The Ultimate Guide for Shared Hosting

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we have got an ultimate guide for shared hosting because if you had arrived here you are definitely in search of some guidance regarding shared hosting. Because after creating a website the most important and crucial part is to launch the site with hosting. Sometimes it also seems confusing.

Let’s say you had created a website now what will be your next step. Of course, your next step would be to make that site available on the internet. So, for this purpose hosting will be used that’s why it is the most crucial part.

We assume that if you are here then you had already some plans to buy a shared hosting. It’s a good choice because shared hosting is always a popular option for many beginners. Just because the price is much affordable. And it could be the best option if your budget is low and you are not able to spend much at the beginning.

Launching a website requires much attention and needs a good decision. It’s better to do some research before choosing any hosting for your site. Here is your ultimate guide for shared hosting including the advantages of shared hosting and the best shared hosting providers. So just read on……..

Shared hosting is the right choice if……


If you are wondering whether you should buy shared hosting or not, UGHH! I know that’s the most important decision to take that’s why we had got some questions if your answer to all our questions is yes then relax because shared hosting is best for you

So let’s find out together.

  • Our first question is about your budget. What is your budget for hosting? Is your budget for hosting is low? If the answer is yes! Then go for shared hosting because the biggest benefit of shared hosting is that it is much more affordable
  • So our second question for you is what is the size of your business, or blog? Is it a small size business? If your answer is yes then perfect! Because shared hosting provides a much more reliable service for small businesses or blogs.
  • Our last but not least question is are you unfamiliar with web hosting? If yes! like if you don’t have any experience in managing web hosting then shared hosting is the best option for you

I’m pretty sure that after answering all those questions you will be ready to take your decision on whether you should choose the shared hosting option or not. check out; 3 cheap hostings in 2022

So let’s move on to your next questions freely




What is shared hosting?


Most importantly you should be aware of what shared hosting actually is? 

So in simple words, we can say that shared hosting is a type of hosting in which a single server hosts multiple sites together. The cost for shared hosting as compared to other hosting types is much more low and it’s best for small businesses.

Shared hosting is not a good option for websites that have high traffic. Let’s say a blog or E-commerce website has 5000 visitors per month and the on the other hand an eCommerce business or blog website has 500 thousand visitors in a month. 

So in this case which hosting plan will work best? Obviously shared hosting option is usable and best for small size businesses or blog owners who have limited budgets only.


How does shared hosting work?


You might wonder how does share hosting actually works? Well, this is the most important question to ask how is it possible that a single server manages multiple sites at a time. Don’t worry we will explain it with the help of an example so let’s find out…..

Let’s say you don’t have any own vehicle or facility to travel alone and you are traveling on a bus. Why would you choose that bus? You had chosen a bus to travel from one place to another because you don’t have much more money to buy a car and a bus is an affordable option for you. related; best web hosting

The same is the case with shared hosting. Just like a bus, multiple website owners choose this option to run a website because of its affordability. Here the bus will act like a server and the passengers will work as passengers.

Great! Did you get the point?

Advantages of shared hosting


So this is the most important part of our ultimate guide to shard hosting. You must be aware of which benefits you will get from shared hosting. So let’s unpack the advantages together.

  • The most important benefit of shared hosting is that is a less expensive option as compared to other hosting plans or types. You can get shared hosting for just $30 a year yes! That’s true Namecheap shared hosting is available at such a low cost with multiple benefits. Want to know more about NameCheap, don’t worry we will cover it here.
  • A second most important benefit of getting shared hosting is its flexibility it means shared hosting providers give you the option to change your hosting plans anytime. You can upgrade your hosting from shared hosting to VPS or any other type whenever you want.
  • Many of the hosting providers provide SSL, domain name, and CDN service for free. Some of them also provide the facility of server management. 
  • So here is the most wanted benefit or advantage for many of us is that shared hosting is easy to use and straightforward. It means you don’t need to have any kind of technical expertise or knowledge of server management.

Best shared hosting providers


So this one is the most awaited part of our ultimate guide for shared hosting. Here we will guide you through different shared hosting providers, their monthly plans, and other services they offer. So just stick to it.

Following are the best providers of shared hosting – Siteground, Bluehost, Namecheap. Let’s explore each of them.



Bluehost is the most reliable hosting provider that will provide you with a basic plan for a single site for just $2,5 per month. Other than this price facility Bluehost also provides some amazing options for free that will surely excite you. for more pricing details read

Bluehost will provide the domain name, SSL, and CDN for free of cost. The most important benefit of choosing Bluehost is its free 24/7 customer support with shared hosting.

Surely, you should give it a try!



Sitteground is another reliable hosting provider that offers you his basic plan for just $3.99 per month with 10 GB of space. Yes! Here is a space limit that’s why we had said that shared hosting works best for small businesses.

Other than this pricing facility Siteground provides you CDN, SSL, and backup service for free of cost. Siteground will give you a limit of 10,000 visits per month.

So give it a try!



Yes! As the name suggests Namecheap means you will get the most affordable hosting service here. Namecheap offers you a basic plan of just $1.58 per month with a space limit of 20 GB.

Namecheap offers you some amazing options just for free of cost it will give you CDN, SSL, backups, and domain migration services for free of cost.

Related; register your domain on NameCheap

Mostly Namecheap will offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee. Surely NameCheap deserves a try!

 best shared hsotings

What to consider while choosing


We hope you are getting the ultimate information from our ultimate guide for shared hosting. After getting knowledge of all web hosting providers you might be confused about which one to choose for you. 

Don’t worry we have got some tips that will help you to choose the best hosting for your website. So you need to consider these things while choosing a web hosting.

  • When choosing a web hosting provider you should look at your budget first. Because the above-mentioned web hosting providers are all reliable so it does not matter which one you choose. The only thing that you look for is your budget.
  • The second most important thing that you should need to consider is the security feature. If a hosting provider is not providing security open it will be useless because the security option is very crucial to grab the customer and the crawler’s trust.
  • When choosing a web hosting provider must consider the features they offer. It means you need to check are they provide backup, SSL, CDN service or not.

Web hosting is a key and impact element for your website that’s why you are in need to check the performance and traffic plans of that hosting providers.  We are sure that after getting these points you are good to go to take your decision.

Which is best for you


After getting all this information you might have fetched your decision. But if you consider that shared hosting is not suitable for your business or blog so which one should I choose or which one will be best for me. 

Don’t worry we will guide you about which is best for you based on the types of hostings. So just read our guide for shared hosting

Shared; shared hosting is the best option for small website owners who do not have much site traffic and wants to save money as it is effective also.

Manage hosting; manage hosting will be best for you if you don’t have any kind of technical knowledge of web hosting but you are in need of some more advanced options for your site.

VPS; virtual private server known as VPS is best for those websites that have outgrown shared hosting

Cloud hosting; this hosting is best for rapidly growing businesses. If your business is growing really fast and rapidly then this hosting type is the best to fit for you

Dedicated hosting; this hosting type is best to buy for large sites. Though it’s expensive it’s best for you if you have huge traffic on your website.

Collocation; Collocation is the most expensive hosting type to buy but it’s best if you need more control over hardware and software.

Final thoughts on guide for shared hosting


Well, you had got enough information and now it’s time to wrap up our whole discussion on the ultimate guide for shared hosting. you should also read our blog best-hosting provider

After getting all this information the shared hosting picture should be clear in your mind that shred hosting is best for beginners and for those who have a little budget with low traffic. 

When choosing a hosting provider for your site make sure to get enough information before buying. So give a try to the best and cheap web hosting provider.

Write in the comment section which one you are using and which features do you like the most.

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