Steps to Start an Online Business

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Steps to start an online business, Starting an online business can be a great way to work creatively in an area you’re passionate about, sell a unique product, or offer special services. Of course, there are millions of businesses online today. 

OK, OK! I know The biggest challenge, therefore, is to create a user-friendly business that will resonate favorably with people. The secret to starting a business is of course to offer a marketable skill or product, then to create a website and advertising.

Benefits to start an online business;


Well, before knowing the steps to start an o online business, if you are just starting off your online business then it’s better to know what benefits you will get from having your business online or digital. There are a lot of benefits that you will get from having your business online but here are a few of them. So let’s discuss them briefly



Online or digital businesses give you an opportunity to be flexible. A physical store is not needed in an online business and It’s easy to choose your working hours.

When your business starts generating enough revenue you can higher a VA who will handle all your business. In this way, You will be free from every kind of business issue.

Online businesses give you an opportunity to handle your business at your ease. You can handle all business affairs while sitting at home. 

Custom website;


The biggest benefit of having your business online is that you can create your custom website. You can create your unique identity by creating a beautiful logo and eye-catchy website. Must Read out our blog on website building tips.

There are many software available through which you can create your websites easily without having any kind of digital knowledge.

You should try  Squareecom where you can create your eCommerce website without having any kind of knowledge. 

Squreecom is the best platform for startups. You don’t need to have to pay anything. You can create your online store just for free!

Yes! For free because there is no startup cost in Squareecom. You will have to pay only when you will make a sale with a processing rate of 2.9%. Sounds interesting! So start building your unique presence right now!

Squareecom-get your website for free
Squareecom-get your website for free

Great audience reach;


Ughh! Another important benefit of having your business online is that there is a great audience reach. The digital world and mobile have created ease for everyone that’s why people prefer to online shopping sitting at their home and in their comfort zones.

With the help of the website, you will be able to get a higher audience and reach. you can sell your business products globally. 

If you have a budget you can generate a passive income by selling to different countries by sitting at your home.

Low investment;


Yes! You heard right. Low investment is another benefit. It’s is in a sense that you don’t need to have any physical store or need to manufacture anything.

Even you can start your own business with dropshipping and with a very low budget. Also, the marketing cost in online business is much low.

With the help of social media marketing, you can reach out to a great number of audiences while spending very little amount on ads.

Here you have got some important benefits so let’s dive into our main topic of steps to start an online business.

Steps to start an online business


the 7 steps you should take to create your own online business.

Before explaining the seven steps, you must choose between starting as a producer or as an affiliate.

If you intend to start as a producer, you will need to create your own product (eBook, online course, consulting) to be able to offer it to your audience. It requires a greater initial effort.

I recommend if you don’t have any investment or less investment you should start with affiliate because for this you don’t need to create your own product. Simply affiliate with someone else’s product, offer that product to your audience and receive a commission for every sale made. Are you excited? Great so let’s move on

Step 1: Choose a niche market to act


Choosing a niche market is very important because at the beginning it is where you will focus all your effort to generate content and attract people interested in purchasing. 

For this reason, it is important that it is a profitable niche and, if possible, that you enjoy working, as it is much easier to generate content and obtain results working in an area that we like. here is our some e-commerce store ideas 

Some examples of very profitable niche markets are:

  • Health and Wellness (weight loss, muscle hypertrophy…);
  • Finance (personal finance, investments…);
  • Internet Marketing (how to create your own business, import products…);
  • Relationship (how to conquer a man/woman, how to find the ideal partner…).

Remember that these are just a few examples, but there are many others.

Step 2: Choose a product to promote


Having chosen the market niche, you now need to choose a product within that niche to promote and receive commissions for each sale made. For this purpose, the best way is to use  AliExpress or check out the list of top 10 products to sell.

There are several factors that must be taken into account when choosing the product, namely:  

  • Quality: if possible, buy the product before promoting, so you can attest to the quality                            
  • Temperature: check if the product is on Hotmart’s hottest list;
  • Commission: check if the product has a good commission, both in absolute value (the actual commission amount) and in relative value (commission amount in relation to the product price);
  • Ratings: Rating given by product buyers, ranging from one to five stars.

Step 3: Choose your website domain


Your website domain is nothing more than the electronic address for people to access your website.  if you don’t know what are the qualities of a good website you should read our website building tips.

Buying a domain is very easy, but it is important to know how to choose it, as it will be your brand on the internet. use Squareecom and build your site for free

As you may already know, a domain is made up of a name and an extension. In the case of this blog, the name is “” and the extension is “.com”. Although there are several extensions (.com, .net, .tv, .org, among others), I recommend that you use the “.com” extension whenever possible. 

Step 4: Hire an email marketing service


You will need an email service to send emails to your customers. This is the best way to keep in touch with your audience.

I’m not talking about your personal email (Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo), but a complete service so that people can register to receive your emails and also where you can schedule campaigns to be triggered automatically.

 you can use Mailchimp to send emails to people who sign up for getting Rich. 

Through the email marketing service, you will be able to:

  • Create your contact list;
  • Submit your campaigns;
  • Integrate your campaigns with social networks;
  • Analyze the results.

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Step 6: Create Email Capture Pages


However, an even more powerful way is to create a landing page specific to the product you choose to promote. this is another important step to start an online business most business owners ignoring it.

Here are The 7 Key Elements of a Killer Capture Page

Title: Must communicate your main value proposition;

Main image: Powerful graphic element that shows the best of your product;

Benefits: Present the main benefits to your customer;

Email capture box: Use a box that wraps the entire email form and text that reinforces why the user should leave their email;

Call to Action ( call-to-action ): The main objective that you want the user to fulfill on your page;

Social Proof: Use testimonials from customers or influential people in your niche market;

Post-conversion page: Immediately redirect the user to the product’s sales page.

 steps to start an online business

Step 7: Drive traffic to your website


This is the most important point and probably where most people give up.

Even because many people choose to do it the hard way: start with a blog and wait for it to receive visits through Google.

It is currently not easy to rank a website on Google in a short time, as the search algorithm has changed a lot.

However, there are some quality and paid traffic options, if you know how to correctly target your ads to your target audience. And the best option, in my opinion, is Facebook Ads.

Creating Facebook ads leading to your capture page is a very efficient way to attract your target audience.

Facebook Ads is fantastic in this regard, as it allows you to define your target audience according to their interests, gender, age group, education level, among many other relevant attributes to establish your audience.

If you want to promote, for example, a product in the area of ​​weight loss, just create an ad only for people interested in diet and who are women. This is an example of an audience that would be interested in the product you would be promoting.

5 Steps to Attract Traffic to Your Website


here is our short guide to attract traffic to your site. if you want to get detailed knowledge jump into our blog ways to drive quality traffic to your site.

  •  Use paid traffic; get immediate results with Facebook Ads;
  • Reinvest your earnings to generate more traffic and grow your list;
  • Target your ads to exactly reach your target audience;
  • Do a lot of testing: a different image or title can increase your conversion;
  • Analyze your results.

 Conclusion – To recap…


To build your online business from scratch, I recommend you follow these seven steps: 

  1:  Find a specific niche in which you will sell your’s 

  2: Pick products, brands in that specific niche for affiliation

  3:  create your website domain

 4:   accomplish email marketing to get in touch with the customer

   5: never forget to create Create Email Capture Pages

   6: Drive traffic to your website

How to put these steps into practice from now on?

Steps to start an online business! So have you got the necessary information? It is likely that you will need more information to put each of these steps into practice, but I guarantee that if you follow them correctly, you will have your first online business with the potential to generate good extra income for you.

If you do research on the internet about each of these points, you will certainly find a lot of free (not necessarily quality) content. If you know how to mine, you may be able to have some success.

However, nowadays I always look for solutions that save my time and energy, even if I have to invest some money for it. 

I have a question for you…

What did you think of these seven steps to create your online business? Do you have any questions or want to compliment any of these topics?

Leave a comment and share with us your question or knowledge.

To the next! 

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