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I realize my title may, a little intense but it stood out enough to noticed right? In some cases, there is an opportunity in trying to say what everybody is all things considering rather than moving around the subject. Is Squarespace for blogging a bad dream? The appropriate response might astound you! WordPress might be lord of the blog circle and I have nothing against it, I believe it’s a spectacular stage for any site or blog, However, on the off chance that you incline toward the Squarespace look and believe that you need to have a functioning, effective and growing blog.

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I’ll concede, when I initially began on Squarespace I was somewhat off-put by the supposed restrictions of the blog usefulness. I was utilized to WordPress and felt marginally cuffed by Squarespace. In any case, the more I found out with regards to the stage and all it had to bring to the table, I understood that writing on Squarespace for blog is in reality quite amazing. We should visit regarding why!




The thing about Squarespace is that it’s a website that is comprehensive. No separate hosting, no buying your domain somewhere else, no linking a blog from a different platform. All of that simply confounds things. It’s similar to the Apple of the site stage world. Sure you will most likely be to add customizations, however, guess how It works.

1. Flawlessly

You can construct your site and afterwards decide to incorporate the blog or not. Assuming you need to incorporate it, you essentially put it in your nav bar and begin publishing content to a blog. Everything in one and the look and feel of your site remains something very similar and it’s all integrated, your SEO increments.


On the off chance that you have followed this blog for any measure of time, you know I am a fanatic of the blog sidebar. This one apparatus offers you a great deal more chance to help your perusers discover data they need and keep them around your site longer. You can exhibit yourself, your web-based media, an inquiry work, famous posts, you can include anything you desire and it essentially enhances the experience of your peruser.

My main annoyance with websites is the point at which they don’t have supportive sidebars. Not having the option to discover information on a blog or in the chronicle of that blog is a moment’s motivation to click out and go on to something different. Albeit not every one of Squarespace’s formats incorporates sidebar usefulness, a great deal of them do. A rundown is remembered for this post!


Once more, another most loved component. In WordPress there are some modules that you can add that will fly in related posts toward the finish of your blog entries and until I found the rundown block, I felt that this was a significant impediment of Squarespace web journals. In any case, when I found the simplicity of placing an outline block in toward the finish of your post and determining what sorts of presents you need on show in that square.

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Presently I could show perusers comparative substance that they should peruse directly toward the finish of the post they got past. I could sort out my document page to look GOOD. Even though some might say that a gigantic constraint of the outline block is that it doesn’t show irregular determinations (it will pull in by most as of late posted) that doesn’t trouble me to such an extent. I’d prefer to have some power over what precisely is shown by utilizing a strong class and label framework.


I discover Squarespace for blogging is so easy to understand, and publishing content to a blog on Squarespace is a breeze. It’s a WYSIWYG framework that you can “see” as you fabricate. No convoluted coding that you need to translate. When you see the screen it appears to be unique. You assemble the post and it looks actually like it will live. You can perceive how your headers will look, how your pictures will show, any unique components that you include like lines or diagrams, or recordings. They all show directly on the screen similarly they will show once the post is live.

5. SEO

Contributing to a blog overall will reliably assist your website with being better streamlined for search engines. however, I return to my last point, when publishing content to a blog turns out to be more basic than it is to a lesser degree a cerebral pain. You can without much of a stretch add portrayals to your pictures and exhibitions, you can add catchphrase-rich URLs that are not the same as your genuine title, you can use a header structure with your substance to ensure your data is strong and coordinated.


Alright so if you have never utilized WordPress, you will have no clue about the thing I am discussing, yet let you know when I used to blog on WordPress I generally felt like something was near the precarious edge of breaking or flying off the handle.

Since plugins are open source and made by a wide range of various individuals, they don’t generally play impeccably with the WordPress framework. In any case, the plugins are basically what makes your site redid and lookin’ great. You truly can’t work without them. Be that as it may since a large portion of the plugins is an outsider there are consistent issues with them. They are being refreshed, or they have a bug, or something simply doesn’t work and you continually get messages and mistake messages and they genuinely are not that straightforward except if you are a tech master or WordPress master. It’s upsetting and tedious if something breaks.

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With Squarespace that all vanishes. Squarespace watches out for the plugins market and makes refreshes dependent on the most famous. The updates are all in-house so if something improves, it simply helps you as opposed to unnerving you that your site will be worked out and you have no clue about how to approach fixing it. Certain individuals are so used to modules and disdain the possibility of not having the option to use them, yet I am not one of those individuals. I love the way vigorous contributions of Squarespace are as of now and if you DO need something changed or modified, custom CSS is consistently a choice!

So the writing is on the wall! Writing for a blog on Squarespace doesn’t need to restrict you. Even though Squarespace wasn’t made explicitly for writing for a blog. They have truly done a great deal of work to further develop the publishing content to blog usefulness inside the framework. I love it and I figure you will as well!!


Why I Recommend Squarespace for blogging to Business Owners 

On the off chance that you know me by any means, you know I’m a Squarespace fan. However, you ought to likewise realize that this is the main platform I can utilize because I have used many different platforms. I have attempted them all. What’s more, allowed me just to save you a lot of time and let you know since Squarespace for blogging is the best.

The majority of you have likely known about WordPress. Or on the other hand, Shopify, Showit, Weebly, Wix… (the rundown goes on) They’re all choices. But Squarespace for blogging most ideal choice for you. I’m not going to go top to the bottom pretty much these stages in this blog entry, yet I will let you know each of the reasons Squarespace is better than these (and where it’s not!) and before its finish, you’ll have a smart thought of what Squarespace is prepared to do and in case it’s intended for you or not.


This is no question something you’ve effectively contemplated, perhaps one of the principal things! In case you’re thinking about diying your site, or if need to make changes to it, it should be adequately simple to utilize. Squarespace wins this round by a huge margin. Squarespace for blogging is like a piece of cake and that is the reason I love utilizing it for my customers and prescribing it to little business proprietors.

Presently, I’m not saying it’s truly simple to plan a custom, thorough, and very extraordinary Squarespace for blogging (that is the reason I earn enough to pay the rent selling exceptional layouts) however making a simple site with Squarespace is simple, and when the web composition is finished, it’s SO natural to roll out minor improvements.

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Squarespace was worked for the client at the top of the priority list. They keep everything truly straightforward and give you each of the fundamental tools to work with. However, not very numerous choices that you get overpowered. It’s pretty much as basic as composing where you need it to proceed to drag + drop. You can add a blog and a shop with two or three ticks. The backend is smooth and you don’t need to utilize any code.

When I hand off a Squarespace site to a customer or offer a Squarespace Template to a client, that is the last I hear from them! I give them a few tools and momentarily tell them the best way to utilize their new site, and they don’t reach me again because they can do it all themselves. How cool is that!? Having the option to roll out your improvements and updates to your site is an amazing resource as an entrepreneur. Recruiting somebody each time you need to create changes can be ridiculously expensive and an exercise in futility. As I said, I’ve utilized a ton of different stages, yet Squarespace for blogging is best.


Security is something you presumably haven’t thought about with regards to building your site, and genuinely it is something you even should have to consider. Because it’s significant, and you need to protect your site from hackers and bugs.

What difference does this make? Since you realize your site is free from any danger. All that you use on Squarespace is protected and coordinated inside the platform for your wellbeing, by the platform engineers themselves. All that you need to construct an extraordinary site is as of now implicit, you don’t have to download any additional items, everything’s contained in one decent, safe bundle, liberated from hackers and nasties. Squarespace HQ handles your updates in general and security with the goal that you in a real sense don’t need to do anything. Also, low upkeep is the most ideal kind of support when you’re maintaining an independent venture!

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The different platforms are “open source” (like WordPress) implying that any man and his canine can make modules and additional items that can undoubtedly break the security of your site. The disadvantage of having one of these “open source” locales with regards to security is that it’s high upkeep. You need to ensure all that you are downloading into your webpage is reliable (which heaps of the time it’s not). Afterwards, you ensure everything is consistently refreshed and secure. if you neglect to refresh something you are leaving yourself open to programmers and infections that intend to break your site.

An all-in-one PLATFORM

Squarespace for blogging is truly like a cake for me. Since it’s an all-in-one platform. What I mean by that will everything is incorporated. I addressed it being a “shut source” platform, and we presently realize that implies it has extraordinary security inherent. In any case, it likewise implies it has a ton of other incredible stuff worked in, indeed, all that you need to make an extraordinary site. Indeed, with “open source” stages like WordPress, you don’t get that extravagance. To assemble a site you need to download plugins and applications for each of the various parts you need.

With Squarespace, those plugins and applications are built-in.

You can add a blog or a full web-based business store with the dash of a button! You can undoubtedly interface your email advertising programming, you can implant recordings and exhibitions, you can pretty much do anything. However, in saying that, there is still adaptability to add additional fancy odds and ends, you can recruit an engineer to add them in or download them from a couple of explicit web-based Squarespace module shops. However, interestingly, you don’t need to.

Leave me alone as clear as possible conceivable: You can construct a phenomenal site with each of the elements given inside Squarespace. Yet, you do in any case have the choice to add additional items and extend as your business develops, so you don’t need to stress over feeling limited or expecting that you might need to change to WordPress when your private venture transforms into a domain. Squarespace is ideal for private ventures and DIYers, but at the same time, it’s more than fit for developing your business.

Client assistance

One thing I love about Squarespace is the free help group. At the point when I began utilizing Squarespace interestingly, they heard from me a lot, however, they were generally so supportive and consistently responded to my inquiries. Squarespace has an enormous group committed to reacting to inquiries concerning their foundation and aiding clients. I’m a tremendous enthusiast of their live visit work, yet even their email support is extraordinary when they’re inaccessible through talk. They answer rapidly and they are really useful.

They additionally have this HUGE free library of articles on precisely how to utilize EVERYTHING. In case there’s an element in Squarespace. There’s destined to be a top-to-the-bottom article on the most proficient method to utilize it. Indeed, even now and again still allude back to this library. And I frequently send customers valuable articles from this library to peruse. They can offer this stunning assistance and these incredible instructional exercises since they are responsible for the entire stage. They know precisely how everything works.

My involvement in Squarespace support so far has been 10/10. Likewise, all of their help is 100% free! Heaps of different stages don’t offer this sort of help, particularly WordPress which has no help highlighted by any means.

The Best Templates of Squarespace for Bloggers

Each Squarespace format upholds Blog pages, and every layout’s blog has its style and design. Certain formats’ sites have unique elements, including post-thumbnail pictures that showcase in the blog list, sidebars, highlighted posts. It makes page standards, and then some.


If you’ve invested any genuine energy in my blog, you’ll know I’m a tremendous backer of writing for a blog. The Squarespace is best from all other CMS like (WordPress and Blogger, Etc). And I profoundly propose Squarespace to every one of my customers. I Love Squarespace for blogging.


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