Wordfence – WordPress Security Plugins v7.10.0


Wordfence – WordPress Security Plugins v7.10.0

Download Wordfence v7.10.0 – WordPress Security Plugin Nulled Free
= v7.10.0 

* Improvement: Added translation support for strings from login security plugin
* Improvement: Added translator notes regarding word order and hidden text
* Improvement: Added translation support for additional strings
* Improvement: Prevented scans from failing if unreadable directories are encountered
* Improvement: Added help link to IPv4 scan option
* Improvement: Updated scan result text to clarify meaning of plugins removed from
* Improvement: Made “Increased Attack Rate” emails actionable
* Improvement: Updated GeoIP database
* Improvement: Updated JavaScript libraries
* Fix: Corrected IPv6 address expansion
* Fix: Ensured long request payloads for malicious requests are recorded in live traffic
* Fix: Prevented “commands out of sync” database error messages when the database connection has failed
* Fix: Prevented rare JSON encoding issues from breaking free license registration
* Fix: Prevented PHP notice from being logged when request parameter is missing
* Fix: Prevented deprecation warning in PHP 8.1
* Change: Moved detection for old TimThumb files to malware signature
* Change: Moved translation file from .po to .pot
* Change: Renamed “Macedonia” to “North Macedonia, Republic of”


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