OptinMonster Review

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OptinMonster Review

If you are searching for a reliable Optinmonster review with detailed information, Great! You are at the right place.

Email marketing has become the most viable and profitable option for business owners and marketers. Because it is a huge traffic source that everyone wants to have. The best part is email marketing cant be taken down or shut down when the algorithm changes. To board your email list, reducing shopping cart abandonment or increasing conversions, there is no alternative to email marketing. But you need to be specific to ask the right people to join your email list at the right place and time. So you need a tool to create and display email opt-in forms when they visit your WordPress site. 

There are several email list building or lead generation tools available in the market. OptinMonster is one of them. But the question is- Is OptinMonster really worth the best Opt-in form plugin for WordPress? Well, in this Optinmonster review article we will focus on why OptinMomster will be your best choice to get more page views, increase conversions, and boost overall sales across your website. 

Let’s dive in. 




Understanding The Need For Lead Generation Plugin 

Most businesses find it very hard to find, capture, and nurture new leads in order to generate sales. As a lead generation tool helps you to convert your website traffic into a hot lead, so it is important to have the information of your website visitors. Besides, it will help you to stand out from your competitors’ websites. 

Algorithm changes are a major fact for digital marketing. But you need to worry about it when you have proficiency in email marketing. Besides your website traffic is a huge source of passive income with proper nurturing. Once you have gained thousands of ideal customers list, with proper content marketing it is much easier to improve your website’s SEO. So Google considers it as a positive signal. 

So do you really need a pop-up plugin to collect information about your website’s visitors? 

Well, it is a must. Because people all over the world spend most of the time online, you should be specific in order to survive in the competition. Lead generation like Optinmonster will help you to convert new website visitors into loyal subscribers or paying customers as well as ensures your returning customer will continue to do business with your brand in the future. Before you go for Optinmonster review, Let’s have a look at what Optinmonster is! 

What is OptinMonster? 

As a lead generation software OptinMonster joined the premium email opt-in form plugin market in 2013 and till now it is dominating the market by offering a user-friendly interface, attractive and transparent design, and most importantly with an outstanding feature widely available at the time: Exit intent. But initially, it was founded by Thomas Griffin and Syed Balkhi as a simple WordPress plugin that can collect email addresses. Later, it has developed as a cloud-based application that goes well beyond basic email collecting. 

Basically, Optinmosnter is all about pop-ups. It can be used on your websites to collect email addresses, advertise a discount, convince people to continue the checkout process, or build customer loyalty. The best part appears with multiple formats like slide-ins, lightboxes, full-screen mats, and other options. Moreover, you can easily choose how your pop-ups will appear to your traffic and it is mobile responsive as well. 

OptinMonster is used by more than 1 million websites nowadays and has been creating more than 217 million conversions. It is viable, profitable, and user-friendly for businesses all over the world. 

OptinMonster Review: Benefits that make you stand out from competitions

As Optinmonster supports key influencers in digital marketing circles, here we are going to break down several outstanding features for what OptinMonster is the best in comparison to other tools. 

It is Cloud Based

Initially, Optinmoster started as a WordPress plugin that can be installed into a hosted version of WordPress. But running plugins and other third-party services can slow down your website. Sometimes, plugins can even start causing server memory issues and that collision can break down your website as a whole. But nowadays, OptinMonster is an individual, cloud-based application that gives you the comfort to create, manage and deploy pop-ups without depending on WordPress or any other CMS.

OptinMonster is special and different from other competing pop-up builders available in the market like Thrive Leads, Elementor Popups, or Sumo List Builder. One of the best parts is- it is so easy to handle and anyone can create customized pop-ups without any hassle. 

Multiple Campaigns Availability 

If you want to experience different opt-in than industry-standard lightbox pop-ups, Optinmonster gives you tons of options. Basically, you can build 9 types of campaigns. They are-

  • Lightbox Popup
  • Fullscreen Welcome Mat
  • Slide-in Scroll Box
  • Floating Bar
  • Countdown Timers
  • Sidebar Forms
  • Inline Forms
  • Content Lockers
  • Coupon Wheel Options

Each of these campaigns is designed to increase your conversion rates with comfort and most importantly website owners can use specific pop-ups according to their needs. 

Awesome Interface

The OptinMonster interface is just more than awesome and it is lovable. As a business owner, you must have experienced pop-up builders, but with the Optinmonster you will be amused with its simplicity. Because you can now complete your pop-up creation within a single page and with no page load. Besides, it has all the functionality into a set of tabs. Platforms like Thrive Leads are not as straightforward as OptinMoster’s interface is. But there is no sacrifice with the functionality. 

Campaigns Are Easy To Customize 

Earlier we have mentioned Optinmonster doesn’t require a team of developers to customize. As it is so easy to customize, companies of all sizes like small, medium, and even big can access the tool. Without any coding skill or knowledge, anyone can use its drag-and-drop campaign editor. It has come up with 50 pre-built templates that users can easily choose according to their business goals. Most importantly, users can filter templates in a variety of ways including by devices, goals, and category. Besides, with the Canvas template, you can build any kind of campaign from scratch and of course according to your needs. Believe it or not, it is just awesome. Now it is just a click away from dragging and dropping your elements to customize your templates. 

In a short, OptinMonster is offering users to build campaigns quickly, easily, and exactly aligned with their vision.

Precise Detailed Targeting Options 

One of the best parts of optinMonster that makes it exceptional than others is its detailed targeting options. It allows its users to target and segment their audiences. Actually, it accomplishes targeting in 2 ways including- 

  • Targeting Conditions 
  • Triggers 

On the targeting conditions, you can use the following targeting rules. 

  • Page-Level Targeting
  • Referrer Detection
  • OnSite Follow-up Campaigns
  • Onsite Retargeting
  • Geo-Location Targeting
  • Cookie Retargeting
  • Device-Based Targeting
  • AdBlock Detection

These targeting rules help you to display your campaigns at the right time in your website visitors’ journey. That’s awesome, isn’t it?

At the trigger part, you are allowed to personalize your customers’ experience and show them your opt-in campaigns based on their behavior.  OptinMonster’s triggers include- 

  • Exit-Intent Technology 
  • Scroll Triggers
  • Shareable MonsterLinks
  • Inactivity Sensor
  • Time Display Control
  • Campaign Scheduling

Triggers are helpful to show campaigns according to visitors’ interaction with your website.  For example, users have landed on your specific page, scrolled down, and finally leaving your site. Now you can offer them a special offer related to your content on that specific page. It happens if they spend a certain percentage of time and are interested in it. OptinMonster Exit-Intent has introduced this excellent opt-in. 

Needless to say, with OptinMonster you are flooded with an endless combination of targeting and trigger options to collect prospects’ information which generates sales in the long run. 

Integrated With Widely 3rd Party Apps

When website owners or marketers make their decision to buy a pop-up builder tool, they first check its integration capability. Fortunately, OptinMonster is one of the best integrated widely lead capture platforms in the market. 

Here is the list of email marketing tools, website, and eCommerce platforms that OptinMonster integrates with- 

Perfect Analytics Report

Tracking results is an impressive part of any email collecting campaign. Because it is the only way that shows you how your campaign performs and getting conversions. OptinMonster has a simpler dashboard to track results. You will see 3 metrics over there including visitors, leads, and conversion rate percentage. By clicking on the analytics icon you can even get more detailed information regarding how visitors are interacting within the period of time you want to know about. Besides, you can make better and data-driven decisions with the use of A/B split test campaigns.

A/B testing is a powerful tool that helps you to improve the effectiveness of your pop-ups by allowing you to test two or more variants and check which one is performing better. It is super easy to create A/B tests for your opt-ins to perfect your dashboard. 

Manageable In Multiple Websites

One of the best parts of OptinMonster is you can easily manage your multiple websites using its single interface. Most marketers and business owners face these problems to handle their opt-ins for different websites. They have to log in to each site’s dashboard to manage its opt-ins individually which is a waste of time and is boring. But OptinMonster makes its specialty here. 

You can now manage your multiple websites’ opt-ins through the OptinMonster interface. This is convenient for users who are struggling to manage multiple websites, isn’t it? 




Proven Tool For Getting Results 

Does actually OptinMonster get results? It is a burning question. So far, we have mentioned with its greatest features, OptinMonster is used on over 1,000,000 websites and it has many satisfied clients throughout the world. You can check the case studies pages on OptinMonster. Besides, one of the best marketers on earth Neil Patel and Joost de Valk (founder of Yoast) agreed that pop-ups really work to collect leads, nurture them and generate sales at the end. 

So to check whether OptinMonster is worth the cost or not, we have to review OptinMonster pricing. Let’s have a look. 

How to create an Email Opt-in in OptinMonster 

Step 1- Create a New Campaign 

To start a new campaign, you need to click Create Campaign which is basically a specific form that may be a site-wide lightbox popup or a floating bar on a specific page. Then select the campaign type according to your objectives and later choose a perfect campaign template. As I describe before, OptinMonster templates are awesome because they allow you to quickly create a relevant opt-in. There are lots of options to choose from. For example, the lightbox pop-up campaign type generates 25 different templates or you can start from a blank template as well. 

Next, give your campaign a name and choose your website to be displayed. 

Step 2- Configure form in the editor

Once you have finished the part described above, it is time to configure your form in the editor. Actually, the configuration works on a single page but in two parts. You will find form configuration in the left navigation bar and in the right space, you will see a preview panel. 

You can edit the desired part by clicking the specific text in the preview panel.

Display Settings

The Cookie Duration is the most important thing to configure in the Display Settings tab.

This determines how long a user will be able to see the form if they: 

  • It is closed (Cookie Duration)
  • It is submitted (Success Cookie Duration)


You can customize the majority of your opt-in form’s display on the Optin page.

Basically, you can do the following –

  • Whether or not to show the name field in addition to the email field
  • Form field placeholders
  • Fonts
  • Colors for all the fields
  • Custom CSS, if desired

Yes/No Tab

The Yes/No tab is a straightforward section that allows you to set up a negative choice opt-out/2-step opt-in with ease.

When you activate it, visitors will be asked to choose between two yes/no choices before seeing the opt-in form itself.

Success Tab

You can customize what happens when a visitor submits your form on the Success tab. It includes- 

  • Display a success message
  • Redirect them to another page (like a thank you page)
  • Close the campaign and show the current page

Display Rules

It is the most powerful feature of OptinMonster. It allows you to control the following-

  • When your opt-in appears
  • On what pages your opt-in appears
  • To which types of visitors, your opt-in appears

After that, you have to configure your targetting and trigger options, according to your time, visitors’ behavior, interests, and all. 

Rule Sets

Most other tools do not allow you to build several rulesets for a single campaign, but OptinMonster allows you to create one ruleset that tells the campaign to display:

  • On page X
  • Triggered by exit-intent

And another ruleset that tells the same campaign to display:

  • On page Y
  • After 2 seconds
  • Only for visitors from the USA


The Integrations tab is where you can connect to your favorite email marketing service. 

Analytics Tab

Finally, the Analytics tab helps you to set up monitoring by linking your OptinMonster account to Google Analytics. It’s a little strange that OptinMonster requires you to link to Google Analytics in order to access data when almost no other tool does.

Step 3- Publish your opt-in form to your site

You have to press the Publish button in the top right corner once you’ve finished configuring your form. Then you can add websites to publish it and the platforms as well. 

You can also install the OptinMonster plugin into your WordPress website and for this, you have to enter your API key (which you can easily create in your OptinMonster account). Then you can manage your campaign from your WordPress dashboard. 

How Much Does OptinMonster Cost? 

Well, OptinMonster has flexible pricing according to your needs. It currently offers four different paid plans including

  • Basic: $14 per month
  • Plus: $30 per month
  • Prow: $47 per month
  • Growth: $80 per month

There is no free version of OptinMonster and each plan offers a different feature list. For small businesses basic or plus plan is perfect. Once your business grows, you can upgrade your plan as needed. Besides, it has amazing support channels like live chat, email ticket submissions, thorough and clear documentation, blog, YouTube channel, and social media platforms. 

OptinMonster Review: Final Thoughts 

If you’re serious about gathering email addresses on your website, you’ll need to invest in a strong lead generation tool. While OptinMonster isn’t the cheapest way to grow your mailing list, but it is one of the most strong and adaptable. In this article, we have covered the OptinMonster review as a whole and tried to make sure that it is the best Opt-in form for WordPress to collect email addresses. If you want to add option forms to your website, OptinMonster would be the best option. The opt-in templates are attractive and easy to use, whereas the targeting options are comprehensive. So we highly encourage you to give it a try to see if you like it. Before purchasing, you can have a 7 days trial to check its feature. We believe you’ll love it. 

p.s you can also check our review on Semrush Pricing here.

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