Simple websites that make money?

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What are the Simple websites that make money?

Want to put some more cash in your pocket without leaving home, but don’t know where to start, and how to make money online? You have come to the right place.

We have chosen for you the most profitable and effective methods for the most important question you have asked yourself recently, Simple websites that make money home?

Simple websites that make money is a site that was built easily and without much effort and was very successful.

Whether you are full-time mothers who take care of small children, fathers who are stuck at home and are in Halat, or students who are saving every dollar and need a job with convenient and flexible hours – working from home will close the corner for you perfectly.

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Simple websites that make money from home are really not an empty slogan.

It’s not in heaven to become your own boss and work at the hours and at a pace convenient for you without leaving your computer.

Even if you don’t get rich overnight, you will get to know some proven, legitimate and creative methods of making a decent living using the Internet. If you take this business seriously and invest the required time and effort, you can earn handsome sums.

So after we’ve warmed up, it’s time to get on the road and get to know…


How do you make money from home?

The reason more and more people can start working, easily, from home is simple. Today there is a huge variety of options that, in the past, simply did not exist. These possibilities have been created directly or indirectly, thanks to the ability to make money online!

In this article, I will review for you several examples of work from home, some of them as mentioned are directly related to the world of opportunities of working from the Internet, and others indirectly.

For example, as you can use the network to sell your products, if you don’t have any products or a business, you can also sell other people’s products and services for a fee, that is, engage in affiliate marketing.

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Affiliate marketing program

These are private affiliate programs operated directly by various companies in the united states and around the world, or affiliate marketing programs of third-party intermediaries for those companies, and the supply is enormous.

Each of us has different interests and you will be surprised to find that with a little luck (and maybe also reasonable English) you can register today for a certain program that interests you and start marketing the products and services offered in that program.

Task: If so, prepare a sheet of paper and a pen, and build a table with two columns:

In one, write down everything that interests you, it could be classes you participate in, activities in your free time, and more.

Ask yourself: What makes your lifestyle unique compared to others? – Write everything down in this column, without filtering – just let everything flow without judgment.

In the second column, write down what you are good at it can be something you work on or have worked on in the past, it can be access to people (children/youth/adults), counseling on various issues, and even if for now it’s only for friends!

Are you considering building a website but not sure if it’s worth it?

Do you already have a website and you don’t know how to make money from it?

1. Sale and purchase of domains

The website’s domain address is the string of words that surfers type in to reach any website. This is the address of the business, company, idea, or concept on the Internet. just no?

So that’s it, it’s a whole world and lots and lots of money is poured there. Trading domains is a relatively hot field, still, and if you are creative and fast you can grab an interesting domain and sell it for a particularly handsome sum.

A small country called Tuvalu, for example, makes a lot of money from it, so much so that domain trading makes up 10% of its total revenue. Source – Giktimes.

Please note, for example, that domains due to the coronavirus have already been seized.

Simple sites that make money in 2022 this is the strongest field.

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So how do you find a free domain and buy it? There are many sites that are qualified domain registrars. you can purchase the domain for  USD 21 per year. For a domain with any other extension, go to the Godaddy website, in our opinion it is the cheapest website in the world to purchase a domain address.

How do you sell a domain? Well, there are a variety of websites and many Facebook groups on the subject that have been set up for this purpose, just search for them in the search bar.

2. Google advertisements – Adsense

Turn off your ad blocker for a moment and go to any site on the Internet, most likely you will see Google ads. They are literally everywhere.

Lots of website owners use Google AdSense to generate passive income from their websites.

This is due to 3 main reasons –

It is very easy to integrate the advertisements – the registration is very simple and free, after which you will receive a unique code to paste in the management system on the site (depending on which platform you used for construction).

From there, Google does all the work, checks the compatibility of the pages on the site, and uses ads that will fit the sizes and appear naturally.

Targeted ads – Google ads are smart ads that adapt the advertising to the browsing history, so the potential to earn from them is greater.

The reliability of the platform – you will receive accurate reports and statistics on the number of exposures, clicks, and profits you make on a daily basis.

Google pays by bank transfer, after accumulating  80 USD directly to the bank account.

3. Selling leads

Another way to generate income from a website is to collect leads and sell them to a relevant business.

When you have a website on a certain topic, people will enter it and be interested in the value you provide.

Sometimes, they will leave their details because they want the service or product you offer.

You will not always be able to answer everyone (due to lack of time or busyness, for example) and sometimes you will not be able to provide them with service (for example, if you have a website about advertising on Google and someone contacts you about promotion on Facebook).

Let’s take our website as an example, sometimes surfers contact us by email or on the contact page, asking for help or service in a certain area – building a website, buying a domain, promoting on Instagram, selling on eBay, etc.

We could not always answer everyone, so we sold certain leads to service providers who are experts in these fields.

It is important not to sell to anyone, transfer the leads to reliable service providers that you have tested or researched in depth.

After all, think about it, a user contacted you on a certain subject due to your expertise and now trusts you to provide him with a proper service.

4. Subscription site

If you think you offer valuable and important value on your website, and you can offer/update it on a weekly or monthly basis at least, you can charge a subscription fee to the website.

You can also offer the option of free content alongside paid content to attract surfers so that only paid subscribers can be exposed to the exclusive content.

Think about it, let’s say your subscription fee is 8 USD per month (which is a relatively negligible amount), and let’s say you have accumulated 150 subscribers – you have an income of 1,000 USD every month.

5. Buying an active site for Simple websites that make money

You don’t always have to build a website from scratch, invest in content from the beginning, and design from the basics.

Under our noses lie a variety of opportunities, where we can take advantage of the desire of others to sell the sites they own.
The fact that someone wants to sell their site, does not necessarily mean that the site is not good.

It may be that he does not have time to deal with it, things have changed and he is no longer an expert in the field, he is not aware of the site’s potential or he simply needs the money here and now.

That’s why you can find an active website, designed, full of content, and with surfer traffic and buy it completely.

The main places we recommend for buying active sites are:

Felipa – a sales arena for international digital assets of all kinds – software, apps, websites, platforms, etc.

Facebook groups – throughout the network a variety of groups for buying and selling digital assets.

6. Opening a blog to do Simple websites that make money

A blog is a website, which is regularly updated with current and relevant content to its topic when it is usually written in an informal way (or in too high a language).

Usually, its main purpose is to attract a readership to generate income online.

The income comes from selling products or services through blogs, affiliate marketing, advertisements, etc.

Today, unlike in the past, you can open a blog easily with a few clicks and spend about 200 dollars a year (even less).

No knowledge of programming or code is needed and all that is needed is enthusiasm and initiative.

You Can Open it at this link: Shopify.

7. Sale of products and services

Building a website to sell services or products online. The so-called online store.

The online ordering market generates tens of billions a year, and the amounts grow every period.

We can build an online store for products we have produced or products we want to sell in dropshipping.

Please note that dropshipping does not only apply to products, it is also possible to dropship various online services.

For example, you can sell logo design or website building services, when in practice we will hire a freelancer to do the work for us. We will earn the difference between selling the service to the client and buying the service from the freelancer.

This is one of the Simple websites that make money.

8. Building a website for the business that make money

Any business can profit if it has a website. The website will increase the digital presence of the business online, expose it to more potential customers, present it and the services in the business as more professional, and will not leave the business far behind.

Even if the site is really small (so-called image site), it is a digital business card for this business.

Through the site, you can also register yourself on various index sites and be exposed to more users who can become customers.

9. Renting a site \ selling a site

A rising trend today is to build websites, promote them on Google organically and then rent them for a monthly fee to a business owner in the website’s niche.

For example, an organic promoter can pick up a site on the subject of medical malpractice (or any other subject), and promote it in a variety of search terms such as “medical malpractice lawyer”; “Tort claim”, etc., when you start getting leads – rent it to a lawyer for a monthly fee.

If you don’t have much background in organic promotion, it is recommended to start with a website topic that interests you, that way it will be easier for you to produce content.

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