How Can Start Bigcommerce Store

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How to start Bigcommerce store
How to start Bigcommerce store

Bigcommerce is an e-commerce platform that provides the facility to start your store and grow your business. By the way, many e-commerce platforms exist in the market where you can start your online store, like Shopify. But there are some functionalities in Bigcommerce that are different from Shopify. If you have experience in e-commerce then Bigcommerce will be the best for you.

This platform allows Businessmen to run their businesses online. If business owners have a physical business, they can start their online business on Bigcommerce. But if you want to start your online business, then you should have the right strategy and business plan. The wrong strategy can ruin your business. Might be you will face difficulties, in the beginning, never give up. Difficulties can be faced in any business whether it will be physical or online.

Basically, Bigcommerce is a Saas platform. In simple words, it is a software as a service. You just need to pay monthly to run your business on this platform. If you want to take a startup but don’t have any business idea. We will suggest you learn how to run the businesses and how to work online. If you will directly come to e-commerce platforms then you can face heavy losses. So Be-aware before investing your money.

You have various E-commerce sites to start your business, you can select anyone on your behalf. If you will select the right e-commerce site to promote your business, you will become successful in a couple of months. But the wrong choice can be a danger for your business. You can select Bigcommerce, this is an excellent platform.

All e-commerce platforms have some pros and cons. For example, some platforms are good but have extra charges anyone can’t afford their fees.

If you want to start your business on Bigcommerce. We will guide you on how you can run your business successfully in Bigcommerce. we described how can start Bigcommerce store and run successfully.

How you can make your Bigcommerce store successful

Every businessman wants success in the business. To make your business successful, you will have to follow some steps. We will guide you on how you can run a Bigcommerce store successfully. It doesn’t matter, what’s your business, your business size, how much you invest in your business. If your business is too small and you just invested a medium budget in your business, and you are selling just one product even then you can get success to follow the following steps. For example, if you are selling perfume or pen, you can also become rich by just selling perfume or pen.

There are many factors to make a business successful.

Use Good looking theme

When a customer will land at your store, the theme is the first thing that he will see. Your store looking will impact on your customers. If your theme will be good-looking and user-friendly then customers will stay in your store and will purchase your products.

If your theme will not looking good, then “the first impression will be the last impression”. It’s mean the customer will not stay in your store if your theme will not be good-looking. And your sales chances will be very low.

So the best way is to purchase the premium theme and customize the theme, making it user-friendly. Make sure your theme will load very fast. And free theme can be slow anytime.

Mobile-friendly theme

Your theme should be mobile-friendly. Customize your theme for the mobile user. Nowadays most people purchase online through mobile. If your theme will not be mobile-friendly, then you will face the same problem “not getting sales”. To avoid these problems select a good-looking and mobile-friendly theme.

The premium theme is a good choice for a better user experience. If you will use a free theme, it will not good for your store. The free theme will be slow and will not be user-friendly.


Advertisement is necessary for any business. Most sales come from social media, so prefer social media to promote your products. Social media advertisements will help you to bring more sales. But while promoting your product keep in mind, always target the right audience and make the perfect strategy. If you will target the right audience in Advertisement, you will get more sales. If you will target the wrong audience, you will lose your money in Advertisement. For advertisement, your poster should be engaging and attractive with a premium look.

If you don’t know how to advertise, then you will have to hire a digital marketer to promote your products.

Make easy to purchase

For payment, add various payment methods that every customer can easily pay. Payment methods should be easy. If you will make the easy things for your customers, customers will be happy and will buy again from your store. Not add just one payment method.

If your payment methods will not be easy, your customer will be disappointed and will go to another shop. So make the payment method easy and secure your customer’s privacy. You will be responsible for your customer’s privacy.

Also define a call to action button, where user can easily purchase just one clicking

Copywriting should be engaging

Copywriting of your website will be engaging and quality-based. Add the About us page to your website and describe in detail your business. Describe what services you are providing is. Also, describe what benefits that customer will get after buying your services.

Write engaging and attractive product descriptions. Describe the characteristics of the products in the description. Most people buy online products by reading the description. If the description will be engaging and attractive then the customer will be attracted and order. If the description will not be engaging and attractive then the customer will never order your product. So focus on the product description.

If you can’t write a products description, then hire a copywriter who will describe your business in attractive and engaging words. Also, describe the pros and cons of the product and win the customer’s trust.

If your customer will not like your services or products then assure them that you will give them cashback. This is very important to win the trust of the customers. Once customers start believing in your store, your store will boost.

SEO of the product

Search engine optimization of the product is very important. You can get organic traffic from google. If you don’t have how to do SEO of the product! We tell you. Just find low competition keywords about your product and write your product description to focus on that keywords.

Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to get traffic from google on the store and increase sales. For SEO you will have to buy some premium tools for keywords research. You can get these tools at cheap prices from the internet. And if you can’t do SEO of your store then you will have to hire an SEO expert for this purpose.

Provide discount

Provide a discount on your product to attract your customers. At the start of the business, you can provide a 10% discount on your product. On the special oceans provide more discount. The benefit of the discount is people will attract to your store, people will suggest your store to other people.

If they will not find a discount on any other store, then they will come to your store and will buy your products. So the discount is very important. Complete your customer’s requirements. Your customers should be your first priority. That is the way to make your business successful. Your business growth rate will be high.

Provide fast delivery

When your customer will order anything then make sure to deliver your products to the customers very fast. In the case of late, your customers will be disappointed with your services and you can lose your customers. So meet with the requirements of customers. Make sure to reach them as soon as possible.

Provide quality services

If you want to grow your business, then you should provide quality services to your customers. Quality should be your main priority. If you will provide quality services to your customers, then your audience will be automatically engaged in your product, and they will be more interested to buy your product again.

People want quality services, if you will provide quality services then your customers will suggest your products to other people and your business will be promoted through your customers. But if you will not provide quality services to your customers, then your business will be a flop, people will buy your product one time, and will never buy again. So make sure to provide quality services. Customers never compromise on quality. For example, if your product will not have quality, then the customer will buy just one time, and will never buy your product again, so provide quality services to your customers.

Make a team of experts

If you want to spread your business worldwide, then the best way is to hire an expert team that will manage your business. For each task, you need to hire a separate person. For example, you should hire an SEO expert, copywriter, digital marketer professional, etc. You also need an advertisement, so you will have to hire a designer that will design attractive posts to promote your products.

You will assign a separate task to each person and you need to train your employee for your business. If you will hire an unprofessional and un-experienced team, then your business can be a flop. So make sure to hire an expert and correct person for your business.

these are all factors on how can start Bigcommerce store and how can get success in this.


If you want to start your e-commerce business, then take a startup with Bigcommerce. This is one of the best e-commerce websites that provide an opportunity for businessmen to promote their business online. Buy premium themes for a better user experience. If you want to spread your business worldwide, then make a team by hiring professionals. Promote your business through digital marketing, especially through social media marketing, because most people buy online through social media. Focus on the copywriting and SEO of your store and get organic traffic on your store from google.

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