How to create Websites with Bigcommerce

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Having an offline store in the modern age is not wise. The technological innovations have made businesses easier. Online stores attract customers from far away areas. Similarly, in emergency situations like COVID-19, offline stores are closed. But online stores did a huge business during the pandemic. Therefore, it is profitable to start online business with the help of E-commerce platforms like Bigcommerce. If you don’t know how to create websites with bigcommerce, you should follow the following steps.

Logo bigcommerce
Logo bigcommerce

10 easy steps to create websites with Bigcommerce:

Following are the simple steps which will help you to learn how to create websites with Bigcommerce;

  1.   Choose a plan:

Before starting your online store, you should make a proper plan. A comprehensive plan helps you in getting a rough sketch of your business and an idea of how to create websites with Bigcommerce. Your plan should include your manpower selection, business level and product selection, etc. You should also plan about the resources that you will need. Furthermore, your outline plan should also include a proper understanding of how to create websites with bigcommerce. 

  1. Select Your E-commerce Platform:

The second step in creating your website is choosing an E-commerce platform. You should not randomly choose a platform without knowing its advantages and disadvantages. A proper research is required before choosing an e-commerce platform. You can compare top ten e-commerce platforms here. While you are comparing the platforms, you should focus on the following features;

  • The Ecommerce platform should have the best security features. 
  • It should have a customer support feature.
  • The platform should be available on mobile app. 
  • The platform should provide a fast website that does not become slow with heavy traffic.
  • Either it provides you an opportunity to link with other channels like Facebook, and Amazon etc or not.  

After considering the above mentioned features, you should select a platform which best suites your requirements. Bigcommerce provides all of the aforementioned features and many more.  

  1. Calculate Your budget:

The costs of an online store are less than the that of offline stores. The owner does not have to worry about the rent of the store or the salary of the salesmen, etc. But still there are some costs which you should calculate before making your website on Bigcommerce. Calculating your costs will help you in getting an idea about your budget. If you don’t know about the costs of creating a website on Bigcommerce, then you might face problems while making your budget. So, in order to know your expenses, calculate all of your costs. The costs of creating a website on Bigcommerce includes the following things;

  • The first expense of the website is the fee of the platform. Some platforms charge more fee while others charge less. Bigcommerce does not charge too much fee as compare to other platforms. 
  • Second expense includes the costs of hosting. Bigcommerce charges a minimum amount for hosting your website. 
  • Third expense of creating your site includes security fee which is also less with Bigcommerce. 
  • Similarly, the fourth cost that you should calculate is the design and development expenses. 
  • Bigcommerce also charges fee on your transactions, so you should also calculate it. 
  • There are also third party apps on Bigcommerce which charges you some money, therefore, include them as well while you are calculating your expenses. 
  1. Select a Domain Name:

A domain name means your brand name. Every store has a name. If you have a physical store and you want to start online business, the you can buy a domain name similar to that of your physical store. An attractive name is good for catching customers. The domain name should also look professional. Following points should be considered before buying a domain name;

  • It should be unique which means that it should not be used any one else. 
  • The domain name should contain a keyword for your website ranking. 
  • Your domain name should be clear. 
  • Bigcommerce provides you an opportunity to buy the best domain name for your online store.
  • The prices of the domain name on Bigcommerce are also less. 
  1. Customise Your Template:

A template is the design of your website. Bigcommerce provides you the best templates to make your website look presentable. The most important step in how to create websites with bigcommerce is choosing your template. A good template attracts customers. A bad template downgrades your website. You should keep the following points in your consideration while choosing your template with Bigcommerce;

  • Your template should be decent. 
  • It should represent the type of products you want to sell. 
  • The template of your site must not complex. 
  • The template you choose should be easily navigable. 
  • Your template should also contain your desired features. 
  1. Determine your product type:

After selecting your template style, the next step is to determine your product type. You should not randomly put products on your store. Putting random products confuse customers. You should only put those products on your site which you think are the best. The product selection is a very important step.  You should do proper research about choosing products for your site. The needs of the customers should be considered while choosing the products. Similarly, the quality of the products should also be considered to put them on your site. Consider the following principles before choosing the type of your products for your store;

  • The products that put on your site should be consumable. 
  • They should also be attractive.  
  • These products should be light weight. 
  • Similarly, these products should also have high margins for you. 
  • Furthermore, the products that you put on your site should be of ‘hobbyist’ type. 
  1. Choose Your Packaging And Shipping Partners:

The most important step in creating your website with Bigcommerce is choosing your partners. You have to make partners for doing the things for you which you cannot do yourself. These include packing your products. It also includes the shipping firms. These partners are very important in online business. You should not randomly choose your partners. A good partner will save your money and time. They can also help you boost your customers. Good packages attract more buyers. Similarly, easy and fast shipping also catch more buyers. You should also consider the pricing and costs of shipping and packaging partners. 

The best way to save your money is to pack your products yourself. Because you cannot believe a third party for doing the packing of your products. Similarly, hiring a third party for your packing services also costs a lot of money. In the same manner, doing shipping with the help of a third party is also expensive. So, in order to keep your business safe and economical, you should prepare your resources for packing and shipping your products. 

  1. Set-up your Payment method:

After doing all of the above mentioned steps, then comes the payment method step. It is very important for making your business attractive to your customers. Some customers have got access to one bank account while others have access to other bank accounts. You should select a payment method which satisfies most of your customers. An easy method of payment is good for your business. There are many financial services which you should include in your store;

  • There should be Paypal payment method which is widely used around the world. 
  • Similarly, Visa card is also a good option for your payment method because it is used by most of the people. 
  • Also, Apple Pay should also included in your payment method because it is being widely used by Apple users.  
  • Finally, an option for MasterCard should be there for your customers. 
  1. Put products in your E-store:

When everything is set, the next step is to add products to your store. Product addition is very important. There are many things you should consider while adding products to your store. The first important point is product description. Your product description should be SEO optimised. It means that you should add famous keywords in your description. The keywords help you in getting organic visitors to website. If you cannot do product description yourself then you should hire an expert for this job. There are a lot of cheap product description content writers available on different websites who will help you in writing the best product description. Good product description should include the following points;

  • The product description should include the proper names of your products. 
  • It should have the full details of your products. 
  • The price of the products should included. 
  • The dimension of your products should be there. 
  • The colour and the size of your products should also be there. 
  • The weight of the product is also important to add in the description. 
  1. Assess and launch your E-store:

The final step of setting your Bigcommerce site is to test your website. You should assess and evaluate your site. You should check that either is it working properly? The test also includes the availability of your site on Mobile devices. You should test the durability of your website by putting some pressure on it. After assessing all of the parameters of your site, the final act is to launch your site. Launching of your site is simple. After lounging your site, your online store is effective and your business has started. 


The above steps briefly explained the necessary acts that you should consider before going for creating your website. The aforementioned steps are really helpful in understanding how to create websites with Bigcommerce. 

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