payment gateway called as SHOPIFY PAYMENTS. Despite of the fact that from where you are, in which country do you live, what do you want to sell Shopify helps its customers to choose from multiple payment options.
  • Abandoned Cart Reminders:

  1. According to a survey, 68% of the customers abandon their cart before they make a purchase.
  2. It may affect the selling proportion. According to the recent report from the abandoned rate of shopping carts causes  huge drop in sales figure of any eCommerce website.
  3. Shopify allows you to send the email reminders to your clients about their abandoned cart items. Abandoned cart checkout emails are the reminders which allow you to identify your buyers who have added products to the cart and then left it.
  4. This automated process of Shopify helps you to save time, boost the overall traffic and increase the sales.
  • Shopify analytics:

  1. Shopify has an advanced dashboard which share significant information and analytics, like total purchase, overall sales, live view, analytics, demography, product analytics and more.
  2. The best feature of Shopify is the integration with the Google analytics to boost up the Shopify capabilities of analytics. You can create a number of reports like inventory, total sales, order, profit, loss, marketing and acquisition.
  3. Last but not the least specialty in the Shopify is its analytics. Shopify allows you to access your online store and its performance evaluation. The seller can generate an in-depth and detailed insight into the activities of your clients.
  4. It helps you to make a better optimization of your upgrading business. Hence, Shopify analytics play a decisive role in the promotion of your business.
  • Top-notch support:

  1. Shopify provides top-notch security round the clock. Through the online support, you can drop a message, email or call their team at anytime.
  2. Shopify help center contains FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions), guides and tutorials.
  3. Apart from all that, Shopify eCommerce blogs and forums can help you to approach.

In the view of all these features and perks of Shopify already mentioned, it will be as clear as water to you as where to start with? You can start from the very scratch and can rise your business to the highest peaks of fame and glory. Here is the link from where you can go to the Shopify and let’s get started. It is all about the motivation and spark  which you have and no one can stop you to become one of the leading business tycoons.

Upscale your business on Shopify

(Affiliate disclosure: Heads up! This blog may contain some affiliated links. I am an affiliate marketer with links to Shopify on my website. If you purchase any product through these links, you would not have to pay a penny more! But we may get some affiliate commission. Thanks!)

Go ahead and upscale your Business on Shopify:

If you have a clear cut thought in your mind that what do you sell in your business then it is the responsibility of Shopify to promote your business. Shopify offers you most of the services for free. Although some services need to be paid first, but usually the payments are not that high.

And what else do you need when Shopify provides you with 14 days free trial?

So, what is hindering you? What is the obstacle? Start selling on Shopify. Create your online store today and start earning.  As we would say:

Shoot for the moon and land amongst the stars.

It’s not about the destination, but the journey that counts.


Are you looking for a place to buy items? Do you fall in the buyer’s clan?  Then no need to go anywhere. No need to worry about. SHOPIFY provides you the world’s largest e-commerce platform to buy accessories.

How to buy on Shopify?

What the Shopify button actually is?

  1. On Shopify, sales button is a channel which allows you to add eCommerce to your website, blogs and emails.
  2. Login to your Shopify admin panel.
  3. Select an option from the buy button page.
  4. Choosing from the select product allows you to create a buy button to feature a single product.
  5. Choosing select a collection allows you to create a buy button to feature all the products in one of the collections of your store.

As the high street has struggled through and the platforms,  Shopify has exploded in popularity and fame. Round about 300 million consumers have purchased from Shopify alone. It s the right time for you to join this community of millions and upscale your business on Shopify.

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