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From logos to brochures, from presentations to assignments, from reports to cover letters, the thing that matters the most is its unique appearance. When it comes to Graphics, no compromise can ever be made. After all, graphics captivates everyone’s eyes like no one does. So if you want to design graphics, join canva.

Keeping in mind this panoramic view of graphic designing, Cliff Obrecht, Melanie Perkins and Cameron Adams founded a platform to create graphic designs. What they founded was a graphic designing company named CANVA. This single platform has satiated the thirst of millions of people for better and captivating designs. Canva is simply a canvas to your imaginations.

Who can use Canva?

For all the mentors who want to make their lessons interesting to their students by designing graphics, for all the students who want to make their assignments up to the mark, for all the website builders who want to build their websites in a cool way and for all those who want to showcase their work in an awe-inspiring  way. CANVA is a perfect stop for all of them.

Great features of Canva:

Canva provides first class features to all. Here is a review:

No cost platform:

Despite of the fact that Canva is a perfect place to mould your imaginations to reality, it still provides it all for free. Beautifully designed magazine covers, elegant posts and flyers, outstanding presentations and much more. All this is waiting for you just for free. Except for some professional themes and tools, you can have an access to all the enchanting features of Canva in no cost.

No mastery required:

If you are a newbie, you might not have any idea of designing graphics. In this case, it becomes a monster task to design anything for the sake of your own good. But, let we be crystal clear to you here! You don’t need any mastery, any expertise or any skill to do graphic designing on Canva. Here you can carve out dazzling brochures, presentations and up to infinity of all that.

Bunch of templates and font available:

A particular template or font won’t work for you? Looking for something else?

So yes! Canva is here to go along with you in the journey of selecting templates and fonts that match your taste because Canva promises you to get the best designs out of it.

Handy and user friendly interface:

Canva provides its users an environment where they can efficiently design their graphics. It has a handy and an easy to use interface which never let its users run away from the task of designing graphics. Canva show cases its all features in one layout. Here we have showed you one of the layouts of Canva.

As you can see, on the left side of the layout, there is a list of various features which include templates, elements, uploads, text and much more.

Boundless possibilities of designing:

Canva has boundless possibilities of diverse designs for social media, presentations, marketing, videos and office. It ranges graphic designing from Facebook to e-books, from Pinterest posts to Resume, Canva. And if you are thinking about designing anything else than the provided ideas, it offers you to create custom designs.

Build a team:

If you want to build a team, you can use Canva. Doing so will facilitate you in a number of ways. You can share your designs and ideas to your teammates. They can also view your works. Working in such a collaborative and cooperative environment will increase the chances of getting successful in your works using Canva. So, without wasting a second, click here on the link and join hands together with your teammates on Canva.


(Disclaimer Closure: we are a professional site which receives compensation from the companies which we promote. We examine each of the firms at first and then share our opinions. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.)

Learn from Canva:

There are only a few number of companies and websites which tend to guide their users about the graphic designing. Canva stands among such platforms. On Canva, you can learn a lot by creating design of graphics on Canva. Online courses, tutorials and blogs are there for you to make you comprehend designing in a much better way. So, if you are a beginner in the field of graphic designing then Canva is an expert to make you an expert too!


Numerous courses are present from which a user can decide that on which particular area he/she wants to work on. Some of these are:

  • Graphic Designing Basics
  • Social media mastery
  • Canva for beginners
  • Branding your business and the list goes on!


Apart from the courses, this remarkable platform has tutorials to offer. To design graphics on Canva, it has all such tools and elements which one needs in making the best out of one’s abilities and capacities. It accelerates your journey of making amazing designs.

Below are mentioned some of the tutorials which Canva provides and what are their insights:

Getting started with Canva:

It gives a glance of the beginning point on Canva. It helps the users to be clear about why they want to use Canva and what scheme are they going to do so. 

Creating videos with Canva:

This tutorial guides its users about video creation and editing. It works out to be super duper! Because, we all know that lively videos do have a long lasting effect on the viewers. Even ahead of these, such tutorials have further subcategories in them which help the learner to be more goal-specific.

Canva for teachers:

Whether you are a teacher at school level or other than that, Canva gives tutorials as how to make the task, assessments, notes and other study related material captivating and interesting for your students.

Canva pro for non-profits:

Canva has also arranged tutorials for non profits. It is a place where you can beautifully beautify the whole world around you.

Designing with canva:

This graphic designing platform provides you all that potential which you need to be an expert graphic designer. Canva gives you super cool tips to gear up your design skills.

Content management :

In this tutorial of content management, you will learn how to set up the folders, share them with the team members, and personalize the way you manage and organize them. 

Is CANVA for free?

Yes it is absolutely free for you unless you choose to upgrade to pro or Canva enterprise if you want to. Here we have given an overview to you so that you may decide what you want to choose.

Basic starter for designing Designing together got better

Access to unlimited tools

Boost your business, upgrade your content
$0 $12.99 per month for 1-5 members $30 per month For up to 25 members
  • 250,000+ templates
  • 100+ (social media, presentations, letter and more)
  • Hundreds of thousands of free photos and graphics
  • Invite members to your team
  • Collaborate and comment in your real time
  • 5GB of the cloud storage

Everything free has plus:

  • 100+ million stock photos, videos, audios and graphics
  • 610,00+ premium and free templates with new designs daily
  • Resize designs infinitely with magic resize
  • Save designs as templates for your team to use
  • 100GB of cloud storage
  • Remove image backgrounds instantly
  • Schedule social media content on up to 8 platforms
Everything pro has plus:

  • Establish your brands visual identity with logos, colors and font access.
  • Controls team uploads in Canva
  • Built-in workflows to get approval on your designs
  • Set which elements your team can edit and stay on brand with template locking
  • Unlimited storage
  • Single sign on SSO
  • 24/7 enterprise –level store

Drag and drop interface:

Canva has a drag and drop interface which is friendly and easy at the same time. In order to design graphics on Canva, you can easily create flyers, invitations, presentations, reports and Zoom backgrounds.

Using drag and drop interface of canva, you can easily upload your own photos. Your photos can then be used as a template for you at a later time. It seems to be PhotoShop but, the point here which favors Canva is that it is totally free. You don’t have to spend even a penny. Moreover, high level knowledge of photo editing is also not compulsory.

Check out Now on Canva

(Disclaimer Closure: we are a professional site which receives compensation from the companies which we promote. We examine each of the firms at first and then share our opinions. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.)

Is Canva better than PowerPoint?

When it comes to compare Canva with the Powerpoint, Canva always leads. The reason is that Canva provides much refined and defined templates which are handy to use. To use PowerPoint, at first you must have an in depth knowledge about graphic designing  and the basic terminologies. Canva has made it much simpler and much easier to be the best in designing any sort of graphics

When you will come to Canva, you would have a handful of ideas and creativity, but when you will come on to this platform, you will get an internal spark to generate more creative ideas, generate some more and keep generating! So here is the link provided to go to Canva and explore the world of graphic designing.

How does CANVA work?

It is easy to sign up for Canva. You can use either a Google account or a  Facebook login ID.

When the account sign up is all done, you may decide that do you want to work there as a teacher to design graphics on Canva, a website builder or anything else.

Doing so is quite helpful. Because, once you define you niche on the platform, it becomes easy to explore and try all that stuff which is related to your working needs.

Don’t let the time fly away.  Don’t miss the golden opportunity to transform less captivating designs to the super dupers. Once you dive into the ocean of Canva, we bet, you would not want to come out of it!

Here Is the link provided for CANVA.

(Disclaimer Closure: we are a professional site that receives compensation from the companies which we promote. We examine each of the firms at first and then share our opinions. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.)

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