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* Tweak: Added “Justified” option in Typography text alignment in Column & Section elements
* Tweak: Enlarged cards view in the Kit Library for better visibility
* Tweak: Changed Kit Library tab title
* Fix: Landing pages experiment causes 404 errors with attachment pages
* Fix: Can’t upload SVG files using Elementor
* Fix: `wp_kses_post` strips `srcset` attribute from images
* Fix: Inline CSS is parsed to an invalid characters
* Fix: Animated elements disappear before entering the viewport
* Fix: Autoplay not working for Vimeo videos in Lightbox
* Fix: HTML captions are stripped in Image carousel widget
* Fix: Carousels are not working properly in the Editor when Additional Custom Breakpoints experiment is active
* Fix: Responsive values are not being reflected in Slider controls
* Fix: Elementor Top Admin Bar loads in WordPress dashboard when the experiment is active
* Fix: Prevent Admin Top Bar to conflict with WordPress customizer
* Fix: Can’t change alignment of icons when Font Awesome Inline experiment is active in Icon List widget
* Fix: Import deeplink redirect loses target screen parameters when user needs to log in
* Deprecated: Removed all usages of `Elementor\Utils::get_create_new_post_url()`

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