Interact with your Clients through LiveChat

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It is often quoted that:  “Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity.” Being able to communicate and respond effectively is perhaps the most vital of all the life skills. A good communication enables you to pass the information to other people, because of this significance of communication, LiveChat allows customers to speak readily and directly with a company’s representatives. So now you can interact with your clients through LiveChat.

A Glance to LiveChat:

LiveChat is online customer service software with online chat, help desk software and web analytics software and web analytics capabilities. LiveChat provides companies and organizations an all rounded platform through which they can interact with clients through LiveChat on all portals including social media, chat and emails. It will not be wrong to say that LiveChat is a single point of contact for all the companies to respond to their clients.

Which technology does LiveChat use?

LiveChat is closed source software and it uses numerous technologies to serve its users with efficiency and interact with clients through LiveChat. These technologies include:

  • JavaScript
  • js
  • MySQL
  • Elastic Search
  • C++
  • Erlang

Ways of having Online Chat session:

There are two ways of having an online chat session between the agent and the website visitor:

Passive communication:

Passive communication gets started when the client visits the website and clicks on the chat widget displayed on the web page.

Active communication:

Active communication is started by the LiveChat customer support when a client meets a certain criteria. These predefined criteria may be a searched keyword, time on website, encountered error etc. Once these criteria are fulfilled, LiveChat displays a chat invitation with a customized message

Customers Service Platform:

Started in 2002, LiveChat has turned over time into an open customer service platform. The tools associated with LiveChat are as follows:

  • Community

For connecting the clients and third party developers, partners and experts

  • API documentation and multiple points of integration

Within the application and communication protocol

  • Partner program

For app and service monetization

  • Marketplace

For the distribution of applications and services of experts

If your recent launch is going to happen, or if you want your clients to be satisfied with your website, your firm and your services, then take help from LiveChat. With up to the mark services of customer’s online support, LiveChat has earned the trust of over more than 34,000 companies.

Omni channel Messaging:

Every platform for social contact is available on LiveChat for the customers’ interaction and support. The Omni channel of LiveChat integrates with the following platforms so that the customers can get a seamless customer experience:

  • Messenger
  • Email
  • Apple business chat
  • WhatsApp
  • SMS
  • Apps
  • Website
  • Chat links and much more

So, if you seek the services of LiveChat you don’t need to worry about the quality of communication provided to the customers of your site. This is because  LiveChat is an all in one site for uninterrupted and flawless online support which aids to interact with your clients .through LiveChat! Here the link is provided. Visit the website and let your amazing journey with the clients begin!

Supervise all of your Customers:

With LiveChat you can keep an eye on all of your customers and clients. Some are the features mentioned here which can change your mindset from any other site to LiveChat platform are:

  • Customer list
  • Personalized view
  • Filters
  • Custom Segments
  • Customers list:

You can detect the promised customers of your website using LiveChat. This site lets you see and overview all the visitors on your website by providing an actual time list.

  • Individualize the view:

If your website is one of the high trafficking website and it does not seem convenient to you to view large bundles of information, then LiveChat is an absolute place for you. You can now individualize the view by specifying the type of data to be viewed on the list.

  • Filters:

Specialize the segments of data using LiveChat to recognize the dominant leads and start chatting with them.

  • Custom Segments:

Using LiveChat, you can now store the perfect fusion of filters as segments so that you may have a glimpse on the hot leads on the go.

Chitchat Tools:

LiveChat aids you with all the real time chitchat tools which you need to grow and build a stronger communication with your customers. Let’s have a look at them:

Quick glance at messages:

You can have a secret look of the message which your client is typing. Doing so can help you to be ready for a real time and quick response as quick as possible. This will lead to more customers ultimately.

Compact replies:

LiveChat helps you to write compact and condensed replies within seconds. So if you are tired of writing similar answers to the often repeated questions, you just have to use a hash tag and save your time and energy.

Chat labels:

You can use chat tags and labels in order to identify the types of problems which your clients are facing right now. So give the context to your chats using LiveChat.

Wealthy messages:

LiveChat assists you to engage your customers with a real life experience. Having predefined replies to the customers’ messages, you can now interact with your clients through LiveChat in a much thoughtful and comprehensive way.

Share files:

Sometimes, mere oral or written conversations are not that enough. As a result, your customers might be expecting something more from you. LiveChat helps you greatly in this regard. You can now share files, images, documents and PDFs to your customers if all that is needed to convince your customers and clients. As this feature is dual sided; your customers can send files also.

And the list of such chat tools does not stop here. Other stunning tools include:

  • Inactivity messages
  • Chat archives
  • Notifications
  • Chat ratings etc

Want to know more about these? Click on the link below and go ahead now.

Join LiveChat now!

(Affiliate Disclosure: When we link to products or services, those links maybe affiliate links. If you click on any of those affiliate links and make a purchase or registering an account, we may earn a small commission. The commission is paid by the retailers, at no cost to you.)

Pricing Packages:

After having a detailed insight of the feature-studded LiveChat now, it is the right time to know about the pricing plans. To your surprise and amazement, you can have a free trial for 14 days on LiveChat. Here no credit card is required. After this, you may go for any of these price bundles;

  • Starter
  • Team
  • Business
  • Enterprise

Let’s compare them for a better insight,

$16 per month $33 per month $50 per month Individual contract with annual billing
60 days chat history Unlimited chat history Unlimited chat history chat history is unlimited
Basic widget customization Full-fledged widget customization Full widget customization Full widget customization
Ticketing system  Efficient Ticketing system Ticketing system Ticketing system
Data security provides data security Data security Data security
Tracks traffic up to 100 customers Traffic tracking up to 400 customers Traffic tracking up to 1000 customers  Up to 1000 customers
  Work scheduler Work scheduler


The above mentioned comparison is an idea of the price plans. You can click on the link provided if you want to get the individual differences between each of these price plans.

Interact with your clients through LiveChat!

24/7/365 Customer Support for YOU:

LiveChat has grand and glorious team members which are there for you in each and every second of the time. No matter what the time is or what the date is, LiveChat is there to assist you and to answer your questions in a fraction of time!

Across the globe, at the door step:

No matter what type of website you have or what type of customers are there on your website to seek guidance, LiveChat allows you to be just  a click away from all of your potential visitors.

Why LiveChat Customer Support is a MUST for you?

In this digital era, live chat is a backbone for all types of businesses. According to a survey held by, live chat generates 73 percent of the customer satisfaction level as compared to the 61 percent for emails and 44 percent in case of mobile phone.

LiveChat builds EVER GREEN relationships:

Live chat is one of the amazing ways to win the battle of the minds and hearts of the customers.  It not only boosts the traffic on your website, but also helps to build an ever green relationship between you and your customers.

When the clients feel that they are answered with the utmost loyalty and sincerity, they definitely will come back to you and your services on their own.

Prime feature of LiveChat to help you grow your business:

We have provided here a list for you of all those key features which may prove beneficial to you to upgrade your business using LiveChat;


Every time a visitor starts a chat, this section is automatically shown before you. We will not be wrong to say that the CHAT section is your staff of life. Whether you have to check out the survey details, communicate with the visitors or any other details about the tracking system, LiveChat is here to assist you.


In this fast and hectic life, you may be unavailable for your customers at times. But don’t get confused; because LiveChat has found a perfect remedy for it. Through the ticket system, you can view the tickets which were generated by your clients when you were offline.

Apart from this, after viewing these tickets, you can then respond to them and assign some of them to your teammates if you want to. Moreover, you can also change the status of the ticket.


The archives section of LiveChat saves all that for you which may be needed at a later time. Whenever a conversation gets finished, LiveChat automatically moves it to the Archives section. Anytime if you need to review these conversations and chats, perhaps to see and remind any email address or order details, you can easily retrieve it from the archives section.

To pen off, LiveChat has all such tips and tricks which can prove to be successful for your business.

Click on the link provided and make your clients happy and delightful

Interact with your clients through LiveChat

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