Basic WordPress SEO guide

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inBefore talking about the basic WordPress SEO guide let me clear this one point SEO is an ongoing process. SEO consumes both – Time and money but it can give you long-term results. 

The important point is that according to research only 0.78% of people click on the second page of SERP. it means the remaining 99.22% of people do not even click on the second page. OOPS! that’s a huge difference.

Well, if you have come to this page it means you are already prepared and keen to grab the position on SERP.

So don’t worry here you will get all the information stay connected till the end to know the basic WordPress SEO guide.

If we are talking about the WordPress SEO guide it means you had already purchased that domain, but if you don’t grab it. WordPress is the best, trusted, and leading nowadays. Most importantly on WordPress, you can do SEO with the help of the Yoast plugin. Want to know what is Yoast? So keep reading……

What is Yoast


We assume that you are a beginner. So before getting a basic WordPress SEO guide it is better to have some knowledge of what Yoast actually is.

Yoast is a comprehensive plugin where you get a range of features through which you can optimize your site for SERP.

Yoast plugin have also a Free and paid option. What does it mean? Let’s explain, with the help of the free yoast version you will get access to only basic options but if you have a paid version of yoast you will get a huge range of features. want to download just click here.

Basic WordPress SEO guide;


Here we will learn about the basic WordPress SEO guide with a free version of Yoast. Because this Plugin is specifically built for WordPress Sites so it works best with WordPress. 

This plugin has made SEO easy even if you don’t have any kind of knowledge you can do the SEO of your site easily. 

So let’s start our guide to basic WordPress SEO but with a free version. Yess! Free

The free version of yoast includes a detailed report of the following options. if you want to know about the complete WordPress SEO with the paid version of Yoast here is our complete guide

  • Reading analysis
  • Images
  • Internal links
  • External links
  • Google preview
  • Density of keyphrase
  • Meta description
  • Length of meta description
  • Text length
  • SEO title width
  • Keyphrase in introduction
  • Keyphrase in subheading

Before starting our basic WordPress SEO guide it’s good to know that when you will do all these options correctly the circles will be turned green.

You are going to learn all these part’s in detail. So read on to get to know the knowledge of all these points and some key points that you should keep in mind while doing SEO.

Start pick

Reading analysis; 


First of all, in the basic WordPress SEO guide, you should take a look at the reading analysis of your blog or article. If it’s good enough it will be turned into green just like SEO.

like here in the image you can see that everything is correct and turned into a green circle except for one thing. by clicking on the eye button, the blog points where you did the mistakes will be highlighted. just click on this eye button and make changes up to the need.

here is the best thing in reading analysis that they will show you flesh reading ease. so what’s that! flesh ease is an estimate score that tells you about how easy is it for your readers to read this blog or article.

in reading analysis you will also get information about the paragraph length, sentence length, transition sentences, etc. if there is any mistake you can make changes to it by clicking on the eye button.

 reading analysis in basic wordpress seo guide

Google Preview;


Yes! The free version also provides the option of Google preview. With this facility, you will get to know what it will look like at the SERP.

If you have a paid version it will also tell you about the preview of other places just like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

must read how to create a WordPress website – the easy way!



Here you will get the analysis of Images that you had added to your blog or article. There is no limit to the image used it’s totally up to you no matter whether you add one image two, or three. 

Having a featured image for your blog or article is compulsory. In simple words, a featured image is an image that will be shown at the start of your blog whenever a user will land.

Keep in mind that except for one feature image all images are optional, but having an ALT text for images is compulsory. Alt-text is the text that will help the crawler to crawl your images as the crawler is a bot and he can’t understand the image. He can understand text only.

TIP; So what you had learned? Having ALT text for images is compulsory and it should show the exact purpose of your blog or that particular paragraph purpose.

Internal links;


Internal links are the most important part of SEO. we can’t deny the importance and value of having internal linking on our page.

If you put internal links in your blog the circle will be turned green. There is no minimum number about how much you should ad internal links to your site. It’s totally up to you but relevance is the key.

Internal linking gives you a chance of showing your other web pages to the user. If they are in need of that information they will click on it and land on it.

TIP; While adding internal links you should always check the option of opening in a new tab. In this way when the reader will click on that link he will be redirected to that page but with a new tab. So it will help the user to get back where he just left off.

Outbound links;


Just like internal linking, outbound links or external links are also important. When you will add outbound links to your blog the circle will be turned green. Which means everything is perfect!

It is always recommended to put outbound links in your blog or article. Whenever you are writing a blog it is ideal to put some external links to authenticate your research. must check out our tips for blogging.

TIP; whenever you added research or any other crucial information to your site it is best to give an outbound link to that site. It authenticates your research and proves where you have got this data.

SEO title width;


Here you will get information about how your SEO title is performing and how does it work. The SEO title is something that is shown to a reader or user whenever he entered a query. 

The maximum length of an SEO title is 50 to 60 characters. It should not be exceeded that limit. If it exceeds the circle will show a red sign which means you are in need to keep that title short.

TIP; keep your keyword at the beginning of the SEO title. It should be exactly matched the focus keyphrase.

Meta description;


here in the basic WordPress SEO guide, A meta description is the most important part of SEO. it provides information about the web page.

While reading meta description keep in mind that you should prepare it for both, SEO purposes and for the user experience.

Provide necessary details here that will boost your reader to click. Write your meta description for the SEO pint too. As it will provide information to the crawler about your page.

The ideal length of meta description is 150 to 160 words including spaces. Anyword that goes longer than 150 words will not be shown to the reader.

TIP; your focus keyword or key phrase should appear in the SEO title. The best place to put your SEO title in the meta description is in the beginning.

The density of keyphrase;


This part shows you how many times the focus keyphrase or keyword is found in your blog. It will show you the number of how many times it has appeared. 

The best thing about keyphrase or keyword density is that they will show you how many times you should add your focus keyword in your blog.

Keyword density depends on your blog length-number of words written. If you had enough keywords used in that blog they will show you a green circle but if there are any changes needed they will tell you about it.

Keyphrase in introduction;


You would happy to listen that it will also guide you about your keyphrase or keywords in your blog introduction. 

While you are starting your blog you should put your focus keywords in your introduction if you don’t put them here in the introduction. Yoast will remind you to put some keywords in the introduction.

TIP; try to adjust your focus keyphrase at the start of the blog, or in the first paragraph. If it does not appear here it’s a must appear anywhere in the whole intro.

Text length;


WordPress SEO with Yoast plugin will guide you on the length of your blog or article. It will also show you here the number of words that you had written in that blog. 

Yoast will tell you about the text length and the number of keywords that appear in your blog. If the keyword density is not appropriate. The circle is not going to turn green.

Sounds good! Make your eCommerce site or blog on WordPress NOW.

 basic wordpress seo guide

To wrap up – Basic WordPress SEO guide


To wrap up our basic WordPress SEO guide we can say that it is just like a magical tool and perform best on WordPress website.

Even if you don’t have any kind of SEO knowledge this plugin can help you. If you don’t have a paid version of this plugin you can also get most of the benefits from the free version. I suggest buying a paid version because it’s worth buying.

Most importantly it will show you google preview and will make your WordPress site ready for SERP.

Well, if you need to know about the importance of SEO in this digital era it means you are already too late. So you don’t want to miss your time anymore so start your own blog or eCommerce store on WordPress. Do the SEO and get the optimum benefit.

check our guide about the top 10 benefits of WordPress and Write in the comment section about what do you think about WordPress and SEO. we would love to hear from you.

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