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Merely building a website for your online business is not that enough. Boosting the traffic is significant for your business on the same lines. An increase in sales and subscribers is still a significant aspect. Despite of all these points to be taken care of, Optinmonster brings to you the absolute key to handle everything with smoothness. Be at the top with Optinmonster because it converts your small sized business to enterprise level. Whenever you will face any hindrance in up scaling your online business, you will find Optinmonster assisting you proficiently.

Be at the Top with Optinmonster with its Stunning Features:

Although, there are lot of features which help to boost the conversion rates of your website; here we will have a look at some of these.

OptinMonster comes with all the standard targeting rules you might expect, such as:

  • Page-level targeting: Display campaigns depending on which URL your visitor is on.
  • Device-based targeting: Show campaigns to users on various devices, such as mobile, tablet, or desktop.
  • Scroll triggers: Present offers to users once they’ve scrolled through a pre-determined percentage of the page.

While we already covered a few of OptinMonster’s targeting rules above, here are a few others that let you target higher quality leads for your site:

  • OnSite Follow-Up Campaign®: Create “drip” campaigns to target users based on how they interacted with past campaigns.
  • Cookie Retargeting: Fine-tune your personalization by targeting users based on their browser cookies.
  • AdBlock Detection: Show campaigns to users with AdBlock technology to reach a larger portion of your audience.
  • Custom Domains: Totally get around AdBlocking technology by replacing all OptinMonster URLs in your site’s code with your own custom domain. This exclusive feature is ONLY offered by OptinMonster.
  • HTML Elements & JavaScript Variables: Advanced targeting rules to give you 100% control over when and where your popup displays.

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And much more!

The best part is that these rules don’t require coding experience to set up. Instead, everything can be done with drop-down menus and simple text input fields:

Campaigns of Optinmonster which lead you at the top:

Optinmonster provides a wide range of campaigns to boost your website growth. Here for your convenience let us tell you what the Optinmonster Campaign actually is?

At the platform of Optinmonster, campaign means the type of popup, Optin form or any other type of asset which you are designing. These campaigns help you to fulfill all of your business needs.  As all of the campaigns of Optinmonster are composed of discrete blocks, so everything on your online business runs smoothly without any hindrance.

Above all, if you want to create an incredible and outstanding campaign but don’t have even the basic know how of the technical jargon, even then there is nothing to worry about. Use this stunning platform and be at the top with Optinmonster without any technicalities.

(Affiliate disclosure: Heads up! This blog may contain some affiliated links. We are an affiliate marketer with links to companies and retailers on our website. If you purchase any product through these links or make use of any service, you would not have to pay a penny more! But we may get some affiliate commission. Thanks!)

There are various campaigns offered by Optinmonster, let us walk you through their basic idea:

  • Lightbox Popup:

One of the best campaigns is Lightbox Popup. This is important because it accelerates your website traffic efficiently. The visitor has to make a decision when this campaign appears. It becomes more crucial with the Lightbox popup which fades everything else on the screen.

  • Full screen Welcome Mat:

Grabbing visitor’s attention is perhaps one of the specialties of a site. Research has proven that 70% of the visitors don’t come back to your website once they leave. How depressing!

But still you don’t have to worry about because you can be at the top with Optinmonster!

Optinmonster helps to turn your site’s visitors to your potential customers. Full Screen Welcome Mat campaign of Optinmonster assures to boost the website growth. Some of the examples of this application include;

  1. Display the new products and enchanting services
  2. Highlight the best content of website in order to earn new subscribers
  3. Point visitors to the social media accounts
  4. Show a special discount, offer or a coupon and much more!

There is still a wide range of campaigns offered her. For an in depth knowledge, click here and be at the top with Optinmonster.

 Campaign triggers on Optinmonster:

Timing is everything. To show your visitors right at the right time is no doubt one of the major tasks when dealing with an online business. Optinmonster includes several triggers for its campaigns so that you can be at the top with Optinmonster!

Among the vast collection of campaign triggers, one which has attracted millions of visitors is the MonsterLinks 2-step Optins. Let’s have a look here;

MonsterLinks 2-step Optins:

If your website needs more subscribers, more visitors and more upgrades, then MonsterLinks 2-step Optins is absolutely the perfect trigger for your website. MonsterLinks is one of the best triggers which are well renowned for boosting the conversion rates up to 2 times greater in minimal time.

MonsterLinks converts any image or link into a 2-step Optins campaign without any hefty coding. As a result, when the visitor clicks on the image or link using this trigger, they are very likely to complete this process too.

Drag and Drop Builder on Optinmonster:

Optinmonster allows its customers to build and design elegant campaigns using its drag and drop builder and be at the top with Optinmonster. The easiest track to boost the conversion rates of your website is to use drag and drop builder. This is because it will not only generate more leads but also prove to be user friendly!

Choose any Campaign with the Popup Builder:

In accordance with the needs and requirements of your online business, Optinmonster allows you to select any of the campaigns from the campaign gallery with the aid of popup builder. These incredible campaigns include;

1. Lightbox popup:

These are the attention seeking campaigns which boost the conversion rates of your website

2. Floating Bar:

These campaigns are attached to the top or bottom of the page and are attention grabbing.

3. Full Screen Welcome Mat:

With the help of a splash screen, this campaign turns your website’s visitors to the potential customers.

4. Inline forms:

This helps to put your campaign within the content.

5. Sidebar forms and much more!

So what else is needed? Purchase Optinmonster plug in today and be at the top with Optinmonster!

Numerous built-in Templates:

One of the best sides of this drag and drop builder is that it contains over more than 400 templates. This is far more than any other drag and drop builder. Moreover, these templates are categorized on the basis of their usage, purpose and the compatible devices.

Customize the Design of your Campaign:

The most incredible feature of drag and drop builder provided by Optinmonster is that it will never let you get disappointed. So, if you are not a person having grip on coding and technicalities, even then you can customize your own campaign by utilizing the simple drag and drop builder provided by Optinmonster.

So, don’t waste even a second of time. Install and purchase this Optinmonster plug in now and be at the top with Optinmonster!

(Affiliate disclosure: Heads up! This blog may contain some affiliated links. We are an affiliate marketer with links to companies and retailers on our website. If you purchase any product through these links or make use of any service, you would not have to pay a penny more! But we may get some affiliate commission. Thanks!)

Yes/ No Forms:

Yes/ No multi step Optin forms are helpful in increasing the sales on your site and increase conversion rates like never before. It boosts the conversions of your site up to 18%.

According to the behavioral psychology, people who begin an action are likely to complete it. So if the visitors will have the option to select among the yes/ no forms it will seem suitable to them. Hence, the visitors will be more engaged to your site.

Use of yes/no forms by Optinmonster:

Optinmonster uses this superb feature of yes/no forms in a variety of ways. Let’s have a bird’s eye view here:

  • Redirect the attention of visitors to popular and featured blogs on your website
  • Show the relatable discount offers
  • Show the exclusive offers
  • Enhance affiliate earnings
  • Segment the visitors by showing two split options and letting them to choose one out of the two.

After knowing all such stunning features and pros of Optinmonster, make use of all these perks. Click on the link provided and be at the top with Optinmonster!

Yes/No forms made available by Optinmonster are compatible with all the elegant and breathe taking themes of this platform. In addition, you can even decide by yourself that what happens to the user on selecting either yes or no.

These templates save you time, energy, and headaches in the campaign creation process. They look great across all devices, and they’re fully responsive.

From there, you’ll likely want to make a few modifications to your campaign to showcase your lead magnets. Doing so couldn’t be easier.

That’s because OptinMonster comes with an inline text editor that allows you to modify your message directly in the campaign:

Mobile Compatible Popups:

As we all know the fact that mobile phones are getting increased in number day by day on this planet earth. In this situation, if your website is lagging behind others in terms of targeting the right audience at the right time; then your business will definitely have to face a huge loss.

Optinmonster seeks to help you in this regard also. Give an up to the marks and the most versatile experience to your mobile users and be at the top with Optinmonster.

Mobile Popups built by Optinmonster are so stunning that your mobile phone visitors will never feel any boredom while interacting with these pop ups.

Template Library on Mobile Popups:

The vast and wide template library available on Optinmonster for mobile pop ups will never let you go anywhere else. This template library contains in it very sophisticated and well crafted templates. Therefore, be sure that after use of such templates on your mobile pop ups will surely let you be at the top with Optinmonster.

Customizable Thank-You Page:

Gratitude costs nothing but definitely weighs and matters the most. Optinmonster knows this significance, so it allows its users to customize a thank you note for the visitors.

Well, despite of having the opportunity of creating a thank you ore a success view message; if you are not customizing this page then you are losing your leads generation of course.

With an attractive and flexible success message, you can display a new offer to your client; more preferably the one related to the users last purchase.

Another option in this regard is to ask your customer at the en d of his/her purchase to fill put a survey form. This will not only increase your sales but will also give you an insight about the future goals and destinations. An increase in the number of subscribers and potential customers is still another perk. Start today and be at the top with Optinmonster!

(Affiliate disclosure: Heads up! This blog may contain some affiliated links. We are an affiliate marketer with links to companies and retailers on our website. If you purchase any product through these links or make use of any service, you would not have to pay a penny more! But we may get some affiliate commission. Thanks!)

Be at the Top with Optinmonster-The Verdict:

Optinmonster, as we would say, is simply a canvas to your imagination. So it’s the high time for you to build a strong and ever lasting impact of you website on the visitors. Optinmonster is undoubtedly one of the best building plug-ins. With tons of campaigns and features, you are bound to be at the top with Optinmonster!

Are you wondering how a tool like OptinMonster can help you make more money?

OptinMonster is a powerful lead generation software that helps you grow your list, increase conversions, and drastically boost sales.

Plus, it’s easy to set up and doesn’t require any coding to get started. But at the end of the day, you’re probably most interested in one question: “Can OptinMonster bring in more money than you’re currently making?”

That answer’s simple: YES!

So, today, we’re going to teach you exactly how to make money with OptinMonster. More specifically, we’ll look at how you can make more money with OptinMonster by:

But first, let’s get crystal clear on what OptinMonster is.

What Is OptinMonster?

OptinMonster is the #1 lead generation software on the market:

OptinMonster helps businesses of all sizes grow their email list, attract better quality leads, and increase sales. It’s the perfect tool for bloggers, solopreneurs, small businesses, and larger organizations.

How does it work? By allowing anyone to quickly and easily create high-converting “optin campaigns.”

Optin campaigns are things you’re likely already familiar with, such as popups, floating bars, spin-to-win wheels, and much more.

With these campaigns, you can present special offers to your site’s visitors. These are often referred to as “lead magnets,” and they include things like:

  • eBooks
  • Cheatsheets
  • Checklists
  • Discounts
  • Free shipping
  • And much more…

For a more comprehensive list of lead magnets, check out this detailed article: 69 Highly Effective Lead Magnets to Grow Your List.

At this point, you might be wondering, “Yes, but how long will all of these options campaigns take to set up?”

One of the best parts about OptinMonster is how easy it is to use. Once connected to your site, you can select any of our 50+ pre-built templates to start with:

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