WPForms Pro – Best Drag & Drop WordPress Form Plugin v1.8.2


WPForms Pro – Best Drag & Drop WordPress Form Plugin v1.8.2

Download WPForms Pro v1.8.2 – Drag & Drop WordPress Forms Plugin Nulled Free
  • Added: Payment fields are now available for everyone.
  • Added: Users can connect their Stripe accounts and receive payments via their payment forms.
  • Added: It’s now possible to print entries in bulk.
  • Added: Non-admin users are now notified about uninstalled or not activated addons when certain form templates are selected.
  • Added: New filters are added so it’s possible to dynamically modify form data before export.
  • Added: There are new thumbnails displayed in all places where you see the list of available form templates (Form Builder and Form Templates page).
  • Added: Plugin cache files are handled in a more performant way.
  • Changed: The Entries Overview graph and table can now be filtered by custom timeline.
  • Changed: An outdated version of the Moment.js library was removed from the plugin, and we switched to using the one bundled in WordPress.
  • Changed: Preview labels for choices with HTML tags were improved.
  • Changed: Empty dynamic choices in the Form Builder, on the front end, and the Entry Edit page are now more visually appealing.
  • Fixed: There were situations when the {user_ip} smart tag was returning a server IP address instead of the actual user’s IP address.
  • Fixed: The Content field label was visible in the Conversational Forms mode.
  • Fixed: An unnecessary database query was run on all admin dashboard pages.
  • Fixed: The Modern Multiple Dropdown couldn’t be closed by clicking on the arrow.
  • Fixed: The “Save” button wasn’t fully clickable on the WPForms > Settings admin page.
  • Fixed: Some UI elements didn’t look correctly on the Form Builder page for non-English languages.
  • Fixed: Some fields were non-responsive on mobile when using the Legacy Layout Classes.
  • Fixed: Cron event wpforms_email_summaries_cron was not removed upon plugin deactivation.
  • Fixed: Multiple Choice conditional logic wasn’t operating reliably if the field value was empty.
  • Fixed: It was possible to add disabled fields to the form again in the Form Builder.
  • Fixed: The form was not displayed on the front end when the WPForms block was added to block templates.


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    WPForms ProWPForms Pro – Best Drag & Drop WordPress Form Plugin v1.8.2
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