Dynamic Content for Elementor v.2.9.3


Dynamic Content for Elementor – Create Your Most Powerful Website v.2.9.3

* Tweak: Match Height is now compatible with Elementor’s Containers. We initially release this as beta, please try it let us know if you encounter any problem
* Tweak: Dynamic Posts, date filters, add a setting to specify if the condition date timezone is UTC or the WordPress settings time zone
* Tweak: The ACF Token is now compatible with Elementor’s Loop Grid
* Fix: Dynamic Visibility regression bug in version 2.9.2 involving some triggers
* Fix: Dynamic Posts, with more than one Carousel on the same page, their scrollbars were in conflict in some cases
* Fix: Dynamic Posts, Carousel set in Free Move mode had visual glitches appearing at times
* Fix: Dynamic Posts: added setting ‘Results per Page’ for the Query Type ‘ID List’
* Fix: Conditional Fields, avoid error message flash of content
* Fix: Avoid “Field_Base missing” error appearing in the PHP error logs
* Fix: ACF Slider, some style settings had no effect
* Fix: ACF Repeater widget, JS error in browser console in some cases
* Fix: Items Style didn’t work correctly on Accordion Skin after v2.9.1
* Fix: Toolset Relationship didn’t retrieve correctly relationship fields
* Minor Fixes
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