How to start Blogging: Complete Guidance

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How to start a blogging
How to start a blogging

If you don’t know what is Blogging! Then we will guide you. we will guide you step by step on how to start Blogging, basically, this is a passive income way. For blogging, you need to create a site and need to write articles, and publish them on your blog. Submit your blog to google. After some time to complete all policies and requirements of Google, you can apply for Google AdSense. Once your Google AdSense approves, your earnings will be started. When a visitor visits your site and will watch the ad on your site, you will get money from google. For Blogging, you just need hard work in the starting, after you don’t need too much hard work.

How to start blogging? what you need to start a blogging

Let’s guide how to start blogging and what you need to start blogging from the scratch. We will guide you from start to end, so you can start blogging.


To start hosting the first thing which you need is Hosting. Hosting is like a memory card where your website data is stored. There are many websites from where’s you can buy hosting, like HostGator, Namecheap, Bluehost, A2 hosting, Hostinger, and many other sites are provide hosting. You can buy 1 year, 2 years, and 4 years hosting. But after completing the time, your hosting will expire and you will have to pay again, otherwise, your hosting will not work.


Bluehost’s shared hosting plans



The domain is the address of the website, for example,, this is Domain. For every website Domain is necessary. If you will buy hosting for 1 year, you will get free Domain, almost every hosting provider company provides this facility to its client. Keep in mind, a Domain name is always unique for every website.

After buying hosting and domain, you will have to set up and customization your website. After customization, your website will be ready for google.

Select specific niche

Select a specific niche for your blog. Many people set up their blogs and get confused about niche selection. But always select low competition niche selection in which you are interested. Before selecting the niche, do a complete case study and see in which you are more interested. After selecting that niche in which you have an interest.

On the internet, you will a lot of niches, try to select a trending niche. Some niches ideas are, traveling, motivation, online earning, health, sports, education, etc. If you are interested in politics, then you can start a political blog. Publish daily articles on your blog.

After completing all these formalities, people ask, how they can grow their blog. We will guide you step by step on how to grow your blog.

How to grow a blog

After setup the website and niche selection, now next step is to grow your blog. You can grow your blog by following these steps:

SEO of the blog

Search engine optimization is the main thing in the blog. If you don’t have what is SEO! Then we guide you about this. Search engine optimization is a technique that is used to rank the website on the search engine. SEO is important to bring traffic to the blog. Without traffic, you can earn from a blog.

Types of SEO

There are just two types of SEO. We will guide you in detail about SEO.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is a type of SEO. It means you will have to do SEO of your website by living on your web pages. In One-Page SEO you have to focus on your H1, H2, H3 headings by using your main keyword. On-Page SEO is very easy, you can do it by yourself.

What is necessary for On-Page SEO?

Keyword research is the main thing in SEO. The first and most important part of SEO is keyword research. If you want to rank in the google search engine, then you will have to find low competition keywords with high traffic for your blog. If you will use the high-competition keyword for your blog, then you will never rank in google.

There are several tools for keyword research, some of the tools are paid, and some of the tools are free. But in the free tool, you will not find so many features. If you want to do proper keyword research for your blog and want to get high traffic from google, then we suggest you to paid tools. You can find it at cheap prices from different groups.

And then use that keyword at the start of your article. Use that keyword in the title of your blog, in the Meta description, in H1, H2, and H3 headings. Use at least 4-5 times that low competition keywords in your blog. Your On-Page SEO is completed. On-Page SEO is very easy, if you don’t know how to do On-Page SEO then you can learn easily. After learning, you can do On-Page SEO for your blog or you can sell your On-Page SEO services as a freelancer. So there are the benefits of learning the skills, you can work for yourselves or you can work the other people as a freelancer.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO means you will have to do SEO of your website on the other website. You will have to do link building for your website. If you don’t know what link building is, then we will tell you. In simple words, when you will start your blog, in the start you will not have any rating or traffic because google never ranks fast on the new website. Then you will create your site’s link in the other website that is related to your niche. For link building, you will have to focus on some things, always create your site’s link in the high authority website. Its benefit is google will be started to trust your blog. Always create a link that is related to your website’s niche. For example, if you have a sports blog then create your site’s

Do-follow and No-follow are two different types of backlinks. Always create Do-follow links because No-follow links are of no use.

The benefit of link building is, you will get traffic from the other website. Google will start to trust your website, and your blog authority will increase. Once your blog’s authority will increase google will be started to rank your website without link building, and then the blogger will provide your link automatically.


Publish articles

After setup the blog, now you will have to start to publish an article on your blog. To write the article, you have to knowledge about content writing. If you can’t write the blog then you should hire a content writer for your blog. If you have a budget, then we suggest you hire a writer to write a blog.

Publish daily articles on a new topic. Remember, never copy and paste content from other sites. It is called plagiarism content and a plagiarism website can’t earn profit. Publish a minimum of 20 articles in a month with complete SEO. Do link building for your website, and after completing all these formalities, 3-4 months later, your website will be ready to earn profit.

If you can’t write the article and you can’t do SEO of your website, then hire an SEO expert and content writer for your website. Give them a task to increase the authority of your website. After all this, you can earn money from your website.

Ad network

Now the question is how can make money from a website? Well! the answer is an ad network. Bloggers earn money from the ad network. Adsense is one of the best Ad networks for blog websites. You can get easily google AdSense approval for your website.

For Google Adsense approval you will have to complete some conditions and policies of Google. Publish a minimum of 30 articles on your website, bring the traffic on your website, customize your website. it means you will have to install the best and good looking theme on your website with a better user experience. no matter whether you are using a free or paid theme. But if you want to become a professional blogger, then you should install a premium theme.

Your website will be fast loaded website. the premium theme is never slow, it always loads fast. Content on your website will be plagiarism-free. Publish Copywrite-free and unique content on your website. And the main thing is your content will provide value to the viewer. After completing all these conditions, you can apply for Google Adsense. Once your AdSense account approves, you will be able to run ads on your website. And your earnings will be started from google Adsense. When any visitor will visit your website, you will get profit from google Adsense.

Besides Google Adsense, there is another ad network that paid more than Google Adsense, Ezoic, MediaVine, Adthrive. These ad networks will pay you a huge amount, but for getting this network approval, you will have to complete some strict conditions. Everyone does not get easy approval for these ad networks.


Blogging is a passive way of income. To start blogging, you need some hard work in the start. You will have to buy hosting and domain for your website and then set up your blog. Install good looking theme, you can install it free or paid. If you want to start a professional blog then paid theme will be the best for you. Customize the theme and set up your blog. After setup, a blog selects a specific niche and starts to write articles and publish them on your blog. The article should be unique and plagiarism free, if you copy content then your blog can be blocked. Before writing the article, find low competition keywords with high traffic for your blog. Write the article to focus that low competition keywords.

Do complete SEO of your blog, On-Page, and Off-page SEO. Do link building for your blog and increase the authority of your website. if you can’t do this, then hire professional people for these purposes. And after publishing the 30 unique articles on your website, apply for Google Adsense. Google will check your blog and if your blog will eligible for your blog, then you will get a Google Adsense account. Google will start to run ads on your blog and your earnings will be started.

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