Advanced Custom Fields Pro – Premium WordPress Plugin v.6.2.0


Advanced Custom Fields Pro – Premium WordPress Plugin v.6.2.0


New – ACF now requires WordPress version 5.8 or newer, and PHP 7.0 or newer. View the

* New – Bidirectional Relationships now supported for Relationship, Post Object, User and Taxonomy fields. View the [release post.

New – Link to the

added to the plugin footer

* Enhancement – ACF JSON now supports multiple save locations (props Freddy Leitner)

* Enhancement – ACF Post Types and Taxonomies can now be duplicated * Enhancement – The filename for JSON files can now be customized with the `acf/json/save_file_name` filter

* Fix – REST updates of fields with choices containing integer or mixed keys now behave correctly

* Fix – Using the `block_type_metadata_settings` PHP filter to add usesContext values no longer breaks ACF blocks

* Fix – Notice to import post types/taxonomies from CPTUI no longer flashes on page load

* Fix – Various buttons for fields in blocks now display correctly

* Fix – The settings for the DateTime field are no longer cut off when nested in several fields in the field group editor

* Fix – The newline added to the end of JSON files will now use `PHP_EOL` to detect the correct newline character with a filter `acf/json/eof_newline` to alter it.

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