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When it comes to online marketing. Square is one of the big names out there.
Starting out as one of the few ways. in which people can embrace “mobile” transactions on the go. square has transformed the market in a quick, affordable way to make money.
Now, almost anyone. from retailers and small business owners. to small businesses can open their own square account and start paying wherever they are. Not, Square is a go-to solution for POS systems. and offline payments.
But, did you know that you can also convert your digital transactions with Square too?
The fact that Square now allows retailers to set up online stores. at the expense of processing their payments. means that it is easier than ever to go digital.
But is this ecommerce solution perfect?
Square makes ecommerce easier.
The store you get when you sign up for their digital plan is straightforward. accurate, and functional. – so anyone can access a new way of marketing. As with all square portfolio, this offer comes with an easy-to-reach mind.
You do not need to know anything about web design. or coding to get started – which is great news for beginners. But, that also means that the experience. you get with Square may not improve as contributions. from designers who are more focused on businesses.
Despite a few limitations. Square offers almost everything you need. To make your online store work, including:
1• Free URL
2• Unlimited free hosting
3• Asset management and tracking
4• Responsive web design
5• Asset management and tracking
6• Integrated and advanced reporting
7• Seamless integration with other Square products
8• Store download support
One of the things that always makes Square very attractive to retailers is its prices.
Setting up an online store with a square market may not be as expensive as you would like. There is a free program that means you only pay for processing. In other words, you pay to process the payment (2.9% for each auction and $ 0.30), nothing more.
For business leaders who need more functionality. in their online store, there are a few other options available. For example, you can upgrade to:
1• Specialists: $ 16 per month, or $ 12 per month
2• Performance: $ 26 per month, or $ 29 per month
3• Premium: $ 72 per month, or $ 79 per month
The difference between a “free” plan. and what you get from paid options comes with features and functionality. For example, the free program does not include unlimited storage. but all paid plans do. Additionally, you will have square ads in all your content if you choose the free option.
The Professional Program. So, comes with extra features. such as custom domains, site statistics. and extra marketing features. If you go up to “Premium”. then you get access to third-party integration. custom code, product badges. Facebook ads, outgoing notifications. advanced eCommerce statistics and much more.
square ecommerce
Square Online Benefits and Risks
Square Online Pros 
1• Predictable prices
2• There are no monthly payments for free options
3• Square Online is best for small businesses
4• An all-in-one payment system
5• Easy to load products
6• Ready to link your POS to an online store
7• Unique advanced accounting features
8• Square Online integrates with other eCommerce solutions
9• Lots of great themes to choose from
Square Online Cons 👎
1• Bad shipping strategy with no adjustable values
2• Account stability issues are usually square
3• Customer service can improve.
4• Some features limited to the most expensive accounts
No matter what you pay for your Square Online.  you will get a good user experience.
The Square Online system allows you to sell anything. from visual goods to digital products. shipping orders, event tickets, and more. You can even accept donations. But, there restrict business options and things you can get involved with.
Once you have an account with Square, it only takes a few minutes to set up your site.
Most of the work you will need to do involves managing your inventory – and that is true of any eCommerce site. When you log in to your dashboard, you will see a complete menu of your options on the left side.
Click the “Online Store” option to go to your welcome page.
Click the “Get Started” button. and you can go to creating the type of site you want to use. The good thing here is that the square actually offers a lot of great themes to get you started. They don’t look old or out of date, like other free themes in WooCommerce or WordPress. Also, you can change your look at any time by clicking Store Editor.
As you would expect from a modern eCommerce store app. every design you choose is pre-configured. so you can use it on any device your customers can have.
Once you have selected a theme that suits you. you will ask to enter details for your online store. including the URL you want. and the DNS settings. This may be complicate. but you can always refer to square guidelines. if you need more help.
Or, there are a few other options you can use to set up your store. as well. For example, the solution integrates with BigCommerce. so you can set up your online store with those apps too. You will also be able to use the Square API. if you want to create a custom site for your site.
square ecommerce
How To Set Up Your Square Online
So, how do you set up a successful Square Online?
The good news, though, is that it is much easier than you think. Uploading a new account, credit card processing. accepting orders and listing products are all designed. to be easy square operations. Best of all, you get a free online store attached. to your account when you sign up for Square POS. so you anyone working with Square can use one.
Here is a step-by-step guide to what you will need to do.
Step 1: Set Up Your Square Internet Account
The first thing you need to do is set up your free online account.
Your account is where you go to get access to all the benefits. of a square dashboard. including store controls and important information. about your products. You will only need an email address and a password to get started. But, the square will ask you where you are.
Step 2: Creating your URL
Once you have logged in. it is time to make sure people can find you online. That means choosing your store URL. Using the “name” section on the Settings screen, enter the title of your ecommerce website. and you will find a URL hosted. by a square domain.
Step 3: Fill in the Important Information
In the Square Online Settings screen, you will also need to fill in some important details. For example, if you are going to send and deliver orders placed online. you will need to set delivery details, shipping costs, and related information.
If the prices of your products need a tag to cover shipping and delivery, you can opt for free shipping. Most customers choose this option, so it can be a great way to increase your chances of selling more online.
Along with your shipping details. it is also appropriate to include information about your Refund. and Business Hours Policies. Next to the Shipping section. you can choose to display the terms of your return policy. and include basic information about your returns.
While your refund policy will give your customers more peace of mind. when shopping from you, your business hours. reflect that you are a reputable company that your customers can reach.
Step 4: Set Your Online Store Theme
Once you have completed the “Settings” section of your Square Online. it is time to start creating the look of your website that makes you stand out. square makes the process easier to fix the design of your store. All you need to do is launch the “Edit Store” click on the dashboard.
The first step is to choose a theme or design for your store. You can try different themes online and design your website to match the image of your product. You will also be able to switch to other themes. once your ecommerce website is launched.
The main differences between the themes available in Square Online. the size of the title and the featured images included. Square recommends using specific image sizes for each theme to help you.
If you have a logo that you want to add to your store. you will need to match the size of the image. with specific themes on your website. You will also be able to enter your store name as text if you like.
Step 5: Transform your website
With your chosen theme, you can start customizing according to your needs. Square will take you through a process of organizing your theme. with a series of simple instructions. so you don’t have to worry about learning to build a store from scratch.
If you have logos to add as an example, it’s as easy as clicking on the “Add Logo” tab. You can also upload a hero image for your website in the Feature Image space. This is a great home screenshot of your site. When you are ready, scroll down to your Store Editor screen. In this section of the website. upload photos of your product or other images. to appear next to your Business Hours and Contact Information.
Once you are making your theme live. you will be ready to start adding products to your store. to start making real profit.
Step 6. Start Listing Your Products
Like most things in the world of Square Online, adding a list of items to your eCommerce website is easy. With Square, all your products will be track through a central library. so no matter where you choose to sell your items, your online sales and data will be available within Square POS.
The one-square-foot approach we take in online store management. is part of what makes it easy to sell your Square Online. You can even change the settings for each item for sale whenever you choose. You will also be able to drag items to your online store. from your Store editor screen.
Step 7: Introduce Your New Online Store
Finally, with all your products listed. you will be ready to launch your store. Again, this is an easy process. scroll up to the Store Editor page and click the green “Submit” button. The square will load your store and make it live in seconds.
From there, selling is easy.
Your free store will be open for business. and you will be able to start selling right away. There are even marketing tools built into Square POS. as a square email marketing feature. that can help you turn your customers forward.
Designs and Templates
The square is designed to give business leaders an easy way. to get online and start selling. Creating a store with available templates. and themes is easy and straightforward. But, Square Online does not offer as many templates as other companies to choose from.
In conclusion, it is a very easy method to make your seller account using square eCommerce.
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