E-commerce Companies List

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The Top E-commerce Companies List:


Although these are essential indicators, a prominent company is more than one that generates the highest quarterly sales or is the most profitable. An influential firm is one that has a significant impact on its suppliers and partners, as well as other businesses and society at large.

1. Amazon:


Why is Amazon so powerful? 

Amazon’s marketplace grew from its beginnings as a bookshop with a growth-at-all-costs approach to become the “everything online store” after extending to other categories. It is on the top of E-commerce Companies List. Amazon was mentioned on 130 earnings calls in August, according to Reuters. Furthermore, it is not uncommon to see entire tracks dedicated to Amazon at e-commerce trade events. 

At all costs, growth 

Amazon’s growth-at-all-costs strategy prioritizes top-line revenue over bottom-line earnings. This strategy has helped the company achieve a level of leadership in its main retail sector that rivals the peak of the Sears catalog. 

Creating profit centers from operations 

Amazon turned its operations into profit centers, first with Fulfillment by Amazon and subsequently with Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is the company’s second-largest profit generator behind retail. 

Using data to create private labels 

Amazon uses data to better understand customer demand and create private-label products to meet those needs, which is one of the ways the company makes use of its popular marketplace. Unlike Walmart, which buys established brands, Amazon is attempting to create its own. According to Quartz, Amazon has surreptitiously developed 91 brands across a variety of sectors to sell on its marketplace. 

An strategy to hiring based on volume 

When it comes to hiring, Amazon has chosen the same growth-at-all-costs attitude. According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon employs more than 1,000 MBA graduates, a number that few other corporations can match. 

2. Wal-Mart Stores Inc.


Why is Wal-Mart so powerful? 

This is the world’s largest retailer, with the highest sales per square foot, as well as the world’s largest private employment. Wal-Mart merchandise is produced in more than 70 countries. This firm manages an average of $32 billion in inventory across its 11,000 shops in 28 countries at any given moment. Furthermore, in order to compete more effectively online, Wal-Mart has made a number of notable acquisitions in recent years. It is so extensive that its impact on localities and society as a whole has piqued scholarly interest in a number of fields. 

Innovator in supply chain and logistics from the start 

Overall, Wal-supply Mart’s chain and logistical infrastructure are among the greatest and most legendary in the world, allowing the company to scale and deliver on its brand promise of low pricing. 

Wal-Mart is also listed among the top 25 supply chains by Gartner. 

Wal-Mart was a pioneer in supply chain management. It is also one of the best in E-commerce Companies List. Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), which makes vendors accountable for managing their products at Wal-warehouses, Mart’s was one of Wal-early Mart’s breakthroughs. Continuous replenishment (CR) was another early invention implemented by Wal-Mart, in which a vendor continuously checks Wal-inventory Mart’s and automatically refills it when it reaches the re-order mark. CR is a more advanced method of meeting product demand that removes the need for purchase orders, lowers Wal-inventory Mart’s expenses, and benefits customers by assuring that the product they desire is in stock. 

Popular e-commerce brands have been acquired in a frenzy. 

Wal-acquisition Mart’s frenzy in the consumer arena has been widely covered., Bonobos, Modcloth, and are just a few of the acquisitions that have gotten a lot of news. Wal-Mart is also said to be in talks with Birchbox, but neither side has acknowledged this. As Walmart continues to compete with Amazon, only time will tell if the purchasing spree pays off. 

Employer of choice in 19 states and the world’s largest private employer 

Wal-Mart is the largest employer, not simply the largest private employer, in 19 U.S. states, according to Olivet Nazarene University data. This list covers both densely inhabited states like Texas and Illinois and sparsely populated states like Wyoming. 

3. alphabet 

Why is Alphabet so important? 

In a variety of categories, Alphabet is a big web traffic generator. The company’s organic search results and paid ad listings on Google, its main site, assist boost new and established e-commerce firms. Alphabet also uses influencer marketing and advertising to help drive demand for new items through its YouTube platform. 

However, Google’s dominance of shopping searches has been threatened since Amazon became a behemoth in the e-commerce market. Also, it’s unclear whether Google’s role as a search engine is becoming a legal liability: Alphabet was recently penalised €2.42 billion for antitrust violations related to how Google Shopping is presented in search results in relation to other product comparison services. 

Massive online traffic and a really global scale 

In many countries, Google dominates the de facto search engine, with only a few regions having credible competition for search share. Google receives by far the greatest traffic of all the influential platforms and marketplaces examined. 

Influencer marketing’s most important platform 

YouTube is a large venue for influencer marketing, with well-known influencers generating brand recognition and sales for firms in a variety of industries, including electronics, cosmetics, gaming, and others. 

Voice search collaboration with Wal-Mart 

In order to effectively compete against Amazon Alexa’s voice search service, Google recently teamed with Wal-Mart to enable more effective voice search using Google Assistant. One intriguing area of discussion around this development is whether Google, like Amazon and Facebook, will become more of a closed platform in the future, making it more difficult for e-commerce firms to obtain awareness without paying for advertisements. 

4. Alibaba 

Why is Alibaba so powerful? 

Alibaba has been dubbed “China’s Amazon” because it is the most powerful e-commerce company in the world’s most populous country. Alibaba’s core commerce generates 80% of its revenue, but this is likely to change as they continue to invest in other areas. 

It’s a self-contained ecosystem. 

Alipay, a service comparable to PayPal offered by Alibaba, is widely used for online and mobile payments. Alibaba’s Taobao platform is a major content hub in China with social media features. Taobao may be used to share product reviews as well as live-stream material like beauty or cooking tutorials. Taobao isn’t just a place to buy things; it can also be used to create demand. To compete with Tencent, Alibaba has made investments in cloud computing and mobile gaming. 

Alibaba’s dominance in the world’s third-largest market, as well as the world’s most populous country, speaks for itself. Due to legal and other obstacles, Alphabet, Facebook, Apple, and other western competitors have struggled to gain a foothold in China. It will be fascinating to watch Alibaba’s growth in the coming years as they try to expand their platform and gain a foothold in larger Western markets. 

5. Facebook 


Why is Facebook so powerful? 

Facebook has come a long way since its inception in 2004, and the platform’s influence on publishing, commerce, and other fields cannot be overstated. This can also be counted in the E-commerce Companies List. The Internet was largely made up of closed platforms in the early days, when AOL was a dominant player in the industry. Closed platforms faded until Facebook, which began with Google in the early 2000s. Facebook appears to be leading a movement to keep users in-product for as long as possible, and is willing to go to any length to do so. With its recent partnership with Wal-Mart and efforts to show answers to queries within Google search results rather than sending users to other websites, even Google is starting to take cues from Facebook. 

Targeting audiences in ways you’ve never seen before 

Advertisers can now target users with greater precision on Facebook than was previously thought possible by marketers. Furthermore, because Facebook is a closed platform, there are more safeguards in place to protect advertisers from the types of click fraud that can occur with other types of digital advertising. 

New media and influencer marketing 

Many industries that previously relied heavily on broadcast media are feeling the impact of influencer marketing. The Kardashian businesses, particularly Kylie Jenner’s, are one of the most powerful examples of influencer marketing to move product; her $29 lipsticks generated $420 million in sales in 18 months. Kylie Jenner’s popularity is largely due to her use of social media platforms such as Instagram. 

6. Baidu 

Why is Baidu so powerful? 

Baidu is the most popular search engine in China, the world’s third-largest consumer market and most populous country. When Google’s search engine presence in China was shuttered after being banned in 2010, Baidu had an opportunity to gain massive market share.This can also be counted in the E-commerce Companies List.  Although Google’s relationship with China has improved since then, the ban cemented Baidu’s dominance in the country. Go through How to get Google to target the country you are interested in (organic)?

7. Suning Commerce Group Co. Ltd.

Why is Suning Commerce so powerful? 

Suning Commerce Group is one of China’s largest non-government-owned retailers. In various Chinese provinces and special administrative territories, such as Hong Kong, it has over 1,500 physical stores. Suning has a foothold in Japan as well. Commerce, real estate development, financial services, media, entertainment, and sports are among its business categories. 

Building a digital platform and attracting an audience 

Suning, like many other Western companies, is investing in media to expand its reach. Suning was most recently seeking to win the rights to broadcast soccer matches from Europe’s top leagues in China. The acquisition of the rights is part of a strategy to strengthen Suning PPTV’s video-streaming service against competitors such as Tencent. Suning’s direct connection to consumer audiences will, without a question, be a strategic advantage. 

8 – Stichting INGKA Foundation, INGKA Holding B.V.

Why is IKEA so powerful? 

The IKEA corporation is the only one on our list that is a foundation rather than a for-profit corporation. IKEA is well-known for its flat-pack furniture, which saves money by requiring self-assembly. IKEA’s emphasis on design and substantial inventory profit margins have fueled robust revenue growth. 

Increasing the number of brick-and-mortar locations 

IKEA is hoping to grow its U.S. brick-and-mortar presence from its current 43 stores and move deeper into the heartland and Texas, at a time when retailers are shuttering physical facilities in the United States. IKEA’s U.S. president, Lars Peterssen, told CNBC earlier this year that this will allow visitors to experience the products in three dimensions. 

IKEA isn’t the only retailer that understands the importance of showrooming. As early as 2012, Bonobos and began experimenting with it. 

Expanding your online presence 

IKEA has recently bought Task Rabbit, a contract labour marketplace that IKEA aims to administer as a subsidiary, despite its history of avoiding acquisitions. 

In addition, IKEA is experimenting with augmented reality (AR) in other areas, such as their app that lets you see how a piece of IKEA furniture might look in your house. The app makes use of Apple’s latest augmented reality kit. 

9. Microsoft

Why is Microsoft so powerful? 

Unlike the FAANG businesses, Microsoft does not rely on just one or two revenue streams. Microsoft’s target audiences include both businesses and consumers, as well as hardware and software. Online purchases are made through Microsoft’s ecosystem, which includes the Windows operating system (which has a 37 percent global market share) and the Bing search engine (which has a 22 percent search market share). This can also be counted in the E-commerce Companies List.Microsoft’s Xbox is also a significant platform for the burgeoning e-sports business. Read about Build and design with bigcommerce.

10 Apple Inc. is ranked number ten. 

Why is Apple so powerful? 

Apple’s concentration on design, like IKEA’s in home furnishings, sets it apart in the consumer electronics industry. Furthermore, Apple’s method of carefully selecting which horses to ride resulted in big wins for the company’s hardware division. When we look at Apple’s ecosystem through the prism of retail influence, though, it’s their brick-and-mortar innovation, as well as their extremely profitable array of hardware products and software, that stand out. 

One of the most successful per-square-foot stores 

According to a new analysis by eMarketer and CoStar, Apple is the most profitable store per square foot, earning $5,546 per square foot. According to the same research, Walmart, the largest big-box shop on our list, earns $431 per square foot. 

Apple has also been expanding its physical stores into new countries. The introduction of shared spaces and classes in Apple’s retail business is another innovation aimed at increasing shop traffic. Will this be the next breakthrough in getting customers into stores for more than just showrooming? 

11. Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc.

Why is Walgreens Boots Alliance so powerful? 

It and Duane Reade, both of which operate in the United States, have been integrated with foreign pharmacy companies such as Boots as part of the holding company established in 2014. This firm also has a number of internet ventures, and it just acquired the Rite Aid pharmacy chain. This can also be counted in the E-commerce Companies List.

Walgreens Boots Alliance is the largest health and pharmacy company in the United States and Europe, with a significant impact on the health and daily living product market. Go through Build a business with bigcommerce.

12. is number:

Why is Jingdong (JD) so powerful? 

Alibaba’s biggest e-commerce competition in China is Jingdong (JD). 

One of the things that sets them apart is their rapid expansion and technological investments. 

JD is a big player in innovative technologies and drone delivery, and they revealed this spring that they want to create 150 drone launch sites to help clients in rural areas get their orders faster. In addition, JD has a strategic agreement with Wal-Mart, which was strengthened this year to further integrate their platforms, supply chains, and resources in China. 

13. eBay

Why is eBay so powerful? 

eBay is a multibillion-dollar online marketplace that takes a cut of every sale made on its platform. Its goal is to put the economy back into a circular one, rather than allowing the majority of items to be made, purchased, and then wasted. In the 1990s and early 2000s, eBay served as a marketplace for people to sell their old products to other people, similar to an online flea market. Today, eBay serves as a marketplace for major brands. This can also be counted in the E-commerce Companies List. Despite the fact that 80 percent of eBay’s items are new, it remains one of the largest peer-to-peer markets on the Internet. In the third quarter of 2017, eBay’s earnings beat expectations by more than $40 million. Please go through The Ultimate Guide To Drop Shipping: Step By Step Guideline

Collaborations and investments 

In 2017, eBay invested in Flipkart, another company on this list, and Flipkart took over eBay India’s operations. eBay purchased the PayPal payment processing system in 2002 and kept it until 2015, when it was split off into its own company. Skype was originally owned by eBay before it was sold in 2009. StubHub is currently owned by eBay. 

14. The Home Depot Inc.

Why is The Home Depot so powerful? 

The Home Depot surpassed Lowe’s in 1989 to become the world’s largest home improvement retailer. It employs almost 400,000 people across more than 2,200 locations in three countries. The company has an annual revenue of around $90 billion. It has also negotiated exclusivity agreements with Behr Paints, Hampton Bay, and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, among others. 

The Home Depot has had greater recent success through acquiring other businesses. In 1994, it bought Canadian hardware shop Aikenhead’s, wholesale distributor Apex Supply in 1999. The Home Depot was started in Atlanta, Georgia, and has since grown to Canada.

Creating a link between internet sales and in-store visits 

The Home Depot is not only the world’s largest home improvement retailer, but it also has the most popular home improvement website, with over 120 million visitors every year. Around half of consumers who place an order online choose to pick it up at their local shop, which is something the company encourages. As a result, they have been able to enhance foot traffic in their existing stores while reducing the need to establish new ones. 

Symbiosis in the cinema 

There is a store in Home Depot that is not open to the public. It is located in Fayetteville, Georgia, and is used by Hollywood film crews in need of set supplies. The private store was used in two Marvel Studios films, Ant-Man and Captain America: Civil War. 

15. Liberty Interactive Corporation

Why is Liberty Interactive so powerful? 

The parent business of various home shopping television channels, including QVC, is Liberty Interactive. In the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, and China, QVC reaches 350 million households. This can also be counted in the E-commerce Companies List. These nations broadcast the network 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Liberty Interactive owns Zulily, an e-commerce website for mothers, in addition to television retail. It also holds investments in Expedia and, as well as the Home Shopping Network (HSN). Please read How to Solve Facebook Pixel Duplicate Events Problems By Using a Tag Manager

Unifying the selling of televisions 

Liberty Interactive bought the Home Shopping Network (HSN) in 2017 to compete with Amazon in the online retail market. This helped the company to become the world’s sixth-largest e-commerce website, while also uniting the company’s devoted television retail client base of over 11 million shoppers. In 2017, QVC and HSN are estimated to make a combined $14 billion. There are many more like WordPress, Shopify, Woocommerce, Bluehost, and Jetpack, etc.

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