Creating a website for your business

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Creating a website for your business

The process of Creating a website for your business can seem very scary to many business owners.

But with proper preparation before starting the construction of the business website, your business can also benefit from a perfect website. So before starting to build a website for a business, several important points regarding building a business website should be taken into account.

Today it is almost impossible to run a successful business without a website for your business.

Consumers turn to the Internet first to look for services and products, so even the smallest businesses know that they must have at least a small image website or business landing page to reach new customers.

Creating a website for your business is the “show window” of your business.

It is the place where consumers can go to get information about the products and services of the business, find out about the hours of operation, contact the business, and more.

Therefore, businesses must give a lot of thought before starting the process of building a small business website.

Here are some points to consider before Creating a website for your business:

1. Creating a website for your business needs a domain

In order to build a website for your business, you must first choose a domain name.

A domain is actually the web address of the website, the URL link that surfers see in the browser line when they visit the business website. The domain is one of the most important features of a business website because it is actually the official name of the website.

It is very important to choose a suitable and attractive domain name because a domain address is an address that surfers will have to type in the browser to get directly to the business website, the website address that will be displayed in Internet advertising ads and the way that consumers will call your website.

The website name should best represent the business

The domain address should best represent the business and be unique enough to stand out from the other competitors.

Consumers should intuitively associate the website name with the business name so that the moment they want to get to your website, they will always remember the domain name.

The best choice in such cases is to represent the business name as the domain address. For example, let’s take a Hair Beuty business called “Pink beauty”. A recommended domain address can be, for example, ““.

A domain name should be short and catchy
The domain name should be short and catchy so that surfers can easily remember it and quickly type it into Google as soon as they need to visit the business website.

A short domain also looks better in Google and Facebook ads. You should think of ways to reduce the domain address to something shorter and more catchy.

Let’s go back to the example moment of the business “Pink beauty”. Maybe you should consider shortening the domain name for example to “” or “”.

The domain extension is an important part of the domain name
It is also important to determine what the website’s domain extension will be. Today, you can choose from a wide variety of extensions, from international ones such as .com to very focused extensions such as.

hotel, so it is important to choose a domain extension that fits the characteristics of the business and its target audience.

For example, it is recommended for businesses targeting only the US market to choose the com suffix. Businesses addressing other businesses can choose the biz suffix, computing businesses can choose the net suffix, etc.

Choosing a domain name is a long-term choice
Remember that choosing a domain is a long-term choice. The domain name will accompany the business website for years to come.

So it is recommended to choose an eternal domain name that is not subject to current trends in the market, that does not represent only one product/service of the business and that can be the name of the website even if the business activity changes over the years.

2. Creating a website for your business – what is the goal actually?

There are many reasons to Create a website for your business. For example, the need to give the business an Internet presence, recruit new customers, make information accessible to customers, sell products online, use it as a landing page for advertising on Google, strengthen a brand, organic promotion in search engines, an image website for sending a mobile message, a website for advertising on Facebook and more.

In order for the site to serve the business in the best way, it is recommended to choose one general goal that will guide the construction of the site from the stage of deciding on the structure of the site to the small points of the site design.

Focusing on one general goal, such as building a website to strengthen a brand or advertise on Google, will simplify the construction process and help you complete the construction of the site faster.

For example, if your business needs a website that will function as a landing page for Google advertising then the main goal of the website should be a maximum conversion from Google advertising.

The website should be built with the thought of achieving the highest conversion rate from website visitors coming directly from Google advertising.

3. The structure of the business website

When experts discuss the structure of a business website, they actually mean the user experience on the website – the way visitors browse the website and interact with the business website.

Even if the best business cannot overcome a bad user experience on the business website, the abandonment rate will be too high.

A structure that provides easy browsing on the site
Many studies in the field of website construction have found that visitors choose to stay longer the more comfortable they are browsing a website (it is no coincidence that the most popular structure for websites today is a one-page structure of a landing page).

Whether you are building a business website with a one-page structure or whether you are building a website with internal pages, it is recommended to consider creating a logical website hierarchy that allows website visitors to browse comfortably and navigate to any area of ​​the website easily.



A minimal website structure is the best choice
Surfers tend to respond better to sites with minimal site structure. It is recommended to avoid overloading the site with too many elements that can distract visitors from the main purpose for which the site was established.

Whether the website was built as a landing page for Google or whether the website was built to serve existing customers, website visitors should find their way easily.

Adaptation to mobile
The growing use of smartphones requires every business website to be mobile-friendly.

Over half of internet searches come via mobile, and when you add the fact that the percentage of abandonment on mobile is higher, this only further strengthens the importance of adapting the website structure to mobile.

4. Preparation of content for the business website

Now that you know what the structure of the site is, then you can start and actually think about its content.

What information do you want to include on the website?

What visual aids (photos, videos, training files, etc.) will be displayed on the site? What will be the call to action on the site? What is the text of the contact form? What recommendations from customers are displayed on the website, etc.

The website content serves the target audience
Remember that in the end, the website has to serve the existing and potential customers, so all the content on the website has to meet the wants and needs of the target audience.

The website should include every piece of information that can interest customers and help them make a smarter decision about using the business’s products/services.

Using Google search terms
Even if you do not intend to promote the business on Google in a sponsored or organic way, it is recommended to include in the content of the website relevant search terms from Google related to the activity of the business.

Most of the hits to the business website on Google will come from the Google search engine anyway, so using common search terms means to surfers that they have arrived at a relevant website related to the terms that are a Google search.

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5. Choosing a website building company

Today, most small businesses turn to a web development company to build a business website for them.

This is the easiest and simplest way for a business owner to build a business website.

The company pairs the business owner with a professional website builder who performs all the actual work of building the website, so that the business owner can continue to focus on the daily activities of the business.

But since there are many companies for building websites, one of the most important things to emphasize before starting the process of building a website for a business is the choice of a website building company.

Selection by examples of websites
Any self-respecting website building company presents examples of websites it has made for previous clients. Examining these sample jobs is the best way to test the company’s ability to meet the site’s requirements, and may even give you ideas about the site’s design.

Costs of building a website for a business
Of course, the cost charged by the website building company for building the website for the business must also be taken into account. Prices for building a website for a business range from a few hundred shekels to a few thousand shekels, depending on the needs of your business. It is recommended to contact several website building companies and get quotes in order to compare prices.

Long-term site support
The website building company should provide its customers with long-term website support.

It is important to make sure that the website building company provides you with information security, website accessibility updates according to law, website template updates, regular backups, and of course there is a possibility in the future to make changes to the website if necessary.

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