Create an eCommerce Website using WordPress

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Create e-commerce website with WordPress

Do you want to set up your e-commerce website using WordPress? Then this is for you. We will guide you step-by-step on how you can Create an eCommerce Website using WordPress. Many websites on the internet are created with WordPress. This is a great platform to start your own website, website can be a blog site or can be an e-commerce site. If you want to start your e-commerce business on your own website then you can create your website on WordPress.

If you want to create your e-commerce website for business purposes then WordPress is the best option for you.

Why choose WordPress?

WordPress is very easy to use, this is a user-friendly platform. Even if you are new to this platform, you can easily understand this. If anyone doesn’t know what WordPress is, then we will tell you. This is a content management system, you can manage your content, and it is an open-source content management system.

For the website, most people and as well companies prefer WordPress. It has a lot of features and it provides new features with time.




What’s needed to Create an eCommerce Website using WordPress

There are some basic things that you need Create an eCommerce Website using WordPress.


To start hosting the first thing which you need is Hosting. Hosting is like a memory card where your website data is stored. There are many websites from where’s you can buy hosting, like HostGator, Namecheap, Bluehost, A2 hosting, Hostinger, and many other sites are provide hosting. You can buy 1 year, 2 years, and 4 years hosting. But after completing the time, your hosting will expire and you will have to pay again, otherwise, your hosting will not work.


The domain is the address of the website, for example,, this is Domain. For every website Domain is necessary. If you will buy hosting for 1 year, you will get free Domain, almost every hosting provider company provides this facility to its client. Keep in mind, a Domain name is always unique for every website.

Install the WordPress

After buying hosting and domain, connect your domain with the hosting. And then install WordPress in the hosting. If you don’t know how to install WordPress, it’s an easy process. Hosting Provider Company provide you cPanel, from where you can easily find the option of installing the WordPress. After installing the WordPress, set up and customization your website. After customization, your website will be ready for google. If you want to set up your business, then your domain will be according to your business.

Install theme for WordPress

Install the theme for your WordPress that you think is the best theme for your site. You can install the theme in your WordPress editor. Click on the theme, click on Add New, and search any theme, which you want to install in your WordPress.

You can install a free theme from your WordPress and also can install a premium theme after buying. Our suggestion is to install a premium theme, it would be the best for your site.

E-commerce plugin

As we said, there are many features in WordPress. There is no e-commerce feature in WordPress, but WordPress provides a separate e-commerce plugin to create an e-commerce website. There are many plugins in WordPress for e-commerce, you can anyone that you want.


WooCommerce is one of the best and one of the most popular e-commerce plugins that you can install for your website. Most people prefer WooCommerce for e-commerce because this plugin provides have many functionalities including a theme. This provides a beautiful and unlimited theme to make the website good-looking. As well theme, it also provides extensions.

So if you want to install any e-commerce theme in your WordPress then WooCommerce would be the best choice.




Easy Digital Downloads

This is a great plugin for the e-commerce website, for example, most plugins can be used to sell physical products but easy Digital downloads help to sell the digital products. If you have digital products that you want to sell online, then this would be the best for you. And if you want to sell physical and digital products then this is a great choice. Easy Digital Download provides the facility to create discount codes, if you want to provide a discount to your customer through any code, then you can do it through this plugin. To install this plugin and make your e-commerce website.

WP eCommerce

This is the e-commerce plugin that you can use to create your online shop on WordPress. WP eCommerce plugin provides you with each feature that is necessary for an online store.

Install and active e-commerce plugin

Select any of these plugins to set up your online store on WordPress. For example, if you select WooCommerce, then install this plugin. If you don’t know how to install the plugin, it’s simple, click on the plugin option, click on the new and search any plugin that you want to install.

Search WooCommerce and click on the install, within a minute your plugin will be installed. After installing the plugin, go on the plugins option and install the WooCommerce plugin.

In the WooCommerce plugin, you will find each e-commerce feature like Product pages, Cart and checkout, secure payments, Shipping options, automated tax calculations.

Add your business detail

It will ask your business detail you will have to put your business detail accurately.

Add payment methods

Add payment methods, from which you want to receive your payment from the client remember always to add easy payment that works worldwide.

Confirm shipping options

You can add your shipping rates, WooCommerce plugin will auto-detect your current location, where you are operating your website.

Jetpack Activation

And then active jetpack, it is a very easy process.

Choose a theme

Then you can select them for your e-commerce store, always select the good-looking and easy-to-understand theme for your store. The theme is the first impression of your store on the client. If your theme is good-looking then your customer would be impressed. And if your theme will not good-looking then the customer will be disappointed with the interface.

Never select a slow-loaded theme, some themes load very late. If your theme will be slow your customer will not open your website. So always select a right and fast theme. So of themes are free available you can install free themes. But some themes are paid, you can buy paid themes from different sites and can install them in your WordPress.

If you want to build a professional website and online store, then you should buy a premium theme, because it looks more beautiful, professional, and is always fast loaded. Customize your theme, and your store will be ready to launch.

Remember, the WooCommerce dashboard will be separate from to WordPress site dashboard. It means your store dashboard will be separate in your WordPress editor.

Add products

In the end, your last and main step is to add your products to your store. Once you add your product to your website, then you will be able to sell your product online.

Add product description

When you add a product to your store, must ad a product description, this will engage more audience. Describe everything about your product, the pros, and the cons of your product.

Add product images

Add images of your product, the image should be well designed and attractive. Most people are attracted to the images. So try to add a catchy and good-looking image.

And also add the “add to cart” Button for easy purchasing.

Add your site in google analytics and google search console

Google Analytics will show you how many people have been visited your site, how many people are currently on your site. Google Analytics will show you how much traffic is from social media and how much traffic is from google. Google search console will show you the impression and click on your site, and show you your organic traffic from google. Google search console will help you to index your article in google. So must add your site in both.

Install further plugin

These are not enough, you will have to install some other plugins for your WordPress website to manage and rank in google.

Install SEO plugin

Install any SEO plugins on your site. There are further options, for example, you can install Yoast, Rank Math, or All in One plugin these are the best plugins for SEO. It has a premium version that you can use after paying money, but you can use the free version of these plugins.

Write blogs on your site

Write SEO-optimized blogs about your product, before writing a blog, do proper keyword research, find low competition keywords with high traffic. Write a blog to focus that low competition keyword, do complete On-Page SEO of your blog, link each blog to your products, and publish it on your website.

If you will write an article to focus on low competition keywords, then your blog will rank fast in google and your sales will start soon.




Add pages to your site

Add necessary pages in your website like, about us, contact us pages, and privacy policy page. Describe everything about your business on the about us page, and add the contact us page, because the customer can easily contact you.


If you want to start your e-commerce site then WordPress is the best option for you. Start your e-commerce site with WordPress, this is very easy to manage and a great platform. Buy hosting and register a unique domain. Your domain name will be according to your business. install the good-looking theme in WordPress website customize a theme and add necessary pages like About us, contact, and privacy policy page.

Add WooCommerce plugin, this is the best e-commerce plugin for WordPress. Add payment methods, install the awesome theme for your online store, and customize the theme. It will be a plus point if you will install a premium theme. Add your product, write engaging and unique product descriptions, add images of your product.

Install further plugins like SEO plugin, etc. for SEO plugin, you can install Yoast, Rank math, and All in one plugin. Write a blog and publish it on your website, linking each product with the blog. Write an SEO-optimized blog after keyword research. Rank your blog on google with SEO, your sale will be started soon.

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