How To Open An E-commerce

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Starting a real sales business on the web, developing your own eCommerce, first of all, requires an investment: first of all time and money. Before taking this step, every company must inform itself and identify what results they want to achieve. In how much time, and how much it is willing to invest to achieve the objectives it sets itself.

Are you considering throwing yourself headlong into this new adventure? Here are some practical tips and useful information on everything you cannot do without success in this new venture of eCommerce.


The initial step to begin selling on the web is certainly to open your eCommerce business. In this way, most importantly it becomes important to buy your own area (connected to the name of your business).  An eCommerce is reasonable for facilitating a product fit for dealing with your site: the CMS (content management system). Various choices open up here: indeed, there are various CMSs fit for dealing with an internet business. Each with its own qualities and shortcomings, or more all, each reasonable for various requirements.

How much customization do you really want? How enormous is the catchment region that this program should make due? What financial plan do I have? In Italy, the most expert CMSs that share the online business market are basically: WordPress, Magento, and Prestashop.

Every one of them reacts to explicit requirements better than others. Therefore, planning and data become fundamental: from the beginning, assuming that you choose to continue alone on this way, you can’t disregard the hypothetical and specialized abilities you have around here.



Dazzling, very much completed illustrations that mirror the qualities of your image are unquestionably a phenomenal business card. But, for the individuals who enter your internet business. The eye needs its part, and a first judgment definitely begins from the eye. similarly, as an actual shop with consideration regarding the climate, neatness, and picture additionally, console us about the nature of the item. So does an internet-based shop such as eCommerce with thoughtfulness regarding the part. illustrations and feel will assist with expanding the apparent worth of your image and administration.

The illustrations should be alluring, indeed, yet at the same not extreme and weighty! In reality, as we know it where everything streams progressively fast on account of the organization, time is cash. This additionally applies to online buys. Losing a client could involve seconds, so your site should conform to conventional standards. The sooner the client can observe what he needs, the more straightforward he will choose to get it. It in this manner becomes fundamental to have a viable and quick menu, isolated into classes that guide clients in their inquiry Online and it increases the sales rate in the eCommerce store.


it is absurd to expect to take an item close by to take a gander at it intently, yet this doesn’t imply that the significance of the look takes a rearward sitting arrangement. unquestionably in light of the fact that the picture assumes a pivotal part in the buy, it is critical to have item sheets that give great pictures, considerably more than one for each item, which can be amplified or zoomed in to see the different subtleties. The item sheet should then be just about as definite as could really be expected and give all helpful specialized data connecting with the item.

The portrayals should be of value or more truly comprehensive. Recollect that your clients are not really before a PC: 81% of individuals do a web-based pursuit prior to purchasing. The greater part does it with a cell phone. Various buys these days are additionally made straightforwardly from Mobile, around 31%, a figure that is without a doubt bound to develop.

In this situation it becomes fundamental that your site isn’t requested and graphically wonderful exclusively by reviewing it from the work area of a PC: it should be responsive, for example, ready to graphically adjust to the different gadgets from which a client can get to the site: cell phone, tablet. , Computers with various goals.


Checkout should likewise be utilitarian and basic. Permitting you to purchase with various installment techniques is fundamental all together not to lose possible clients. There are various ways of purchasing on the web and most likely every client who will come to your online business will have a most loved one. It is essential to underline the wellbeing of this multitude of kinds of installments and to pass on complete opportunities to continue with the one you like.

There are individuals who don’t abandon cash and will need to pay money down, others are accustomed to paying with a couple of snaps through Paypal or a charge card, others are more secure in the event that they send their cash by the bank move. Removing one of these sorts of installments will essentially bring about the passing of a more prominent or lesser part of clients.


PayPal specifically has turned into the principal technique used to pay securely and rapidly on the web. Offering it in your online business is fundamental as it offers assistance that most purchasers use (the primary one utilized by versatile) and that permits between the other to consolidate the charge card installment strategy. You can not just open an individual PayPal account yet. You should make an agreement to open a Paypal Business account and oversee it.


Everything we have listed so far is of fundamental importance for your online eCommerce. Once done, will this automatically make you sell? Unfortunately not. Once your online shop is ready and has all the credentials, the only way to really start selling is to generate traffic to the site.

To do this you will have to take advantage of all the online marketing tools that allow you to increase the visibility of your site, the curiosity of users, and, above all, you will have to use them in order to retain existing users.


First of all, your eCommerce must be traceable by search engines: where SEO comes into play, essential for ranking high in the search results and increasing your visibility. No matter how captivating your site’s content will be, if Google doesn’t find it, it may very well not exist.

Social media

Whatever sector you operate in when you are dealing with web marketing, you cannot help but deal with social media marketing. This is an activity of generating visibility and managing communication on social networks.

The goal of social media marketing is to create new contacts and establish conversations with customers of the company. You will certainly get more results from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. If you sell trendy products or that people buy on the spot: e.g. shoes, clothing, design products, food, in short, things that are shared on social networks, spreading the word. For this strategy to work, you typically need a large number of fans and followers.

Social Adv:

Effective communication on social media can allow you to reach potential customers who spend several hours a day on platforms. Such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin. With social advertising, you can reach a targeted audience thanks to careful profiling. This will allow you to show your offers only to potential customers. These customers are already interested in the type of products you provide. At the same time, it can improve your online presence. This will increase your brand awareness, and retain your users by interacting with them.


This is another channel where companies can sell their products to a large audience. The new Facebook Marketplace has expanded to allow users and businesses to sell vehicles, hire service providers and post real estate listings. It also allows all users within 150km to see your post.

However, Facebook does not manage the physical exchange of products through its platform, it merely connects buyers and sellers. To complete the transaction, you will need to complete the sale in person or through another application.


Google Ads is another key tool for generating traffic to your eCommerce site. It is a rather complicated tool, especially for beginners. But used in the right way will bring many benefits to your online visibility. This is a platform that allows you to create ads on Google. Specifically, ads will be visible on the pages that appear when you search for something on the search engine. These search engines are also called SERPs. It is therefore a method to stand out at the top of the results. In this case, doing it in a non-organic way (i.e. through SEO), but for a fee.

Google Ads, on the other hand, is the only advertising planning platform. This allows you to place ads within Google search pages. These ads are displayed above the non-paid search results (maximum 4), or below the search results. They are selected by an algorithm that is among the thousand variables taken into account. These are the main factor and keywords searched by the user and for which you are willing to pay.

The choice of keywords is the most important step for the success of our campaigns. So winning the AdWords project is born from a careful preliminary study of the market, the target audience, the search intent of the users, the actions of the competitors. Also in this case there are expert consultants who can help us and who make the difference between an active campaign and a well-optimized and successful one.


Much more commonly today, those who want to buy a product, do a search directly on Amazon or eBay. For this, it becomes essential to be present in these marketplaces. It is estimated that on Amazon every 100 visits 13 people decide to buy. While eBay is used a lot for the most sought-after products. The contribution these sales platforms can make to the visibility of your products is certainly a force that cannot be ignored.

The first advantage is simplicity, no domain, and hosting zero technical problems and worries. In addition, Amazon is an exceptional showcase to let you know. Here people buy practically everything, the shipments are fast and the purchases are guaranteed.

However, there are costs to consider: the Base account which has a commission for each item of € 0.99 allows you to sell less than 40 products per month.

Alternatively, there is the Pro account which involves a monthly subscription of € 39 per month. In both cases, there are additional management fees, depending on the type of product sold.


Research conducted on the e-commerce market shows that 35% of those who buy online always use a price comparator. while another 35% use it often.

How do you use this to your advantage? Obviously having a price comparator, which allows you to appear in all these searches carried out in order to further increase your eCommerce visibility.

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