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tips for blogging
blogging tips

Do you want to start your blog? Or you are already working on a blog? But before starting your blog you need to understand some tips for blogging.

You might have heard that blogging is too easy or anyone can do that and you can earn money by simply writing something, all day sitting at your home. That’s not true dear! You will have to give a proper time. Most importantly blogging needs consistency. 

Definitely, you are ready to take all those challenges that you might face in blogging. We appreciate that you are looking for tips for blogging. No matter whether you have an existing blog or a new one these tips would be helpful for everyone. 

The most burning question is Tips for blogging. So don’t worry we are here to assist you completely about how you can take your blog to next level by following some simple steps.

Importance of blogging?


Before discussing tips for blogging well, need to understand the importance of blogging? Here are some quick guides to the importance of blogging so that we could jump to our topic tips for blogging instantly.

  • If you have an eCommerce store Blogging could be a great way to introduce your products to your consumer. 
  • You can target more potential consumers by targeting those keywords that are searched by the consumer.
  • Blogging gives you an opportunity to answer the most asked question of your customers known as FAQ’S.
  • With the help of blogging You can convert your readers into customers. If someone landed on your blog to get some information about a product but What! If they got the product too. If your blog is engaging or has sufficient information you can easily convert your readers into customers.
  • Blogging gives you an opportunity to drive quality traffic to your site.
  • Through blogging, you will build trust in your brand.
  • Most importantly blogs could work as marketing for your products.

YES! Those were only some benefits of blogging despite this there is much more to explore. So are you excited to learn some tips for blogging? So let’s move one and discuss some incredible tips.

Tips for blogging


As blogging gives you an opportunity to build your brand identity and to reach your potential customers. That’s why it’s better to understand what are some key rules or principles that other blogs are following and increasing their sales day by day.

Here are some tips for blogging that you should follow to build a successful blog. So despite beating about the bush let’s dive into the topic.

  • Choose a niche
  • Perfect blog name
  • Choose right platform
  • Keyword research
  • Unique content
  • Add SSL
  • Setup google analytics
  • SEO optimization
  • Promote on social media

Let’s discuss each of them in detail in order to understand what are the key aspects of each must-haves. So keep reading to get a better understanding.

 tips for blogging

Choose a niche;


The first tip for blogging is you should choose a niche first. If your blog doesn’t have any specific niche and you are writing randomly on any topic then you are in great loos you should choose a niche for your blog.

Let’s say landed on a blog to get specific information but you had noticed that this blog is writing randomly on any topic. YEAH! It will not excite you anymore and you will get back to another website who have specific knowledge about that topic. you can read our tips to build a website.

Choosing a niche is the most important never ignore it. It builds authority in your customer’s sights. Choose a niche that you love the most not because it is in demand.

TIP; blog niche should not be too wide or neither too short. Starting with an average niche will help you to achieve more. you can expand it later on.

Perfect blog name;


Having a perfect blog name is the second most important tip for blogging. Your blog name is just like your brand name it should be specific and should explain the purpose of your blog.

Most people don’t consider it but a related and unique blog name builds your authority. It will help you in taking your blog to next level.

TIP; having a unique logo of your blog name is another important part. always create a beautiful and eye-catchy logo for your website. Because it attracts the users. You can also add a favicon to your blog site.

Choose the right platform;


Most people don’t understand how important is this. choosing the right platform is among one the most tips for blogging. If you had chosen a hosting or domain for your website you should be aware from what are the qualities of that hosting and domain.

Some people choose a domain and hosting just because it’s cheap. If you are also doing this you are at a great loss. Cheap Domain and hosting could save your money but it will never give you the benefits that reliable hosting has.

In other words, you can say that this is the most important tip of blogging. Nowadays WordPress is the most trusted, to build a beautiful site. For hosting you should take BlueHost the most trusted one.

The amazing thing about BlueHost is that it is trusted by WordPress itself. They also offer you an option of shared hosting. So that you can save your money Sounds interesting! So let’s move on to our next blogging tip.

Add SSL;


Never forget to add an SSL certificate to your site. If your website doesn’t have an SSL certificate the user will definitely get back to another website. 

What does it mean – if a website does not have an SSL certificate there will be an option of the not secure site at the top. So can you imagine landing on a site that is not even secure? The same is the case with users. The most important thing about SSL is that Google also prefers sites that have SSL certificates attached.

Are you worried about where you can take this certificate and how is it work? Well, no need to worry that’s why I had told you earlier that the right platform is essential. If you are using WordPress you will get your SSL automatically attached. It saves you from worries.

shift your site from HTTP to Https – a secured site

 Add SSL certificare

Keyword research;


Keyword research is the key component of your blog. Understand the user intent and then write a blog on it. You can search keywords through various sights some of them are paid and some are free.

Google keyword planner is totally free. You can use this to get your desired results. Other than Google keyword planner some paid tools are also available but remember tools just give you an estimated idea about the competition in a specific keyword. They are not 100% correct but they are more or less correct. 

So we can’t rely on these tools they can be used just to get an idea. Writing blogs on How-To topics will help you a lot. Because these are the questions asked by the users and they are interested to know the solution.

Unique content;


So writing unique content is the most important part of your blog success. You should write plagiarism-free content it means you can’t copy-paste the content of the other. You will have to build your unique identity of the content. this tip is one of the most underrated tips for blogging. most people don’t understand really how important is this.

If you are worried that you can’t write content, Don’t worry you can hire a writer who knows How to write engaging blog content. the content should be free from grammar and spelling mistakes. It should be in a presentable way that should be easy to read for the user.

You can add images in your blog to explain what you are saying. Google also loves fresh and unique content. While writing content for your blog always keep the searcher’s intent in mind. Offer some value to readers not just stuffing of words in blog. 

Set up Google analytics;


One of the important tips for blogging is setting up your google analytics account. Let’s say that you have created a blog and started blogging, how you will track your performance? Yes! Google Analytics will help you to get insights into the content.

If you did not attach your google analytics and search console with your site yet, then you are missing out on a great piece of information.

Google Analytics gives you an opportunity to track your blog performance. They have a wide range of options where you can find what was your blog performance. How many visitors does your blog get and where are they from.

SEO optimization;


while we are talking about blogging tips, SEO should not be avoided. If you are following all the key components of blogging and not doing the SEO of your site. Remember all of your efforts will be ruined.

Let me explain why I said ruined because if you are writing great content on amazing keywords but you are not aware where and how to use that keyword your all efforts will go to waste. So if the content is not SEO optimized how you will get ranking? And if you are not getting ranking how someone will find your content to read?.

Well, SEO is not much difficult you can learn it easily. On WordPress, the Yoast plugin is the most famous plugin that gives you an insight into your blog SEO. other than Yoast you can also use Rankmyth both are trusted and good. 

if you don’t want to learn you can hire someone who will be an expert and know all the tactics of ranking. SEO will give you long-term results and the user also loves organic results of not paying. so never hesitate to invest in SEO. 

Promote on social media;


one of the most tips for blogging that I personally want to give is to Promote your content on social media to get quality traffic. you can connect your social media accounts with your site. 

Social media is a great power tool you should use it wisely. Pinterest, Facebook, TikTok, youtube are the most powerful tools through which you can promote your content without paying even anything.

Social media should be on your priority list. With the help of social media, you are not going to get traffic only you will also get reliable customers.

Summary for tips of blogging


So these are some tips for blogging. it can be helpful for you no matter whether you have an existing blog or a new one. if you don’t have then start your blog now with the best hosting plan. 

Blogging has huge potential it could be a part of your full-time income if you are working properly, consistently.

Have you tried any tips from the above mention tips? What results you had got? We would love to hear. Write about your experience in the comment section.

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