Instructions to Transfer Wix Domain to Shopify

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Step by step instructions to Transfer Wix Domain to Shopify Without a Headache

Regardless of whether you’re a Wix client who’s chosen to move to Shopify. Or basically own an area you bought from Wix and need to move it to Shopify prior to building your store. This is the most ideal aide for you to Transfer Wix Domain to Shopify.

Move Wix Domain to Shopify




Here is a bit-by-bit guide for how to move a Wix space to Shopify so you can move your online business store from one stage to the next.

Move Wix Domain to Shopify

 1: Create Shopify Account
2: Prepare the Transfer
3: Transfer Domain to Shopify
Moving Your Wix Store to Shopify

Wix versus Shopify

Before we plunge into the exchange interaction, how about we check out a speedy correlation of Wix versus Shopify. Both are extraordinary web-based business stages, yet can’t be the ideal internet business answer for everybody.

Both Wix and Shopify are facilitated stages, focused on those with practically zero plan insight. You don’t need to know coding and innovation to assemble a powerful site with either web designer. Wix added online business usefulness sometime later, while Shopify had it incorporated into the stage immediately.

Wix evaluating goes from $23 to $49/month, contingent upon the arrangement you pick. Promoting highlights, as deserted truck recuperation, are remembered for even the fundamental internet business plan. All things considered, there are extra room and item restrictions.

Shopify evaluating goes from $29 to $299/month, contingent upon the arrangement you pick. Many promoting highlights, similar to savvy item search and membership charging, require outsider applications, which set you back more cash consistently.

Would it be advisable for you to switch from Wix to Shopify?

BuiltWith information shows Shopify represents 27% of all internet business sites online today, while Wix represents 12%.

Wix is an optimal choice for some internet-based shops. However, it’s not appropriate for all plans of action. Wix is more qualified to stores that are simply beginning, while a Shopify store might be more advantageous for a laid-out store that has grown out of the Wix stage.

Shopify is undeniably more adaptable, so assuming you see that you’re arriving at the furthest reaches of your Wix plan and aren’t prepared to pay for their undertaking level valuing at $500+, then, at that point, putting resources into Shopify seems OK.

Prior to Getting Started

Before you move your area, you’ll have to check to be certain it’s qualified for the move. Assuming that you’re utilizing a co. Uk or .ca area, you can’t move it to Shopify – yet you can in any case utilize it. You’ll simply need to deal with your space settings from your present recorder, rather than inside the Shopify dashboard.

Keep in mind, your Shopify membership does exclude email facilitating. To utilize email in your customer area, you’ll have to put resources into an outsider supplier for email. It can require as long as 20 days for the area to move to finish, so consider this as you make arrangements for your internet-based store.

Note: If you bought your space inside the most recent 60 days. ICANN decides to say that it can’t be moved to another recorder. You’ll need to interface your space to Shopify and move the area whenever you’ve claimed it for 60 days. Whenever you move it, you’ll likewise have to pay for one more year of proprietorship (at present valued at $14 each year). Which will be added to your absolute possession time.

Stage 1: Create Shopify Account



Before you get everything rolling with moving space from Wix to Shopify, you should initially have a Shopify account. You can pursue a free 14-day preliminary, however, you should have an installment technique on record before you can begin selling.

Visit and enter your email address to begin your free preliminary. When you name your store and complete the fundamental record creation undertakings, you’ll have to interface your space to Shopify.

This progression is important to keep away from administration interferences in the event that you’re now utilizing the space to have a site. On the off chance that you skirt this, your site guests might observe a wrecked site during the exchange interaction.

Why associate your current area before you move it to Shopify? Associating it guides it toward your Shopify URL so when somebody types in your space, it sends them to your Shopify store.

Interfacing Your Domain to Your Shopify Account
Sign in to Shopify.


Visit Settings > Domains.

Spaces Shopify

Click Connect Existing Domain. In the event that this choice isn’t noticeable on your screen, click Actions first, then, at that point, pick the Connect Existing Domain choice.

Enter the space name you’re associating.

Spaces Connect-existing-area Shopify


Click View Instructions. This will show you Shopify assist guides with assisting you with the cycle. Your careful advances will differ contingent upon the area recorder you bought the space from.

A few enlistment centers might make you change the DNS settings or CNAME record to Shopify’s IP address. Others might expect you to change the A record to guide the space toward Shopify.

Whenever you’ve finished the means to interface your area, return to Shopify and snap Verify Connection to guarantee the interaction worked. Remember, the association interaction can require as long as 48 hours.

On the off chance that the association doesn’t work following two days, rehash the means above, really looking at your area settings for blunders. On the off chance that you can see it as nothing off-base, contact your area enlistment center for help.

Stage 2: Prepare the Transfer

After you’ve associated your space with Shopify, it’s an ideal opportunity to visit Wix to move the area away from the record. (On the off chance that you originally bought your space from someplace other than Wix, you’ll have to visit your area supplier to represent these means. Check your area supplier’s exchange strategy for more data.)

Login to Wix > My Domains Page and Select Domain
Progressed > Transfer-Away from Wix
Select EPP Code (otherwise called approval code)
You’ll get the EPP code by email. In the case of everything looks great, determine the Shopify space move course. The movement cycle is finished within 7 days.

Stage 3: Transfer Domain to Shopify

After you’ve affirmed your space is opened, sign in to Shopify.

Visit Settings > Domains.

Spaces Transfer-area Shopify
Click Transfer Domain. In the event that you can’t see this choice, click Actions then, at that point, pick the Transfer Domain choice.

Enter the space name you’re moving.

Enter your installment data to pay the $14 charge to enroll your space for one more year.

To test the association, press the Verify space button. When the space status peruses opened (it might invest in some opportunity to invigorate the status, so assuming that you’ve as of late finished the means, attempt again in a couple of hours. Remember that it might require as long as 48 hours.

When the space status is Unlocked, you’ll have the option to click Next to proceed. In the event that it actually peruses Domain Locked, you’ll have to return and confirm you’ve finished the Prepare for Transfer ventures above accurately to open it.

Enter the EPP or approval code from your space supplier. Click Next to proceed.

Click Buy and move.

Watch the email account related to your space intently. Contingent upon the recorder, you might have to approve the exchange before the exchange interaction can begin. You’ll get an email that has a connection to Approve Transfer/Confirm Transfer.

While it can require as long as 20 days for the exchange interaction to finish, it is generally expected done well before then, at that point. Whenever it’s done, Shopify will email you, and you’ll have the option to change your space settings from inside the Domain page on your Shopify dashboard.

Note: If under any condition the space move fizzles, your reestablishment charge is discounted.



When the exchange is finished, you’ll likewise get an email from Tucows, Inc – the parent organization of OpenSRS – the space recorder Shopify utilizes – in regards to your information use assent inclinations.

When the exchange cycle is done, you’ll have the option to set up your email facilitating. Add sub-areas, arrange to send email addresses, add worldwide spaces, and arrange programmed space recharging.

Moving Your Wix Store to Shopify

Assuming you’re prepared to move from Wix to Shopify, follow these means to make the relocation cycle move without a hitch.

Reinforcement Wix Database

Prior to rolling out significant improvements, it’s generally really smart to back up your Wix web store information, so that assuming something turns out badly, you can continuously reestablish it to its present working state.

Wix has an implicit reinforcement administration that makes it simple to move up your data in a couple of snaps. Any time you change your site, Wix makes a reinforcement consequently, in Site History. Assuming you mess something up, you can choose the past rendition of your site and reestablish it rapidly.

It’s likewise conceivable to copy your site any time you need, to make a manual reinforcement. All things are consider, as the copy duplicate will not be refreshed naturally at whatever point you change your site.

Redo Shopify Homepage

You can utilize a free topic from the Shopify subject library, or pick an exceptional topic from the topic store. Assuming you’re comfortable with Shopify or can enlist a Shopify designer to alter the formats, you can additionally tweak it to address your issues. Whenever you’ve chosen a subject, begin modifying the landing page depending on the situation to accommodate your image.

Make More Pages depending on the situation

After you are fabricating the landing page, invest energy making the extra pages you really want to finish up your site as it’s plan on Wix. On every one of these pages, finish up the necessary fields, add content and media, and interlink them where fitting.

Import Wix Data to Shopify

Appropriately moving your store information is critical to guaranteeing everything moves along as planned on your new Shopify store. You can physically transfer your items, content, specs, valuing/cost data, and SEO data like page titles and meta depictions. This, notwithstanding, is just functional assuming that you have a couple of items in your store.

Sending out Wix Data

Assuming you have a huge volume of items, you’ll have to trade your Wix web store information into a CSV document. You can do this from your Wix Dashboard.

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