How to Optimize your WordPress Website Speed?

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how to optimize your wordpress website speed
how to optimize your wordpress website speed

Imagine that you have landed on a website but the page is taking a lot of time to load. What will happen now! You will definitely go back and open another website and find the answer you need.

The same is the case with your website. If it does not load too quickly, you will definitely lose a great part of the revenue. That’s why business owners are taking it too seriously and trying to optimize their web speed.

Aslo google and the user both preferred mobile. So if your website is taking a lot of time in loading then, how will they find it useful? Google also prefers mobile-friendly sites. So it’s best to have a website having the fastest loading speed.

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What slows down your WordPress website speed?


Well! Before knowing the solution of how to optimize your website speed? You might be interested in finding the answer to what slows down your WordPress website speed?

Yeah! I know you are excited to get the answer so let’s dive into the topic. Following are the reasons that cause that slow down your website.

  • The most probable and obvious reason is your hosting. Maybe your hosting is not working properly and providing you with low-quality services. You should try the BlueHost that provides you best-hosting services. Bluehost also provides a shared hosting option, which is much cheaper. One of the best things is that the BlueHost is the WordPress trusted hosting service
  • Maybe you had used images that were not optimized for your website or the size of images is too wide or large.
  • Most importantly if your website is built poorly, then it’s not going to function properly and can cause to slow down your site speed.

There are much more reasons that could slow down the speed of your website. But those were some common reasons. To know the best hosting service, check our blog.

How to check website speed?


If you want to check your website speed then it’s pretty simple. You can check it easily with the help of various tools available online. You can use GT matrix, Pindagom, etc. both are best to check the speed of your website.

Here an image is attached where you can see just simply open the home page of GT matrix, add the Url of the site you want to check.

GT matrix- speed checker

GT matrix has created ease for us. So simply here in this section enter the URL of your site you want to check. So that the gt matrix will show the results of that website.

In just a few seconds you will get the results of your website. Yeah! It’s quite simple. GT matrix will fetch results of your website and show the results about page speed, in just a few seconds.

How to optimize your WordPress website speed?


Here is the most awaited question. This one is also pretty easy as checking the website speed was easy. 

you can use various plugins for this purpose but one of the most recommended plugins is WP rocket. This plugin is also trusted by WordPress. Though its a premium plug-in but you will get your desired results with this plug-in.

There will be simple steps that you will follow to boost your web speed. UGHH! Don’t worry we will discuss all these steps here so keep reading and know what you need.

About WP rocket


wp rocket is ranked number one by WordPress experts because it comes with more speed optimization features than any other caching plugin that’s why it usually yields better results in gt metrics, Pingdom, and page speed insights.

it also means you don’t need to install a bunch of extra plugins for optimizing google fonts, google analytics, heartbeat controller delaying javascript, etc. because this premium WordPress caching plugin also helps you to optimize your HTML, CSS, and js files.

optimize your database and more this guide goes beyond configuring wp rocket settings and goes in-depth about further optimizing fonts third-party code delaying javascript. here is our complete guide for WProcket check it out.

This is what the WProcket will look like, don’t worry about its premium, will you get results or not? WProcket will definitely satisfy you. It has some options which others don’t have.


 Start optimizing;


in this guide we’ll show you how to install the wp rocket plug-in in WordPress quickly we’re going to walk you through full wp rocket plug-in settings so you can get optimum output benefits.

 here are some popular WordPress plugins that are compared. wp rocket is giving database optimization, Google font optimization,  lazy load minification js loading DNS  are unique features that are only provided by this premium plugin.

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Check waterfall;


check waterfall you can get the details on where the speed and load time is spent in page speed insight you will find all the facts that are slowing down your website.

So open the waterfall option and check the reasons why your website speed and load time are low.

The good thing about wp rocket is that it always pays off so this time  it is going to optimize your website


activate plugin;


go to the gt metrics and login to your dashboard. Click on plugins click add new and upload plugin purchased that plugin now.

After activating wp rocket we will find a sub-option at the settings menu click on wp rocket after activating wp rocket we will see some notifications just close them wp rocket is now activated and already for this website. 

Here is the list of services that you will get from the premium wprocket.

Check mobile caching;


wp rocket has already activated page caching by default but you can change the settings to further increase the speed of your web page in mobile caching you’ll notice that mobile caching is turned on by default here

however, it is  recommended to check that separate cache files for mobile devices option as well this feature enables wp rocket to create different cache files for phone users

checking this option ensures that mobile users have a completely cached mobile experience and cache lifespan – cache lifespan is the time you want to store the cached files on your website the default limit is set to 10 hours which would work for most websites.

Set the number of days it depends on the number of blogs you write. don’t forget to click on the save changes button to store your settings.

File optimization settings;


while using wp rocket all HTML CSS and javascript settings should be enabled individually while testing your site.

for visible errors, there are the file optimization settings you can use that gave me the best results in gt metrics but you should be testing your gt metrics report to check the impact of each setting.

check all the boxes here that will combine and defer all the codes from your site also remove white spaces from js and CSS files here is an alert after each saves please

check your site manually that if your site faces any issue or not yes my site is okay get back to wp rocket mark check all the best option now.

 file optimization

Lazy load settings;


let our site check again media most sites should enable everything, especially in the lazy load settings. 

if you use embedded youtube videos on your site replacing the youtube iframe with a preview image can cut load times in half. Youtube videos are usually of high MB and can reduce your website speed.

other sites from embedding your content on their site which sucks up bandwidth and stresses your server enable web caching if you use web next generation images in your working site right now I am not using any web image

Build cache;


disable this preload you can tell the plugin to use your XML sitemap to build cache if you use yoast or rank math or any plugin which makes XML sitemap automatically you will get another option here with that name.

Database setting;


jump into database settings wp rocket also makes it easy to clean up the WordPress database it has very little to no effect on your website performance but you can still review these options.

if you want to do this you need to switch to the database tab on the plugin settings page from here you can delete post revisions drafts spam and trash comments. don’t delete these too early I choose 30 days for safety.

Enable all the options here in database settings. You can delete all your comments, revisions, auto drafts, and trashed posts, from here. You should select at least a period of 30 days, just for safety.

 data base settings

CDN service;


I recommend you to use cdn wp rocket, which also provides CDN services that they launched recently.  if you already using cdn you should place the name here one by one currently  

Activate add-ons;


wp rocket also comes with some ready-to-install functionality available as add-ons.

if you use google analytics for your site then you can switch it on do the same for Facebook. it actually helps you not to interrupt their work by wp rocket caching. you need this add-on to get it running alongside.

simply activate the add-on and press the modify options tab.


 activate ad ons

image optimization;


Enter your account information to connect wp rocket to your Cloudflare account, in order to do the image optimization.

wp rocket provides a free but premium-worth image optimization plugin for you that is absolutely amazing.

if someone had used images whose size is too large, the site will definitely face the issue of low speed.

NOW! your website is ready for taking the test, check the speed again. open GTmatrix home and paste the URL.

 image optimization with wp rocket

boom you will get the resulting sweep to compare just feel the performance difference. did you?

Optimize your WordPress website speed;


Never miss speed optimization because most of the users will bounce back if your website speed is slow.

Everyone wants to save time, your website’s low speed could frustrate the user and they will bounce back to another. check our website building tips, to create an eye-catchy site.

The most important benefit is that it will reduce the bouncing rate and will increase the dwell time of the site. 

When the dwell time is up, Google will definitely start considering it as an authentic website and it will ultimately increase your site ranking.

Be sure to test performance regularly, especially after adding new functionality. This will confirm your site continues to deliver pages at competitive speeds.

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