Best Amazon Business Ideas For the Startup

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Amazon Business Ideas
Amazon Business Ideas

Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce company. In 2022 almost everyone wants to start online earning, but the problem is, some people have investments and some can’t invest. If you don’t have investment, you can also make money online from amazon. We will guide you in detail about amazon business ideas and will tell you how you can earn if you have an investment, and how you can earn from amazon without investing money.

If you have investment then start your amazon store and sell online. If you don’t have an investment, then find an investor who will invest money for your store and you will make him your business partner. You can launch your product on amazon, if you don’t have your own product then you can sell other sellers’ products.

Amazon is an excellent e-commerce company that made it easy to sell and buy online. In 2020 the world was closed due to this pandemic. Some people lose their business and some faced a lot of loss in 2020. But who has already run their online business, they became rich. After 2020, people mostly like to buy online, that’s why online business is more successful rather than a physical business.

After 2020, the competition is fierce in the online field. If you want to grow then you should take action and should start your business online. Amazon is the trustier platform for business, you can take your startup from amazon.

We will guide you on how you can start your store on amazon. And we will also suggest to you some online businesses that you can start on Amazon.

How to build an amazon store

Sellers can easily create a store on amazon, the process is very simple. Just create an account and enroll your brand. Login to seller central, select store, manage the store and then create a store. Select best them for your store. The theme is important for online stores. Buyers are impressed with the theme. You will have to pay free to create a store on amazon.

You can create a store as an individual and also as an agency. Now you will be able to sell your product on amazon.

Why you choose amazon

It is a truth that a lot of e-commerce platforms exist, but Amazon is the best marketplace to sell and purchase online. Thousands of sellers are selling their products on amazon. Amazon always gives priority to its users. Amazon provides a guarantee to buyers, that’s why most people prefer to buy from amazon. For example, if you purchase anything from amazon, but you receive the wrong delivery then amazon will back your money. This is the main reason that people like amazon for selling and purchasing.

Amazon does not just prefer the quantity, it is more focused on the quality. In this way, Amazon creates trust in the users. Amazon is a great user-friendly website, It has the best customers services. In some areas, people buy their groceries, foods, and vegetables from amazon. Online shopping became the need of the people.

What should do if you don’t have an investment

So if you don’t have investment, but you want to build your store on amazon, then you will have to find an investor, who will invest money for you. Always find a trustable investor who can work will you with more honesty. Build your brand, and enroll your brand on Amazon. Then you will be able to sell your products on amazon.

Amazon business ideas

We will provide you with some basic amazon business for the beginner. You can start your store by selling these products. you can start to earn with amazon by utilizing these ideas.

Sell online books

You can sell books online. Books can be physical books of different authors and you can also sell a digital book like an ebook. We will suggest you sell digital books because now everyone has a smartphone, people like to read books on the smartphone. That is the reason that people buy the ebook for reading.

It’s not wrong to sell books for libraries. Libraries are in still demand because most people like to sit in the library and read books. So you can sell books, but remember always select the right authors to sell the books. Search the most famous writer who wrote the famous novels and books, and sell that writer’s books.

Sell amazon virtual assistant services

If you don’t have the investment to start your amazon store, then you can also earn money. You can start to sell virtual assistant services. For example, you can work with the other seller as a virtual assistant. Learn how to run an Amazon store, and search people who have an amazon store and he needs a person who can manage their store. You will manage his store and bring more sales for him. This is amazon virtual assistant services.

There are a lot of sellers, who have an amazon store but they don’t have time to manage their store. You can earn money to sell your virtual assistant services. For this, you don’t need to invest your money. Many people are, who do not have a store but they are earning money to manage other seller’s stores. But you will have to work honestly for your client.

Amazon affiliate marketing

A lot of companies are providing their affiliate program. But amazon affiliate program is one of the most famous partner programs to earn money. If you don’t know what is amazon affiliate then we will tell you. For amazon affiliate marketing, you will have to join an amazon affiliate program. You will be assigned a link, you will have to sell amazon products through that link. When anyone will buy from your link, you will get a commission per selling.

On some products are a 10% commission, on some products 5% and 4% commission. Try to sell high commission products because you can generate more money. Amazon affiliate program is the best method to earn from amazon. For amazon affiliate marketing, you don’t need to find an investor, don’t need to find a seller, and you don’t need to manage the store. Just join an amazon affiliate program and start selling products through your link. But remember, you will have to bring at least 3 sales in 6 months after joining the Amazon partner program. Many people are already earning money from amazon affiliate marketing.

Skincare and Cosmetic products

Skincare products are always in full of demand. You can launch your own brand related to skincare products. Everyone wants to care for his skin and for this they need products that can save their skin. If you want to launch your skincare product business and focus on women-related products. Launch your brand by focusing on a special type of woman who needs these products.

With women-related skincare and cosmetic products, introduce these products for the men also. Men also need skincare products to maintain their skin.

Remember, in some specific areas, people more buy these types of products. For example, in hot areas, people need skincare products for their faces. In the desert area, people need skincare and cosmetic product. And in gulf countries, these products will be generated more sales.

Home exercise and Sport equipment

Everyone wants to maintain his fitness, for this, he needs equipment for the exercise. After the 2020 lockdown, most people left to go to the gym for exercise. People like to do exercise in the home. So you can fulfill people’s needs and can earn profit to complete their needs. For buying exercise pieces of equipment, people prefer to buy online.

Besides, sports are very popular all over the world. You can sell sports pieces of equipment in the amazon store. In sports equipment, there are various categories. For example, you can sell cricket equipment, hockey equipment, and football equipment. You can select one niche and started to sell these types of equipment.

These are not seasonal products or this is not a product for sale in a particular area. You can sell these products all over the world. Besides you can sell home sports equipment, for example, badminton equipment.

Travel Accessories

In 2020, traveling was almost closed all over the world. But now, traveling is open almost all over the world. People want to travel because they are bored of sitting at home in 1 year. And for traveling they need travel accessories, so you can start to sell travel accessories. It can be anything, for example, you can sell traveling luggage, travel watches, glasses for traveling, cameras, etc. Travel Accessories is one of the best amazon business ideas, where’s you can take your startup.

You don’t need to enroll all these accessories in your Amazon store, you can just sell one thing and can generate a huge amount from this. But to sell these, target the travelers and target those people who want to travel in the future.

Fashion Products

Fashion is a need of everyone whether man or woman. Launch your own fashion-related products and try to sell fashion-related products for women. Every woman needs fashion on different occasions. For example, in a wedding, a birthday party, an engagement function, and any home function, women need makeup. You can sell a makeup-related product. Or you can also launch makeup-related products on your Amazon store. Fashion products are one of the best amazon business ideas, where’s you can take your startup.

As well-woman, men also need some makeup. For example, for TV shows, TV interviews, drama, or film shooting, men need these types of products. But remember to sell these products, always target the right audience that will be perfect for your product.


Amazon is the world’s largest and most famous e-commerce platform. Most people prefer Amazon to purchase the products. The seller can create their store on amazon and can sell their product on amazon. The seller can launch his own brand on amazon and can start to sell this product. If a seller can’t launch his own brand, then he can start to sell the other brand’s products.

If you don’t have a store and want to earn money, then you can work for other amazon sellers as a virtual assistant. As a virtual assistant, you will manage your client’s store and will earn money. If you don’t want to manage a store, then you can join an amazon affiliate program to earn money. you will join an amazon affiliate program, you will be assigned a link. You will sell amazon products with your link, when anyone will purchase any product through your link, then you will get a commission. But first, after joining the amazon affiliate program, you will have to generate almost three sales in 6 months.

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