Best ecommerce platform Comparison in 2022

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Best eCommerce platform Comparison in 2022, Compare the and find the best one for yourself!

Here is the following Best eCommerce platform Comparison in 2022:


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There are a lot of Best eCommerce platforms but Big-commerce is the best among them . It has the fastest search engine which makes it perfect for big retailers. BigCommerce is the also the best option for those business owners who want to go for E-commerce in order to expand their sales. It has got top tools for all kinds of online operations. There are buyer centred templates in BigCommerce, some of which are free while others can be purchased. 

BigCommerce is also economical having affordable plans which starts from 29.95 per month. Furthermore, there are also free gift cards, bandwidth without any limit, and check out codes provided by Bigcommerce. 

Advantages of BigCommerce: 

  • BigCommerce is modifiable which means that you can change your plans according to your needs and requirements.
  • the best SEO performance.
  • comes with extraordinary theme-styles.  
  • has unlimited cart features.
  • Disadvantages of BigCommerce:

  • There is a problem with BigCommerce which is its expensive stores for more volumes.
  • no one-click selling and upsells in BigCommerce.

Logo Shopify - Ecommerce Website

2. Shopify:

If you are planning for small-scale store and don’t want to rely on SEO optimization, then Shopify is the best place for you. You should also go for Shopify if you are relying on FB advertisements or if you are using Instagram marketing. However, if you are running a big store having a lot of products, you should opt for other platforms like BigCommerce which supports large-scale businesses. 

But there are some areas where Shopify is better than BigCommerce like it supports one-click upsells which is not supported in BigCommerce. Similarly, it is also a better option for you to be a beginner in online business because creating a store on Shopify is very easy.  

Shopify adds up extra charges on transactions if you are using a payment method other than Shopify’s own payment method which is not liked by many users.

Advantages of Shopify:

  • The fast speed of processing makes Shopify the best platform.
  • better than other ecommerce platforms in terms of its easy set up method. 
  • provides you one-click option of selling and upselling. 
  • has attractive themes and designs.
  • Disadvantages of Shopify:

  • Shopify does not provide better SEO results.
  • The users can not customise checkout processes on Shopify.
  • can be costly than other platforms.

3. Wix:

Wix is currently one of the Best E-commerce platforms in the world. But it was not so great a few years back. Commentators would not recommend it to e-commerce users because it was new in the market. It was not found even in the Best eCommerce platform. However, it has grown so fast that it became one of the Best E-commerce space. It is specially designed for small businesses who want to start an online businesses. Wix has dramatically improved its features in a short period of time like drop-shipping options, multi-channel integrations and abandonment cart recovery.

As Wix offers only 20GB of space (limited space), it is not recommended for businesses who have a lot of products and who has a large scale operations. But in terms of designs and themes, Wix is the most alluring designing and attractive themes for its users. 

Benefits of Wix:

  • got thousands of free extra-ordinary themes. 
  • The setup method and overall usage is very easy.
  • It has live support option for its users. 
  • Disadvantages of using Wix:

  • Although Wix has evolved its SEO ratings but still it does not have a good SEO results. 
  • Customising the templates of Wix is a difficult process.
  • advanced automation features on Wix.

4.  3dcart:

3dcart is one of the oldest E-commerce platforms in the market. This is founded in 2001. The platform has maintained a good reputation in terms of serving more than twenty-thousand businesses online. It is famous for providing economical services because it has no transaction charges. It is also famous for its unlimited space for large scale businesses. 3dcart also help you with multichannel selling.

Although 3dcart is the oldest one, it could not compete BigCommerce and Shopify because it could not make itself appealing and remained relatively outdated in its features. 

However, if we look in general terms, it is still better than many other E-commerce platforms because it has some out of the box and characteristic features.

Advantages of 3dcart:

  • best management tools for its users. 
  • supports business integrations which is the requirement of business owners. 
  • top blog features as compare to other E-commerce providers.

Disadvantages of 3dcart:

  • does not provide extra-ordinary templates. 
  • Many users have complained about its customers support feature.
  • does not support beginner business owners.

5. WooCommerce:

If you are business owner and looking better SEO performance, WooCommerce is the best place for you. Furthermore, it is also cheap because it provides free services to its users excluding some of its WordPress themes which are expensive. 

However, its users have complained about slow speed when  there are more products and customers’ operations. 

Moreover, WooCommerce also has affiliate sites. It also collaboration with WordPress which help you turn your site into an e-commerce store. But the problem with WooCommerce is that some users don’t know about how to use WordPress which makes it hard for them to tackle the technicalities of WooCommerce platform. They won’t be able to set up their WordPress account and customise their themes easily. 

But in general, WooCommerce is good for businesses to avail online services for their growth. 

Advantages of  WooCommerce:

  • WooCommerce has the best SEO performance because of its collaboration with WordPress.
  • one-click selling feature.
  • highly customisable for better performance.
  • It provides a lot of options to its users.

Disadvantages of WooCommerce:

  • troubleshooting issues in it.
  • almost no virtual customer support. 
  • Hosting can expensive on WooCommerce.

6. Volusion:

If you are running a business of selling physical products and you want to start online services, then Volusion is the best place for you. This is among the old E-commerce providers which was launched in 2002. Volusion is the best platform for setting up your website easily. The platoform has some good free themes and a lot of purchasable premium themes. 

The menu bar is simply structured which makes it easier for its users to manage their store. 

However, it is considered not very good by many users because of its lack of blogging abilities, which means you will have to buy blogging services from other platform like WordPress for your store. But Volusion is going through a lot of improvements which can make it better for its users in the future. 

Advantages of Volusion:

  • The best customer support and help centre feature makes it the best E-commerce platform.
  • It also has on-page payment and subscription options. 
  • It has the best structured menu bar.

Disadvantages of Volusion:

  • does not support cross selling options.
  • has poor URL.
  • slower SaaS system.
  • no blogging feature of its own. 

7. Prestashop:

The overall ratings of Prestashop is not very high but still it has a lot characteristic benefits for its users. It is an open E-commerce platform which is cloud-hosted. It is free for its users which makes it one of the best option for business owners. Its SEO performance is also good. 

Although it is free but still you will have to pay for SSL certificate and web hosting etc which might become costly for you. 

It has a simple menu bar which makes it easy for its users to manage their operations. It also provides you free many free themes. But the customisation of themes requires technical skills because there is drag and drop feature in Prestashop. 

Advantages of Prestashop:

  • hundreds of applications for its users. 
  • good reputation in SEO.
  •  very flexible because of being open source. 
  • better customer help team. 

Disadvantages of Prestashop:

  • relatively slower than its competitors because of being open source.
  • After buying certificates and modules, it can become expensive.
  • It needs some technical skills which are lacked by many business owners.

Weebly - logo

8. Weebly:

If SEO optimisation is not your concern and you are looking for a simple store online, then weebly is a good option for you. This has a built in automation marketing. Weebly assists small scale business owners and those who lack technical skills. It’s does not require its users to hire experts for running their online stores because its simple usage methods. Furthermore, it also has three type of packages for its users depending upon their budgets. Those who want to get all relevant features for their online store and want to get good speed, then they should avail its higher package while small scale businesses can go for starter package in order to save money. 

Advantages of Weebly:

  • Weebly has got the best value for its users.
  • has the minimum cost for e-commerce marketing automaton.
  •  simple menu bar for its users.
  • offers you its mobile app for an easy access.

Disadvantages of Weebly:

  • additional charges for transactions through Weebly.
  • bad reputation for SEO performance. 

9. Squarespace:

This was launched in 2003. Squarespace has low charges and overall good services and has some really good designs. It also supports drag and drop options which makes it easier for the users to manage their stores without any expert. Its packages start from USD 18 per month with 3 percent extra charges on transactions. It is also considered as the easy to set up platform. It is loved by those business owners who want to create a simple online store. However, it has got limitations when it comes to payment options and gateways. 

Advantages of Squarespace:

  • simple usage.
  • assists simple stores to go online.
  • got good design capabilities.
  • good reputation for SEO performance.

Disadvantages of Squarespace:

  • does not support drop shipping. 
  • speed is also relatively slower.
  • doesn’t have integration with Amazon.

10. Magento:

It is considered as the one of the biggest and trustworthy E-commerce platforms. It is trusted by many large brands like Adidas, Nike and Puma etc. it has got free as well paid packages for its users. The free package also has a lot best features which can help you run your e-commerce smoothly. But the paid package is expensive one but comes with really fast speed. It has got a lot of on-page features for its users like recurring payments and subscription options etc. 

Business owners considers it the best for those business owners who are looking a better SEO performance. It supports one-click selling. 

However, its free package sometimes gets slower due to load. It also require expertise to for its complexity. The best part of Magento is its customer support. It has a lot of active experts who are willing to answer any sort of questions of their users. 

Advantages of Magento:

  • one of the fastest E-commerce platforms. 
  • has also a lot of features.
  • supports one-click selling.
  • Magento is customisable for its users’ needs.

Disadvantages of Magento:

  • got expensive themes. 
  • gets slowed when there are a lot of operations in the same time.
  • It requires technical and development skills.

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