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Whether it is your own self, or your firm, your site, or anything related to you; NAME casts an unbound spell over the audience. So, it may be possible that you would be searching for a perfect domain name for your website. It may also happen that you would need a web host to boost your traffic like never before! So, here comes the Namecheap as an all in one solution to your matters related to the domain registration and web hosting! Register your domain on Namecheap now!

Namecheap is an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar providing domain name registration and web hosting based in Phoenix, Arizona, US. It has 11 million registered users and 10 million domains.

Namecheap Registers Domains at Lowest Prices:

Namecheap is recognized as one of those companies who register the domains at the lowest costs. According to a recent survey held by Statista, Namecheap comes only after the Namecheap alone hosts and registers the domains of 8% across the globe.  Let’s flourish together!

Top -most Priority- The Customers:

Namecheap is one of the largest growing websites. The main reason that the customers are always pleased with the Namecheap is its standard and priorities. For Namecheap, the top most priority is their customer, that is YOU. Namecheap facilitates you not only by registering your domains; it also covers you up by providing web hosting, email hosting and much more exciting offers.

Namecheap is basically, as we can say the key towards countless horizons. It better comprehends and understands the future of this digital world. This is the reason, the company is striving to shoot for the moon and land amongst the stars. With Namecheap, you don’t need to get worried about your privacy and security concerns. Make it sure that Namecheap is concerned the most about your privacy.

Namecheap is aware of the fact that in this digital revolution, people don’t need internet as much as the internet needs people. So satiating and satisfying its customers is the supreme preference for Namecheap.

What does Namecheap offer you?

Let us take a close look at the special services offered by Namecheap to its customers:

Registering the domain name:

One of the worth mentioning upsides of Namecheap is that it provides you with the domain name for your website. Based on our personal experience with Namecheap, we can say it boastfully that clients are #1 here.

Moreover, Namecheap has very affordable price plans.  To register a basic domain name, you will need less than $10 only and it will be renewed per year. So, register your domain on Namecheap now!

Analytics based on the past year give us the following information about the pricing plans.


.com $9.48 $13.48
.net $12.98 $14.98
.org $9.18 $14.98 $7.48 $9.48
.de $6.98 $8.98
.fr $12.98 $12.98

Hosting the emails:

Are you among those who don’t need a website? And are you in search of an email ID which gives professional vibes? If the answer is YES, then Namecheap has something in its store for you.

Save Big with Namecheap

And that is its mind blowing feature of hosting emails too. So, using Namecheap you can get your email ID in the form of

The email hosting service at Namecheap has different price plans. Its starting price is about 12$ per year and 5 GB of the storage for one email account. However, if you need some higher service of email hosting than you may look into some other price plans by visiting the link provided below:

Register your domain on Namecheap now!

(Affiliate Disclosure: When we link to products or services, those links maybe affiliate links. If you click on any of those affiliate links and make a purchase or registering an account, we may earn a small commission. The commission is paid by the retailers, at no cost to you.)

Hosting the Web:

Looking for something else than purchasing a domain for your site? Want to get your website hosted in a professional way? Then you are at the right place. This is because Namecheap provides you with the web hosting service also.

Although Namecheap can host all sort of websites, low trafficking websites can be hosted by Namecheap Web Hosting. In this regard, following are the services being offered by Namecheap:


This offer is provided to all those customers and clients who want to have their own space and server setup. A user may prefer the Namecheap  over dedicated hosting, as dedicated hosting may not be friendly for some of the users. In a sense, VPS is a virtually divided server which is further divided into sub-servers.

Pricing plan:

The price initiates with $10 per month for the VPS offer. On the dashboard, choice can be made between InterWorx and cPanel.


This Namecheap service offers you to have one WordPress installation, you cannot host other websites because it is WordPress exclusive hosting package. The given package price ranges from $2.49 to $8.24 per month.


If you want to resell Namecheap hosting packages to others or if you are a freelancer or have an agency, then the Reseller offer is the perfect choice for you. Its price ranges from $18 a month to $52. However you can select between any of the price plan as per your needs and requirements.

Save Big with Namecheap


Namecheap provides you through this offer the ability to share and to host your website to the clients. Through this, you will be the server and all the others will be the clients whom you share your website with.Although there are much higher price plans, but some basic ones are shared here with you to get an idea:

For hosting up to 3 websites;

  • $2.90 a month
  • 20 GB storage

Content delivery network:

In this digital world, where everyone is in a hurry to get one’s tasks done, it is also important for your websites global up-times and loading times to be as fast as it could be. So, here, there is no need to worry about.

  • Namecheap provides you quick and rapid content delivery across various networks.
  • The upsides of this feature do not stop here! Content Delivery Network offers you protection from Denial of Service (DoS) attacks also.

Namecheap is the best absolute domain registrar for your site. With affordable pricing, excellent customer services and remarkable customer support facility, Namecheap has made the world know its EXISTENCE! Namecheap makes all your experience a joyous moment for you!

Do you want SSL certificate?

The best part of Namecheap is that it provides its customers SSL certificate. All you have to do is to pay $8 for 1 year for a single domain or $100 for a wildcard certificate.

Save Big with Namecheap

Why you should select Namecheap for purchasing domain name and hosting your sites?

Some of the major positive aspects of using Namecheap are mentioned here for you:


Namecheap does not spam you with all the stuff which is unneeded.  Moreover, Namecheap protects its clients from never ending spam calls and emails. This also helps to keep the domain purchases in a private record. Namecheap has far more reliable security than that provided by other domain registrars. It can protect from erroneous hacking.

Sign up and register your domain on Namecheap!

Clear cut price plans:

One of the best things we would say about Namecheap is its loyalty and sincere devotion to its customers. This is evident from the fact that Namecheap will not dodge you about its price plans. Rather, it makes clear to its customer and clients that the total price for the First-year will be one –tenth (1/10th) of the regular annual cost.

Once you have set up and purchased the one year renewal, Namecheap will not hover over you for paying bills etc.

Namecheap is unbelievably the best option for you to get a registered domain from. It is user friendly, inexpensive, and rapid.

Investment’s return:
  • Namecheap can save a lot of your bank balance whose loss is inevitable if you are using any other domain registrar or a web host.
  • If you want to invest in domains, choose Namecheap. In this regard, easy and affordable renewable prices offered by Namecheap makes a very big difference between it and the other domain registrars.
  • Apart from this, Namecheap has a hallmark of leading all other registrar companies because it always introduces the new methodologies which no one else can do.
  • Its example lies in Content Delivery Network.
  • DNS propagation is far better than others.
Easy switching from one domain to another:

Among the benefits of Namecheap, lies on the top, its flexible mode. You would be amazed to know that Namecheap allows you an easy switching between different domain names. This remarkable aspect of Namecheap has brought a large traffic of clients and customers to itself. Doing so, has earned the trust of millions of its clients. What else is needed?

Save Big with Namecheap

Best User Interface:

Namecheap provides the User Interface which is the easiest one. UI provided by Namecheap is easy to comprehend and understand. Namecheap interface is clean, advance and easy to navigate.

Namecheap has the best UI, best prices, best services, best customer support. So, the thing about Namecheap which will attract you the most is that it performs everything gloriously and magnificently.

Namecheap saves you from repetitive registrations:

Most of the domain registrar companies are such that they depend upon the purchase of its customers and clients. The best part of the Namecheap is that it keeps you away from re-registrations over the course of time.

Time conservation:

The most important factor which contributes to the overall efficient performance is the management of time. Namecheap provides an edge to its users and buyers in the form of an advance and up to date dashboard. Using such dashboard saves both the time and energy of the clients of Namecheap.

Hence, time is conserved on a large scale by the user friendliness of the dashboard.

Save Big with Namecheap

Final Thoughts on Namecheap:

Using Namecheap over time, you will realize that Namecheap does all that which you expect it to do and in some cases, even more than that. At last,up to the mark facilities of domain registration and web hosting provided by the Namecheap do not let any of the customers to be unhappy or to make any compromise. Register your domain on Namecheap now!

The primary keys for a domain registrar and a web host include user friendly interface, services provided and the customer’s help and support. And let us be very honest! Namecheap wins all the other domain registrar platforms and web hosts like no one else could. So, all these mesmerizing and attractive features of Namecheap compel its customers, buyers and clients to say with motivation that:

“Once a Customer, always a Customer”

So there is no time to think and ponder. Just click on the provided link and prosper your website by a perfect hosting and even a more perfect domain name.

Click here and register your domain on Namecheap.

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