How to Delete Shopify Account: Step By Step Guideline 2021

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Things don’t always go as planned in the industry. Sales will drop suddenly, life conditions change, you may choose to pursue a new e-commerce site, or you may choose to take a break for a family holiday. So for somehow, you need to delete or cancel your Shopify account. In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to delete or cancel the store subscription temporarily. 

As you may already realize, despite the fact that Shopify is a fantastic platform, the flow will eventually abate, just as you may experience any unexpected issues. So, how do you keep those things from happening and develop a new path for yourself? What if you just want to switch your Shopify store to another website or e-commerce platform? 

To deal with these issues, we’ll give you instructions on how to delete Shopify account & cancel Shopify subscription in this article. If you’re ready to say farewell to Shopify, you can opt to uninstall your account. 


Things You Should Know Before You Delete Your Shopify Account


  • You must close the store manually since the Shopify support team is unable to do so for you. Keep in mind that you are the only one who has the authority to close your Shopify store.
  • When you close your Shopify store, your account will be canceled as well. As a result, you will no longer be able to navigate the admin section. If you ever intend to prescribe that, it will be surprising. So, rather than shutting the shop, you have the option of pausing it for a bit.
  • The business name and URL will be lost until the store is closed. To put it another way, you won’t be able to create a new shop with this name and URL.
  • You won’t have to do something if your shop is on a free trial and you haven’t chosen a price schedule yet. Following the measures outlined in this article would make closing the shop a breeze. It’s worth noting that if you pause your shop during a trial period, you won’t be able to prolong it. Furthermore, if your trial period has ended and you wish to reactivate your store, you must choose an acceptable pricing package.


Things Required To Be Done Before Deleting Your Shopify Account


  • Before you can delete your Shopify account, you must settle all unpaid bills on your account.
  • If you have any questions, contact third-party providers. Notify them of your store’s closing date, and you’ll close your Shopify account.
  • It’s true that if you just uninstall apps on Shopify, they’ll keep charging you, particularly if they’re monthly subscription apps. As a result, the only course of action is to use mobile directly. You won’t be fined by apps if you do this. Until you stop or shut your shop, remember to do this.
  • Transfer some Shopify-purchased custom domains to a different domain registrar. You can also choose to deactivate the domain. If you don’t remove any custom domains from your Shopify store until pausing or canceling your Shopify subscription, you will be unable to use them on another account.


How To Delete Shopify Account Step By Step 


Step 1: Go To The Settings Menu

To begin, make sure you’re logged into your Shopify account. You would then be on the admin list. Look to the left for the Settings button, which is at the bottom of the menu.




Step 2: Choose Your Account

There are numerous options available here. Analyze the Account area and press it to access the Account page.




Step 3: Scroll Down and Select Close Store From The Drop-Down Menu

Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list. The Store status field would be visible to you. You may change the store’s status in this line. As a result, you are free to shutter your shop right now. Tap the Close store button after thoroughly weighing your options and deciding to say goodbye to your Shopify store. I’ve highlighted it in the following image so you can identify it quickly.




Step 4: Confirm Your Password

If a bad guy has access to your admin page and locks your store unilaterally, this move would discourage her from doing so. To put it another way, this move is to double-check you and ensure that you are the one who closes your shop on your own. To proceed, type your password and then press Confirm.




Step 5: Pick a Reason and Click Close

Shopify will ask you why you want to close the store in this phase. This demonstrates their curiosity while also assisting them in further understanding you. They will collect more ideas to provide improved customer service and adjust or improve if anything is ineffective. As a result, remember to leave a justification and choose the Close tab.



How To Pause Your Shopify Store Or Cancel Subscription 

Instead of completely deleting your store, Shopify allows you to put it on hold for three months for a monthly subscription fee of $14. The benefit of pausing rather than canceling your Shopify store is that you retain access to your control panel, which you would lose if you close the store.

You will pause the store using the admin panel if you are the store owner. You can choose from two options:


  • You can still work on your store while it is paused.
  • Completely pause your shop.


You must be on a subscription plan for at least 60 days after the free trial period has ended in order to pause your online shop. You won’t be allowed to pause the shop if you don’t meet this condition.


Step 1: Go To The Settings Menu

To begin, make sure you’re logged into your Shopify account. You would then be on the admin list. Look to the left for the Settings button, which is at the bottom of the menu.



Step 2: Choose Your Account

Here, you’ll come across a number of choices. View the Account section and press it to access the Account page.


Step 3: Scroll Down and Select Pause Store From The Drop-Down Menu

Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. The Store status field would be visible to you. You may change the store’s status in this line. As a result, you are free to close your shop right now. Tap the Pause store button after giving it some thought and agreeing to return at a later time.



Step 4: Double-Check Your Billing Cycle Details

A new dialogue box will appear during this stage. All you have to do now is go at it and double-check the billing period numbers.




What Is The Procedure For Cancelling My Shopify Account?

Pick Settings > Account from your store admin to close your Shopify store and account. Scroll to the bottom of the page and press Close Store under Store Status. You’ll be asked to have a reason and reviews, after which you’ll be prompted to Close Store once more.


How Can I Remove Shopify and Reactivate It?

You will delete your store name and URL if you cancel your Shopify store and account. If you have the same company, this may trigger issues if you want to restart it. Go to Settings > Account in your Shopify admin to close your store and cancel your account. Close the store by clicking Store Status.


How Can I Delete My Shopify Account Permanently?

Your store’s name and URL will be lost if you close your store and cancel your Shopify account. You might start again, but you won’t be able to save this, because it’s basically gone forever. Close the store by going to Settings > Account > Store Status > Store Close.


Is It Possible To Cancel Shopify At Any Time?

As long as you don’t owe Shopify money, you can cancel your Shopify store at any time. If you have any unpaid payments, you must settle them before cancelling your account. If you cancel your account early, you will not be refunded any subscription fees. You will lose access to the service automatically if you cancel while on a free trial, but you will not be fined.


If I Close My Shopify Store, Will I Be Charged?

Before you may delete your account, you must settle any remaining balances owed to Shopify. You won’t be fined if you cancel, but you won’t get a refund if you paid for a subscription in advance.


Is It Possible To Reset My Shopify Store?

No, it’s not true. If you don’t want to close your shop just yet, you should delay it or lock it so you can concentrate on it. To interrupt your store, go to Settings > Account in your Shopify admin and click Pause Store from the Store Status drop-down menu. You’ll be asked to verify your billing details.

Go to Settings > Account > Compare Plans to resume your store’s delay. Before your checkout is available again, Shopify will require you to choose a new plan.


Is It Possible To Put The Shopify Store Paused?

And, you really will. Customers will be unable to place orders, but you will retain your admin rights, account, shop name, and URL. Go to Settings > Account > Shop Status > Pause Store to pause the store.


What Happens If You Pause Your Shopify Store?

Pause & Build or Pause are the two choices for pausing your shop. You will focus on your store when orders are being processed on the first schedule. For the second option, you will easily take three months off without missing your shop. In this case, you’ll need to decide whether to unpause or cancel your shop after a certain amount of time has passed.


What’s The Best Way To Secure My Shopify Store?

To prevent public entry, you should apply a password to your store’s front end. To secure your shop, go to Online Store > Preferences, scroll down to the Passwords section, and check the Enable password box. Create a password that you can share with anybody who needs access to your shop.


What Is The Procedure For Putting My Shopify Store On Maintenance?

By adding a password lock to your shop, you can keep it secure while you work on it. You will display a note on the screen informing consumers of the situation and when you plan to return. To create a password, go to Online Store > Preferences > Password > Enable password and create one.


Why Am I Unable To Close Down My Shopify Store?

You may owe money to Shopify. You won’t be able to close your store until you’ve paid Shopify any outstanding balances, so double-check this first.


What Do You Do If a Reseller Is Billing You For Your Shopify Subscription?

To cancel a store that is paid by a reseller, go to the Schedule and permissions page and press Compare plans in the Contract information column.


Then you can cancel your shop by logging into your reseller account.


When You Cancel, What Happens To The Gift Cards?

It would be necessary to settle any remaining gift cards.

Before you cancel, simply export the gift card CSV file from your shop. This document includes all of the details you’ll need to deal with the unpaid gift cards.


Is It Possible To Transfer The Domain?

Did you buy a custom domain name from Shopify when you set up your store? If this is the case, you should move it to a different domain registrar or hosting site.

When logging in to the admin section, you can delete domains bought from a third party and then change the DNS settings for your domain registrar. If you don’t do this until closing your Shopify store, you won’t be able to log in.

In this situation, be mindful of Shopify’s HTTP Strict Transfer Security (HSTS) regulation, which will extend to your domain for 90 days after your store closes in order to secure the details of your customers.


Can You Be Billed If You Cancel Your Shopify Account?

If there are any outstanding payments on your account when you cancel (or pause) your Shopify store, you will get a final invoice that you must pay before your store can be closed.

If you’ve made all of your payments, there won’t be an invoice, and you may cancel your store.


Is It Possible To Get a Refund?

No way! Shopify does not have refunds on any portion of the plan that is not used. This is spelled out in the company’s terms of operation.

When you downgrade a paying account on an app, it gives you application points, so they may only be used for other app transactions, which might be worthless if you’re closing your shop.


How To Delete Shopify Account: Final Note 

In a nutshell, having to close or temporarily suspend a store is often unpleasant for shop owners. As a result, I wish you a healthy rest or that you succeed on your company journey smoothly and successfully.

If you’re certain you want to close your Shopify store, you’ll only have 30 days to change your mind before your store’s records are deleted.

If you have any questions or are having trouble pausing or closing your store, contact the Shopify support team for assistance – just keep in mind that they cannot close your store on your behalf.

This article on How to Delete Shopify Account & Cancel My Shopify Subscription includes easy-to-follow instructions. I hope you find it useful and that you accomplish this task fully.