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BigCommerce review

Let me introduce BigCommerce in few lines. BigCommerce offers a wide variety of features that are easy to use. Including multichannel integration and build in sales tools. In order to enhance the customer experience BigCommerce continually introducing new features and keep updating the existing one. Therefore, I personally suggest BigCommerce to a fast-growing business and for the business who want to operate at a large scale. bigcommerce pricing plans vary from business to business

BigCommerce pricing plans offer:


Bigcommerce pricing plans are available with special prices according to the needs of customers. Basically, 4 types of plans are available until now for a wide range of industries including jewelry, fashion, health products, electronics, gifts, and publishing books. Bigcommerce pricing plans are listed below:

  1. Standard
  2. Plus
  3. Pro
  4. Enterprise

First, three eCommerce pricing plan are also called basic Bigcommerce plan with a variety of features in each plan. There is a 15 day free trial with BigCommerce, so, you can choose the best plan after 15 days trial for your online e-commerce store. Big and fast-growing industries should buy the fourth plan that is the BigCommerce enterprise plan.  Here below are the details of each e-commerce pricing plan.

BigCommerce Standard Plan

BigCommerce Standard Plan (monthly cost is $29.95) is specially made for simple ecommerce websites and for the small businesses that generate yearly revenue of up to $50,000. Standard offers you a website to sell products and write blogs. Moreover, you can add an unlimited number of goods and staff accounts by using Bigcommerce standard plan. You can run your feature-rich online store by using this stand plan and you do not have to use any extra plugins. You will feel limited when you wish to use major functions like customer group and abundant cart recovery.

Who can use this Pricing Plan? The BigCommerce Standard Plan is definitely a unique hybrid because it provides so much more than you would find on other websites. That sell their starter or standard plans for beginners in the online selling realm. I want to mention that small to large businesses, all can get benefit from the BigCommerce Standard Plan because it comes with all the things from unlimited products to dropshipping integrations.

Smaller eCommerce shops may even find that this initial plan is too complex or expensive for their taste due to revenue restrictions. So I would recommend that companies that initially with just a few dozen products look elsewhere for an online store solution.

BigCommerce Plus Plan

The BigCommerce Plus plan (monthly cost is $79.95)  is very popular among all the plans available on BigCommerce sites. You will promote to Bigcommerce plus membership on exceeding $50,000/year income from an e-commerce store. It has some interesting features that are not available in the standard plan.

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It includes:
  • Abandoned cart saver
  • Persistent Cart
  • Customer groups and segmentation
  • Stored credit cards

eCommerce store managers or store owners can easily increase their connections with customers and they can also promote products. They can develop new strategies and can optimize their purchasing methods on the basis of data available provided by these e-commerce features.

BigCommerce Pro Plan

Whenever your income from an e-commerce store exceeds $$180,000/year then you will automatically be promoted to the BigCommerce pro membership plan (monthly cost is $79.95). You will face many complicated problems as your online business store is developing day by day. That’s is why you need superior features to deal with your customers and meet their specific requirements. Bigcommerce pro plan can easily solve all these problems.

You can show up customer feedback in search results that adds credibility to your online store.  Moreover, you can display a goggle branded badge and seller ratings. Definitely, these pro features increase your CRT (click-through rate).

This is a program that allows you to collect customers’ feedback then shows them in the search result. Also, when you participate, you can display a badge with the Google brand and your seller rating. These help you improve your click-through rate (CTR) and overall conversion rate. In addition, Bigcommerce Pro Plan also has two important features i.e, product filtering and customer product filtering.

BigCommerce Enterprise Plan

The ever best plan is the Bigcommerce Enterprise Plan for the online business having revenue of $400,000/ year. Business owners must have the ability to deal with the bigcommerce team. This pricing plan often starts from $1000 and ranges up to $15,000 per month depending upon the business size.

Bigcommerce competitors like Shopify also offer plans for online stores or websites. If you have a limited budget in your pocket then you should check out Shopify Vs Webflow.

Short Review of pricing plans for BigCommerce?

Ultimately, a BigCommerce store price starts at $29.95 per month when using the Standard plan. The cost Plus plan is available for $79.95 per month, and the Pro plan is available at $249.95 per month. Bigcommerce service provides a 15-day free trial. One can easily test it if he has some interest in bigcommerce at all. (if you sign up now you will get 1 month free upon you picking your plan).

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Shortly, the BigCommerce team provides more features in its standard plan than most platforms provide in their higher plans or pro plans. Even so, it becomes a little confusing to figure out which of the BigCommerce plans are for you. How much you can exactly expect to pay in the end.

That’s why I put together a detailed discussion of every little fee and payment you can trigger with each plan. I also explained that for whom each plan is designed. Keep reading more to find out which one is the best fit for you.

Pricing for Domains and Hosting

You can select to purchase a domain from BigCommerce or you can transfer an existing bought one from another service. The cost of domains generally run for around $12.27 per year. Many other domain selling websites incl GoDaddy have better prices. To make a good decision for selection don’t habitat and feel free to check those out as well.  Hosting come with every BigCommerce pricing plan. It includes enterprise-level security that guards both you and your customers/clients. Make sure that you need to transfer over or buy an SSL certificate from BigCommerce. Pricing varies, but you can expect to fork over around $80 to $100 per year.

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