How to set up shopify store?

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How to set up Shopify store?

Shopify is a subscription to a software service that offers you to create a website and use their shopping cart solution to sell, ship, and manage your products. Using Shopify service, you can get access to easy to use admin panel where you can add products, process orders, and enter store data. You will learn how to set up shopify store?.

It’s very easy to sign up on Shopify to sell, ship, and manage your products.

Just click on the below and enter your email there to how to set up shopify store?. 

There you just create your website and start to sell and ship your products from your home. The best thing that Shopify offers is that you can try Shopify for fourteen days, no credit card required. Just you have to need to enter your email and start your business by agreeing to their terms and policies and to receive marketing emails from Shopify. This will ensure you how much suitable and beneficial platform Shopify is for your Business. 

Let’s start to learn the complete procedure how to set up shopify store? in just two minutes.

Step 1 on how to set up Shopify store: Visit the link and enter your email to make your online shopping store to display and sell your product to hundreds and thousands of people. 


Shopify - Free Trial - Ecommerce Website

Step 2: Then you will get a chance to try your free fourteen-day trial of Shopify. There you will be asked to set your password and store name. 

Step 2 - Open Shopify Store

  1. Set your strong secret password 
  2. Write your Online Store Name

Step 3 for how to set up shopify store: Your Online Store will create. Your store will be ready to go.

Step 4: You will be asked to give details about yourself as written in the following:

Step 4 - Ecommerce Website

  • Are you already selling?
  • When would you like to launch your store?
  • How do you want to sell?
  • What is your current revenue?

After that, you just have to click one box and proceed Next.

Step 5: Add your address so that you can get paid. You will have to fill the form by giving your information like first name, last name, address, city, postal code, country name, and phone number, etc. 

Step 5 - Ecommerce Website

Your Online Store will successfully be created and then you can make more changes, update your information and settings, try more features and change your currency according to your country requirement. 

How can we make changes in our general setting and set our country’s currency?

It’s very simple. Just click on the setting option present at the bottom of the left side. 

Then you will see many more options. Click on the general setting and update your store name, your store contact email address, your customer email address, Legal name of the business, phone number, street address, city, and country name anything you want according to your choice and requirement.

Store Currency:

But if you want to change your currency, scroll down and there you will see an option of store currency, click on it and select the currency of your own choice.

In the end, click on the Save button to save your settings.

Payment provider:

Payment provider - Ecommerce Website

Again go the settings and click on the payment provider option, check your connected account info for confirmation. 

You will have two payment options as follows:

  1. Automatically capture payment for orders.
  2. Manually capture payment for orders.  

Select one according to your will and proceed with the Save Button.


Again go the settings and click on the Checkout option. Here you can check out about the customer accounts, customer contact, form options, order processing, email marketing, and language and you can also change and update settings related to these above-mentioned options.


Again go the settings and click on the shipping option. You can add, edit and change shipping charges/rates at checkout of your own choice for particular countries and world. You can also set a range for shipping and add conditions and set minimum and maximum shipping charges. Here you have an option to manage your rates and set them according to the requirement of the standard rates and special conditions. You can set different packages too.


Again go the settings and click on the tax option. Again go the settings and click on the Taxes option. One can see all the details of taxes and tax calculations. 

Users can also change the tax calculation settings. You will get the options as following and select one of them according to the requirement. 

  • Show all prices with the tax include.
  • Charge tax on shipping rates
  • Charge VAT on digital goods

Save your settings and move on. 


Again go the settings and click on the location option. Set your most suitable and favorable location. If you wanna change your location later you can easily change or update your location anytime and anywhere just by clicking on the location option.


Again go the settings and click on the Notifications option. Here you can change the notifications settings related to orders, Staff order notifications, 

shipping, delivery, customer, templates, recipients and desktop notifications. You have also an option to set the webhooks settings.

 Webhooks is an option that gives you a chance that you can subscribe to events for your products and orders by creating webhooks that will push XML or JSON notifications to a given URL.

if you have store and you want to pause your Shopify Read this : How to Delete Shopify Account

Orders option includes the following:

Order confirmation

Sent automatically to the customer after they place their order.

Order edited

Sent to the customer after their order is edited (if you select this option).

Order edited invoice

Sent to the customer after their order is edited and they owe money (if you select this option).

Order canceled

Sent automatically to the customer if their order is canceled (if you select this option).

Order refund

Sent automatically to the customer if their order is refunded (if you select this option).

Draft order invoice

Sent to the customer when a draft order invoice is created. You can edit this email invoice before you send it.

Email cart from POS

Sent to the customer when you email their cart from POS. Includes a link to buy online.

Abandoned checkout

Sent to the customer if they leave checkout before they buy the items in their cart. Configure options in “checkout settings”.

POS and mobile receipt

Sent to the customer after they complete an in-person order and want to be emailed a receipt.

POS Exchange Receipt

Sent to the customer after they complete an exchange in person and want to be emailed a receipt.

Payment error

Sent automatically to the customer if their payment can’t be processed.

Shipping option includes the following:

Fulfillment request

Sent automatically to a third-party fulfillment service provider when order items are fulfilled.

Shipping confirmation

Sent automatically to the customer when their order is fulfilled (if you select this option).

Shipping update

Sent automatically to the customer if their fulfilled order’s tracking number is updated (if you select this option).

Return label instructions

Sent to the customer after creating a return label.

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The delivery option includes the following:

Optional emails to provide additional delivery updates to customers.

Shipment out for delivery

Send to the customer automatically after orders with tracking information are out for delivery.

Shipment delivered

Send to the customer automatically after orders with tracking information are delivered.

Customer option includes the following:

Customer account invite

Sent to the customer with account activation instructions. You can edit this email before you send it.

Customer account welcome

Sent automatically to the customer when they complete their account activation.

Customer account password reset

Sent automatically to the customer when they ask to reset their accounts password.

Contact customer

Sent to the customer when you contact them from the orders or customers page. You can edit this email before you send it.


You can use the file section to upload different files, images, videos, and other documents. You can also add or delete them at any time. And you have also an option to filter your files, images, videos and other documents for your ease.

Sales Channels:

Here you have the facility of Online store and point of sale. And you can also discover more sales channels like Facebook, messenger, pay button, Amazon, wholesale, and Instagram, etc. You can connect your channel with Facebook and Amazon etc just by one click and can set your Facebook shop easily just by connecting your account with Facebook.

Plans and Permissions:

This is the best thing that i like about it that this is the option where you can easily view your plan information and manage what staff can see or do in your store. 

At this place, you can see plan details like member since, current plans, status and compare plans with different features and rates.

Permission helps you to manage what staff can see or do in your store and owner details plus staff accounts. Staff accounts feature gives you an edge that your selected members can edit and access. You can also purchase more plans where you can enjoy more amazing facilities and can customize more members.

You can take advantage of the login service also. Login services allow staff to use external services to log in to Shopify.

While in the store status option, you have three categories as following:


Our Shopify Experts can help you customize your store or give you advice on how to boost sales.


Take a break from selling at a reduced plan price. Your settings will be saved until you’re ready to sell again.


Turn off your online store and sales channels. They’ll be saved for 30 days if you change your mind.

Store Language:

You can manage your store languages here as the following categories:

Default language

This is the language that your online store visitors see if their preferred language isn’t available.

Translated languages

Add a language to reach international customers.

Account language

When you’re logged into Shopify, this is the language you see. This doesn’t affect the language customers see in your online store.


Your bills are paid using your active payment method. You can add your credit card or Paypal account. You will also see the option of bills and finance overview as explained below.


Your monthly bill is on a 30-day cycle. It includes your Shopify subscription, app charges, shipping labels, and transaction fees.

Finance overview

An overview of your billing and payouts.

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You will see the legal option at the last in settings. The legal option is created for the purpose of settings like refund policies, privacy policies, and terms of services. So that customers could easily see and read your policies before making a contract with you.

You can create your own legal pages, or create them from templates and customize them. The templates aren’t legal advice and need to be customized for your store.

To keep your store secure, it’s not possible to add audio, videos, or media widgets.

By using these templates you agree that you’ve read and agreed to the disclaimer.

I have explained each and everything related to create an account on Shopify to promote your business and increase your profit. Now I am again attaching the link here below so that you could easily click on the link, sign up and create an online store that you could use to attract more customers, increase the sale of your product and grow your business in no time.

We have a video that explains how to set up Shopify store?. Watch now:

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Link: Start Free trial

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