WP Rocket v3.11.4 Nulled


WP Rocket v3.11.4 Nulled

Download WP Rocket v3.11.4 – Caching Plugin for WordPress Nulled
(This is a staggered release).

  • Enhancement: Store Used CSS in the filesystem instead of the database (#4802, #5169)
  • Enhancement: Preserve the style tags in the source after applying RUCSS (#5064)
  • Enhancement: Allow preserving the CSS files added when RUCSS is applied (#4969)
  • Enhancement: Clear Varnish cache of the specific page when clearing its Used CSS (#4875)
  • Enhancement: Make sure RUCSS can clear all rows in the DB at once (#5017)
  • Enhancement: Remove old RUCSS entries also when RUCSS is disabled (#5076)
  • Enhancement: Remove WP Rocket’s options from Elementor templates (#5010)
  • Enhancement: Update the Action Schedule package to 3.4.2 (#5119)
  • Enhancement: Respect trailing slash permalink settings when rewrite rules are not present (#5003)
  • Bugfix: Correct typo in the core file (#5122)
  • Bugfix: Always preserve the original query string when redirecting (#5117)
  • Bugfix: Guard RUCSS filters against an array of null (#5167)
  • Bugfix: Prevent fatal error when rolling back from 3.11.3 to 3.10.9 (#5104)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Enable Separate cache for mobile devices when JetMenu is used (#5063)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Improve home_url detection for RUCSS when WPML is used (#5065)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Improve compatibility between Divi and RUCSS (#4792)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Add additional exclusions from Defer JS (#4605)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Add additional exclusions from Delay JS (#4605)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Add additional exclusions from Minify JS (#5026)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Guard against wrong values passed by 3rd party to apache_mod_loaded function (#5156)
  • i18n: Change RUCSS to Remove Unused CSS in CRON interval name (#5184)


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