Content Ideas for Small Businesses

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Well, you are looking for Content ideas for small businesses? That’s why you are here. You had jumped to the right place. 

When you are just starting off your new business you might feel that you don’t have enough ideas.  

If you are posting the same content each day you might feel that the follower will lose interest in your business. So having enough content ideas is compulsory. 

Well, you are searching for Content ideas for small businesses we appreciate you. Because you are serious about your business. You want to give enough information to the user and want to engage your followers.

So let’s dive into the topic and start exploring what are the amazing Content ideas for small businesses. you should also read our tips for a successful business.

How to create content


Before knowing the Content ideas for small businesses, you might have questions about how you will create that content?. Don’t worry your problem has been solved because Canva is the best tool where you can create content for your business. 

Whether you want to create a video, image, or story post. Canva will help you to do graphic designing without having any knowledge of photoshop, illustrator.

There are mostly free images available in Canva. In fact, having a free version of Canva is enough. But if you want to get access to paid images you can also do that.

One most important things about Canva is that they offer you to customize your designs. You can upload images, elements, fonts, and much more options are there in Canva.

Here is the image attached, you can take a look at what it looks like;

 how to create content

Content ideas for small businesses


Your social media followers will often feel bored if you are posting the same content again and again. Create some uniqueness in your business by creating engaging content. Your engaging content could turn the followers or users into potential customers.

Being a small business owner you don’t have much more time to think about what to post or make content strategies because you will have to focus on other things too. We have got some amazing content ideas that will save your time and engage your followers.

Are you excited to learn Content ideas for small businesses? So let’s dive into the topic and start discussing some unique Content ideas.

So keep reading to get detailed knowledge of each of them and Content ideas for small businesses. 

  • Product  tutorial
  • Product announcement
  • Company workers
  • Customer feedback
  • A poll or Q/A
  • Recycle the content
  • Write blog posts
  • Introduce give away
  • Tipsnor Quotes
  • Do live sessions
  • Publish others content
  • Learn from others

Let’s discuss them one by one.

Product tutorial;


One of the first Content ideas is to create a product tutorial. You should create a detailed video about your products.

A video in which you will explain about what are the benefits of your product? Will definitely attract your followers. If the video is too engaging or has enough knowledge about your product the follower will attract and even get some purchase.

Don’t compromise on the quality of the video, use quality images. Show every angle of your product and try to give enough information so that the user may satisfy after watching.

Having a product tutorial video is the most amazing Content idea for your small business. It could engage and attract new and existing customers.

You can also tell your followers about the history of that particular product or the history of your business too. It will be great to get your customer engaged.

Product announcement;


If you are going to add a new product to your product section. You should definitely create an announcement video or image to attract others.

Create curiosity about the new product that you are launching. Before launching any product you should add some posts in which you will make announcements about your product. 

You can also ask some questions before launching or create curiosity for users. If you are adding a question just like Can you guess “what we are going to launch?” Or what “are you excited for a new shirt design?”. 

In this way, the user will be more curious to know about the new launch.

Company workers;


Share the information of your company workers like what they are doing. You can also share pictures of your worker’s pets.

If someone has a birthday or wedding anniversary, you should wish them through your social media pages.

It will build trust between you and the users. Sharing a video of workers when they are busy in their work or having some fun would be delighted for the followers.

The biggest mistake that the newest businesses do they are only adding up pictures of their products. They are not providing any worthy information to the users. So Never use your social media pages as a Product page but relevancy is the key.

Customer feedback;


The most important content idea for small businesses is that you should post your previous customer feedback. Maybe you are already following it but if you don’t then you should.

Having customer feedback on your site or on your social media pages will build trust between you and the follower. 

Remember in an online business there is no physical interaction between you and your customer so you will have to keep them up to date about your business through your social media pages. Keep your social media pages natural. also, check our guide to do’s and don’ts of your business.

Your social media pages should not look like a robot is managing it, who is focused on posting product images only.

You can also tag that customer who had made purchases as it will build trust about that feedback. Ask your customers that they would love to know how was their experience.

Introduce Give-aways;


Introducing give-aways will be a great idea because it will not only engage users but also you can get some new followers.

Giveaways allow you to showcase your products to new customers. Current followers also get attraction with give-aways.

You can also share a quiz competition in which the winner will be rewarded with some amazing gifts. It will work as a marketing strategy for your growing business will give your sales a boost.

A poll or Q/A;


Having a Poll or Q/A session with your followers will be a great way to engage them. You can add a post or a story to Ask a question or having a Poll will definitely be an amazing content idea.

Engage and attract new users as much as you can. Answer your customer queries on time. the question could be anything about your product, or the issue they might have been facing.

You can specify a day for Q/A this will be an absolute way to attract more users. When you will already announce that we will answer your questions at 8 Pm. the follower will definitely get excited.

Tips or Quotes;


You should fix a day in which you will make a post about something inspirational for the followers. You can create a Quotation or tip of the day with your brand colors, logo, and fonts.

Your followers will definitely love it because they are getting some useful information rather than the regular product pictures.

who knows maybe that quotation or a tip could be a source of motivation for them.

 content marketing strategies

Write blog posts;


Writing content on a blog is an absolute way to attract customers. Nowadays most of the existing and new businesses are using this for reaching out to their potential customers.

check out our tips for blogging

Even when you will establish your blog you can even attract customers from various search engines like Google. Most probably the reader of your blog post may get a purchase that will ultimately help your business to grow.

Businesses who are writing blog posts are generating 67% of more customers and revenue.

In the blog post you can add some product information, frequently asked questions, or the history of your products and brand.

If you don’t know how to write a blog or how you can build your blog Don’t worry we have a complete guide about your blog.

Even you can get knowledge about website creation, domain, or hosting just right here.

Recycle the content;


The content that you had created years ago now it’s time to recycle them but it should not be the same in a different way.

Let me explain how, let’s say that year before you had created a video content in which you were talking about beauty hacks. Now you can recycle that video content in form of carousal posts or you can write that beauty hacks in the caption.

If the content was in video you can convert them into a carousel post. Or if it was in a carousel post you can recycle them by creating infographics. Most amazing thing is that it would be free of cost with Canva. Must try it.

Sounds interesting! So keep reading to get more amazing Content ideas for your small business that will cost you nothing but could be a great way of content marketing.

Live sessions;


Having a live session will be an awsome Content idea for small businesses. You may go live at a specific time show your followers your manufacturing location or the area where is it located.

Do a live session and inform your audience about the specific products. Answer their queries one on one to get more engagement.

If a business is doing any live session and getting engaged with the followers it will attract the audience. The audience will get more authentic information with the help of live sessions.

Publish other’s content;


Yes, you heard write, you should publish others content but it should be related to your business and must be informative. 

You can also share the posts of your customers. Like if any one of your customers has shared a post of a product that they had bought from you, you can share them on your social media.

Let’s say you have a jewelry store, and you have found great content about how to protect silver jewelry? You can share this type of content on your’s to engage your customers.

Sometimes it’s better to share others’ content despite creating your own it would delight your followers and also could be a way to give shout-outs to others.

Publishing other content will require no time but great research.

Summary of Content ideas for small businesses;


No matter whether you have a small business or a large one an effective content strategy could lead your business to achieve more.

So it is always a good idea together with some knowledge about Content ideas for small businesses. 

Never ignore your competitors follow whatever they are doing to achieve more. Follow what’s your competitor’s strategies and how they are growing their business. You should learn from your competitors and apply the content strategies that they have.

There is no physical interaction between you and the user so you should keep in touch with your user as much as you can. The interaction could be in any form through a live or question-answer session or in form of customer feedback. The sole purpose is to get in touch with the followers and turns them into potential customers.

Create your amazing infographics, video, photo, or story content with the help of Canva. You will definitely be in love with Canva just like me.


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