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Gravity Forms | The Best WordPress Form Plugin | Form Builder v2.7.0

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  • Added an improved Setup Wizard.
  • Added the Orbital Form Theme, a theme with opinionated styles that is customizable in the block style settings.
  • Added form style settings to the Gravity Forms block to allow users to easily customize the appearance of their forms.
  • Added the Form Template Library to make it easier to create common forms.
  • Added new Honeypot functionality to increase spam protection.
  • Added a new Honeypot form setting to allow entries to be created and marked as spam when the Honeypot catches a form submission.
  • Added the ability to upgrade a license from the settings page.
  • Added performance improvements to form submissions for forms with lots of confirmations.
  • Added performance improvements to form rendering.
  • Added performance improvements to merge tag processing. Credit: The GravityKit team.
  • Added accessibility improvements to the system report page.
  • Added accessibility improvements to the Form, Entry and Feed List tables to improve accessibility.
  • Added “Gravity Forms” to the title of admin pages to improve accessibility.
  • Added underlines to links in the Form Validation Summary for better accessibility.
  • Added security enhancements.
  • Updated the repeater field markup to be compatible with the Theme Framework.
  • Updated the form submit spinner to use new Theme Framework styles.
  • Updated the image in the drag and drop instructions on an empty form.
  • Updated the form preview in the block editor to display the form if it has conditional logic.
  • Updated the default phone format option to be “International” instead of “US/Canada”.
  • Fixed a fatal error that can occur in some hosting environments with PHP 8+.
  • Fixed an issue where form revisions are not created when a form contains a Consent field other than the Gravity Forms core Consent field.
  • Fixed a performance issue where the gform_layout_editor script is being localised outside the editor for a form that doesn’t exist. Credit: The GravityKit team.
  • Fixed an issue where the Gravity Forms datepicker style is being applied outside of Gravity Forms.
  • API: Added a form Theme Framework and CSS API to make it easier to customize the appearance of forms.
  • API: Added a “block_editor” admin page type to allow add-ons to easily enqueue scripts and styles to the block editor via the scripts() and styles() methods.

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