JetEngine – Adding & Editing Dynamic Content with Elementor v3.1.1


JetEngine – Adding & Editing Dynamic Content with Elementor v3.1.1

JetEngine v3.1.1


Download JetEngine v3.1.1 – Adding & Editing Dynamic Content with Elementor Nulled Free

* ADD: Unified Date format callback;
* ADD: Support for custom units;
* ADD: Native Bricks loop builder and Query builder compatibility;
* ADD: Elementor Dynamic Tag for relation meta data;
* ADD: Query Results macros;
* FIX: Calendar bug with multiday events;
* FIX: Saving Quick Edit fields in some cases;
* FIX: Update Repeater field in Post through REST API;
* FIX: Bricks Listing grid Columns span option for injections;
* FIX: Padding option for nested Listings;
* FIX: Saving dates in options pages;
* FIX: Saving metabox for WC products when has required fields;
* FIX: Additional security checks in some edge cases.

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