The 20 Best E-Commerce Platforms To Start Your Business

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What is an e-commerce platform?

Ecommerce platforms are ready-made solutions designed to facilitate the entire process of creating a virtual store. And also registering products, processing transactions through digital channels, and more. Today, there are several ways to create e-commerce. You can develop your own website, use a website builder with virtual store modules, sell products through social media (like with an Instagram store), or of course, use a platform. Ecommerce that already offers ready-made solutions.

Choosing an option among the best e-commerce platforms on the market is an excellent solution for those who are starting to venture into the segment, who want to reduce expenses, and cannot invest in the development of a page from scratch. Also, there are several options on the market to use in your online store. However, it is necessary to pay attention to some essential points before hiring a platform. So, before we get to know the best e-commerce platforms, let’s understand what should be taken into account?

What to consider when choosing an e-commerce platform?

As we said before, an e-commerce platform can be a very assertive solution, considering your business moment. However, some tips cannot go unnoticed:


As complete as the platform is, you’ll still need some integrations with other systems and platforms. It is necessary to think about communication integrations, such as service via chatbots, for example. Furthermore, the payment process of an online store needs to be automated, with the help of a complete and robust platform that manages your receivables in a secure manner.

Likewise, you should also think about integrations with anti-fraud and security features, which are critical to protecting your customers’ data. If you want to evolve the way you bill your customers in 2022, get to know all about Recurrence – an innovative way to sell and retain your customers. Your platform needs to run quickly, both on desktop and mobile.

So look for platforms that are highly responsive and offer a great shopping experience. If a customer can’t see information about your product, has trouble accessing the cart, and checking out at the checkout payment page, they‘ll likely leave your store and look for a competitor.


In addition to everything we’ve talked about here, personalization also needs to be considered for those who want to undertake in the e-commerce segment. Some platforms, especially those offering free versions, are quite limited in usage. Often, the templates offered help at first, but in the long run, you need a store that has the tone of voice and face of the brand.

Metrics and reports

Accessing e-commerce indicators and real-time reports is essential for the financial health of your business. A platform that doesn’t offer this data will likely leave you in the dark along the way, and it’s important to analyze each one. Now that we’ve seen the main points of attention, let’s get to know the 13 best e-commerce platforms?

What are the best e-commerce platforms on the market?

Along with the growth of the segment in Brazil, many companies started to offer this service, and some stood
out with great integrations and functionalities:

1. Tray

The Tray was acquired by Locaweb, but before that, had one of the e-commerce solutions commonly used in Brazil. With “Tray” you can create an end-to-end store, with ERP integration, payment methods, and several solutions to support an online store. In addition to being one of the best e-commerce platforms, Tray (formerly Tray Store) is the market leader – which greatly validates the focus on digitizing business. With Tray, you can manage multiple channels through a single solution.

2. Magento

Another case is the Magento platform. Currently, it is one of the most complete open-source on the market, with a level of customization and management that few offer.

3. Dooca

The Dooca is an excellent platform for e-commerce, they join an online store very high level that unites design and technology to help you to sell online. For those who have a store or an industry, we highly recommend Dooca.

4. Woocommerce

Woocommerce is a WordPress plugin for anyone who wants to have an online store or turn a blog into e-commerce. Many bloggers and digital influencers use the Woocommerce platform for this reason, as it is much
easier and more practical to carry out brand migration.

5. Cloudshop

With CloudShop, you can have access to several differentiators. In addition, the Cloud has dashboards and a very important application dashboard to make integrations with social networks and performance and conversion tools. With this platform, you can even sell on marketplaces, if this option is also considered by your company.

6. Linx

With more than 50,000 customers, the Linx Commerce platform offers a complete solution for digital sales, with additional services and strategies to optimize the implementation stage, such as service provided by agencies.
That way, you save time and have a lot more agility, in addition to being supported by a robust team of developers.

7. Betalabs

Betalabs was developed by FGV students in 2010, who wanted to optimize and eliminate the bureaucracy of online sales for small and medium-sized companies. Today, it has some of the coolest subscription clubs in the country, such as YVY, Tag Livros, Faber Castell, among others.

Likewise, the platform is complete and does not require integrations with other tools, making the flow faster and bringing a competitive advantage to clubs. If you want to reduce IT, ERP, and development expenses, this is a great solution on the market!

8. Boxshop

Boxloja is an example of a responsive platform, in addition to having E-mail Marketing tools, content download, and loyalty programs. In addition, new entrepreneurs can try the platform for 15 days and have access to exclusive

9. Shopify

Accessibility and availability are registered trademarks of Shopify in Brazil. Also, if you care about the performance of your ads and marketing campaigns, they have the best integration solutions. So if you want to give it a try and get to know the e-commerce and subscription club features, remember Shopify!

10. Online store

If you are within a specific niche, such as fashion and apparel, the Virtual Store offers several customizable layouts and is among the best platforms for e-commerce. In addition, you can also set up subscription clubs, have unlimited visits, and access various features.

11. Wix

The Wix platform is mainly aimed at those who don’t have a lot of experience with development. However, it is very responsive and adapted to run well on mobile as well as desktop. Also, if you use a sub-acquirer’s service, this might be a good platform choice as this integration is possible with their service.

12. Integrated store

Loja Integrada offers one of the best integration solutions with payment and collection management,
logistics, and customer service platforms. That way, just choose the plan that makes the most sense for your business at the moment and start using it!

13. PrestaShop

PrestaShop is a great example of a dedicated platform, in addition to having a modern look, full of features and integrations. If you want a more complete service and complex in the same proportion, and you have time to
develop your store calmly, it may be a great solution for you!

14. OpenCart

Opencart acts as an intermediary between the services offered by PrestaShop and Woocommerce. Furthermore, the control panel is modern, intuitive, and with customizable modules that are easy to use. This is one of the most simplified options to use.

15. iSET

iSET has a wide range of solutions integrated into its e-commerce platform. Such as tools for transparent checkout, smart shipping, mobile sales, etc. With them, you will also be able to advertise your products on marketplaces such as Amazon, Americanas, Mercado Livre, and several others.

They also have their own theme manager, making it easy to customize your store so that the end result is exactly as you prefer. iSET offers different plans and can help you identify exactly which one suits your business best.

16. WBuy

WBuy is an e-commerce platform that offers everything your digital storage needs in one place. Also, you can try it for 15 days without any commitment. They have an extensive app store where you’ll find customer experience solutions, management, logistics, marketing, payment methods, and sales tools to improve your conversion.

The plans offered by WBuy scale according to the size of your e-commerce. From the most basic plan, you will already be able to register 100 products and receive unlimited visits to your store. In addition, there is no commission on sales made.

17. BW Commerce

BW Commerce offers an extremely intuitive sales platform, in which you’ll be able to create a responsive store that is fully optimized for mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, etc. Today, multiple surveys indicate that more than 50% of online traffic is via mobile devices, and therefore, especially in the online sales niche, it is very important to ensure that your store fits in the palm of your customers’ hands. They also offer an extensive theme and app store, as well as a service store so you can rev up your store.

18. Bagy

Bagy is a Brazilian e-commerce platform that allows you to start selling through online channels without any difficulty and more: directly through your own smartphone. They offer a mobile app for Android and iOS devices in which you’ll be able to manage everything in your store, such as assembly, product registration, sales, among others. If you’re looking for convenience and want to be able to manage your store through an app on your
smartphone, it’s worth checking out Bagy’s differentials and plans.

19. Weebly

With Weebly, you can create e-commerce in a personalized way, based on professional and responsive themes. And to optimize for mobile devices. The e-commerce platform offers an intuitive dashboard that facilitates product control and management. It also facilitates shopping carts, tax calculations, shipping of goods, and inventory control. They also offer a mobile app so you can track everything that happens in your store directly through your smartphone, access, and check available plans.

20. Magazord

Magazord is a Brazilian e-commerce platform with over 6 years of experience in the market. It offers professional solutions for creating virtual stores and differentials such as integrated Native ERP, freight, and payments gateway. It also finds solutions on the possibility of integrating to marketplaces, and even solutions for stock control.

Therefore, it is an ideal answer for those looking for a platform that offers all the resources needed to boost your sales and reach customers on the internet, in one place. It’s also worth mentioning that your pages will be optimized for SEO and work perfectly on mobile devices. To learn more, just log in and get in touch with their team.

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