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All about Bluehost Domain and hosting

For those who are professionals in website design and development, these are not rocket science, but to the newbie’s understanding, these words are such a big deal.

A web hosting company’s service is called hosting. A web hosting company operates several large web servers that are connected to the internet. Web servers are large computers with many hard disks, redundant internet connections, remote backups.

Web hosting is required to link your domain name to the internet so that online users may access your site. It is used with your domain name.

A domain registrar manages a domain name, and we can use it with any web hosting provider.

What Bluehost does is to provide domain name registration and web hosting services. They’ll prepare your domain name registration and connect it to your hosting plan automatically if you choose a hosting package.


Why use Bluehost?

The hosting platform provides shared hosting services at an affordable price. Bluehost is a safe and economical alternative if you’re building a website for the first time. You also get a free domain name when you sign up, as I previously said. Along with its customer help choices and economical additional hosting levels, this is a fantastic bonus that sets it apart from other budget options.

Bluehost also has an easy-to-use website builder. In this manner, you may establish a website in a matter of minutes with no technical skills. There are various designs selected.

Who uses Bluehost?

This platform is ideal for beginning bloggers and small businesses looking to launch their sites at a low cost. Bluehost boasts impressive customer support and easy-to-use cPanel, so the learning curve is small for beginning bloggers and small business owners launching their first site.

It is also great to know Bluehost offers a variety of hosting plans, called tiers. The lowest tier is the Economy plan, starting at $3.95/month. The Plus option costs $5.95/month and you will get more disk space and capacity, and e-commerce tools like detailed shopping cart statistics and order status reports.

For as little as five dollars more per month, you can upgrade to the Business Pro plan to get a dedicated IP address, which is useful if you use your domain name for an existing business or outside activity, such as a blog or forum site.

With even more money to spend on your hosting, the Enterprise tier is available for those who want a private DNS server, automated backups and other advanced features.

It is noteworthy that the prices for each shared hosting tier are only valid if you buy a 36-month hosting plan. The monthly payments differ depending on whether you choose a 12- or 24-month plan.

When you choose a monthly plan, your hosting charge will be considerably more. Regardless, Bluehost remains the most cost-effective and value-packed package available, especially for beginners.

Bluehost pricing plans

The Basic plan from Bluehost is an easy way to get started building a website. For $2.95 per month, you can create up to one site with 50 GBs of space. This makes the hosting company generous when you consider they also include a free CDN and a free SSL certificate with your purchase.

You can get some features of Amazon’s cloud hosting for a fraction of the cost. Their Plus tier at $5.45 per month offers all the benefits of the basic plan and more—more storage, more capacity, an unlimited number of sites you can host, access to Microsoft cloud services—for less than half the cost of their top tier.

Virtual private server (VPS) hosting is web hosting in which a server acts as a dedicated environment for a single client’s site, but that site is on a shared server. VPS hosting is less expensive than dedicated hosting, but it affords the client better security and potentially better performance than would be available on a shared server.

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Bluehost WordPress hosting

It provides a platform for websites and scales on WordPress to match any demand. All pricing plans include incredibly fast speeds, marketing tools, and multi-tiered security features.

Bluehost’s most robust hosting plan, the Managed WordPress option, comes in three tiers: Build, Grow, and Scale. Each tier provides a different hosting package to accommodate what you’re looking for as your business grows. To make the best choice based on your traffic needs, you will want to consider the number of servers each tier is appropriate for.

When you visit their website, or any other website hosting page, you’ll see Bluehost’s most popular options listed first. There are three options: shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers. We do a lot of our web data backups with Bluehost and other companies. It is also affordable. The amount of capacity a user has per month depends on the type of hosting account you have with them. The more capacity, the more data you can transfer to your customers whom are viewing your site.

The Blue Sky service provides individual training and guidance on building, growing, and maintaining WordPress websites. The service includes live WordPress ticket support at $29 per month; backup help at $49 per month; SEO tools at $149 per month help with content optimization at $99 per month; and mobile optimization helps at $49 per month.

Professional Ecommerce services

There is a suite of services that helps businesses with website design, development, and online/ eCommerce strategies so they can focus on increasing revenue and running their business.

Their team of specialists will create a custom marketing plan specifically for your company. We offer services such as website design, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click ads (PPC) and conversion tracking, customer relationship management (CRM), and domain name selection. We handle all aspects of the migration process, including providing an up-to-date consultation with our webmaster before and after any transfer to make sure that we have fully moved all accounts.

The Standard subscription is best for storefronts that have a robust payment processing system with plenty of analytics. If you want to capture subscriptions or online booking and appointment scheduling, upgrade to the Premium tier as a very reliable e-Commerce option.

Pros of Bluehost

  • Bluehost’s customer support is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from the moment you sign up to the moment your site has outgrown the company’s resources—whether that time comes on the first day or fifty years later.
  • One year of free site hosting: One of Bluehost’s most appealing features is the free domain name you get for an entire year. This eliminates the step of going through an outside domain seller or investing more money at your site’s beginning.
  • An SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) ensures the identity of your website and encrypts precious information. This is crucial for keeping your site safe. Bluehost offers this service for free.
  • Bluehost’s intuitive and guided setup process allows you to create a website quickly. If you encounter any problems, their chat support feature can assist you instantly.
  • Bluehost is beginner-friendly, as it doesn’t require advanced knowledge of web management or coding to set up your website. They have partnered with WordPress and make installing WordPress a seamless part of the process.
  • Bluehost offers $200 worth of advertising credits. This includes $150 in Google AdWords credit and $50 in Facebook advertising credit. When you use these credits, you can advertise with the respective websites and get into traffic immediately.
  • Bluehost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of its hosting plans. You are not obligated to stay with them beyond this point, so you can cancel and still receive a prorated refund.

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Cons of Bluehost

  • If you have a high-traffic website, and you’re looking for managed WordPress hosting, Bluehost isn’t the best choice. Their entry-level plans are only suitable for smaller sites that receive little traffic. You can upgrade to one of their more expensive plans, which will provide better performance if your site is already getting a lot of traffic.
  • For site migrations, Bluehost is not necessarily the cheapest option. Bluehost’s migration fee starts at $149. Bluehost charges this fee to help you migrate your site to or from another platform.
  • If you run an ecommerce business, are a thriving blogger, or provide Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), choose a web hosting company that has been independently verified as offering superior reliability. For example, we’ve found that hosts like SiteGround, A2 Hosting, and WP Engine have a proven track record of delivering speedy performance and reliable uptime.
  • As of this writing, Bluehost does not offer a firewall for shared hosting, but that you can add one using SiteLock.

Comparison between Bluehost and other web host

  • Since 2003, Bluehost has been operating one of the longest-running and most reliable web hosting services. In 2011, it launched its new cloud-based hosting platform, designed to streamline web hosting and strengthen customer support.
  • Bluehost operates its own data center instead of outsourcing technology, which helps the company maintain a stable setup for the millions of websites it serves.
  • The Bluehost shared hosting plan is suitable for novice webmasters, but it also enables you to scale up your site as you grow your business. For example, if you begin with the shared hosting plan, you can easily upgrade to the Pro plan, the WordPress Hosting plan, or VPS Hosting as your company expands. This helps you avoid having to change web hosts in midstream.
  • With the backup feature, you will restore all of your data with just one click of your mouse. Backups are performed daily, weekly, and monthly.

FaQs on Bluehosts

  • Does Bluehost give a free URL?

Yes, Bluehost gives a free domain name URL for the first year of hosting. Bluehost waives the cost of registering a new domain if you sign up for its hosting plan. But, if you cancel your plan within 30 days, Bluehost will deduct $15.99 from your refund, as it operates a money-back guarantee that doesn’t cover domains.

Bluehost is not free and does not offer a free trial. It does, however, give new customers 30 days to try out its hosting services for free. At the end of this period, you have up to 30 days to decide whether you want to keep the service at which point you can ask for your money back. It’s that easy!

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