Affiliate LiveChat Wins April Madness

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All about Affiliate Livechat

Have you ever wished that someone would do all the hard work for you? Someone who actually knows what they are doing and can deal directly with your customers? Someone that i a real person, not just an automated voice answering your customer’s questions?

Maybe you hire an outsourced team in another country that speaks broken English and doesn’t really know what it is doing. But what if there was a better option? One that works, offers substantial support, and is really affordable? That’s where Affiliate LiveChat comes in!

  Welcome Affiliate!

Welcome to Affiliate Livechat. As a marketer, you will offer a 24/7 support service through our advanced live chat tool. This means you can be there for your leads and customers whenever they need you.

Ever wish you could speak with your customers directly? Live chat is quickly becoming the favored first contact in customer engagement and sales, according to Conversational Marketing Today. With a service like Affiliate Live Chat, you can start making the connections — mostly, over the phone.

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    How does it work?

Affiliate Livechat is a live chat support solution that is scalable to your business needs. It removes the need for office space and provides you with a 24/7 support solution.

With our live effective monitoring system, we can make sure your website is running smoothly and your customers are always happy.

We have a team of skilled agents that speak over 20 different languages. This means helping your customers will never be a problem for us.Our agents work in small teams, which maximizes efficiency and makes sure you are getting the best customer service possible.

We work hard to ensure that every agent is kept motivated, up to date on company information, and enthusiastic about providing the best customer service possible.

Our training team is constantly working with new employees to make sure they are well trained before they work with your clients. The last thing you want to be worrying about when managing a business is how you’re going to keep up with a growing customer base and keep their needs met. That’s why we’re here.

 The Affiliate guide

At 10:30am on a Thursday, [INSERT AGENT NAME] is notified of an incoming chat through the Jitbit Livechat Software. The chat comes from the website’s affiliate portal and leads are required to enter their email address into a form before the conversation begins.Here, lead email address is [INSERT LEAD EMAIL].

When talking to affiliate leads, it’s important to make them feel special, as they are advertising your business. After introducing yourself, start asking questions to find out what they want to talk about. Start with good manners when chatting with affiliates. We have created a chatbot which can help you get acquainted with our new program, and inform you about its key features.

I will guide you through the key features of Affiliate Livechat and explain everything that is important to know. During the day, affiliates can use the livechat for communication with users. We encourage you to use livechat not only as a communication tool but also as an acquisition channel by contacting people who have abandoned their online carts.

Advertisers will contact everyone who visited their website in the last 30 days, depending on availability at any moment. Users who already asked the advertiser a question will be available within “Messages” section. Message content is up to you–it can contain incentive offers, answers or just a link that leads back to your website.

Livechat for affiliates is live in beta, and you can access it from “Livechat” menu in your dashboard. We are working on making it better every day. If you want to try out Livechat, start a chat with our team. This release is a part of our continuing efforts towards transparent communication.

Contact us.

Affiliate Livechat cost

Pricing and costs are the cornerstone of any business you are looking to get involved with. As an Affiliate Live Chat provider, it is vital to understand what you’re getting for your money, and how well the service can work for your business model.

Like anything else in life, you get what you pay for and there’s no point trying to cut corners or signing up for a service that is going to give you nothing but trouble.

Live Chat is the best and easiest way for you to earn money online. By simply chatting with your visitors and helping them to find what they are looking for, you can generate a lot of sales and earn commissions.
All you need is some basic computer skills and an outgoing personality.

You don’t even need a website!
There are little fees involved in becoming an Affiliate Livechat Agent. You will introduce your friends, family, co-workers or anyone else to this great programme where they can start earning extra income by working from home too!
Once you sign up as an Affiliate Livechat Agent, we’ll send you everything you need via email, including instructions on how to log in securely from any computer or smartphone.

Affiliate Livechat is the most intuitive and cost-effective live chat software. Our flexible plans mean you can choose a pricing plan to suit your business needs at an affordable price. Our transparent price means no hidden costs!

From basic live chat to unlimited users and unlimited chats – we have a plan for everyone.
With Affiliate Livechat, you only pay for what you need.

  • Starter
    Price: $15
    5 concurrent chats, 2 users, email support
  • Professional
    Price: $29
    Features: 10 concurrent chats, 3 users, 24-hour email support and a live tour of the platform
  • Enterprise
    Features: 25 concurrent chats, 5 users, 24-hour email support and a live tour of the platform

Affiliate Livechat is affordable for small businesses.

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Onboarding and support

Hi! I’m Sean, a Customer Success Manager at Affiliate Livechat, but you can call me Sean. Anyway, you’ve signed up for our exceptional live chat support platform and onboarding is the best way to get started with Livechat! Let’s jump right in and start with the primary pages on our website.

If you’ve tried to get an affiliate program off the ground and have been unsuccessful, then this newcomer’s guide to onboarding and supporting your affiliates is for you. You’ll learn how to know what onboarding best practices are, how to approach them, and how to fully support your affiliates.

You can ask our agents for a demo of the product or for a demonstration of how to use our products.
Our Customer Support agents will be available to answer your questions and help you troubleshoot any issues.
We offer support, but not advice.

If you have questions about our products, please contact our support team.
We are happy to answer questions you may have, but we do not advise on any product or service.

Join our affiliate program

We’re an affiliate program, and we know that in order to get a sale, you first need to provide excellent service. That’s why we made Affiliate Livechat a priority on our site; it’s the start of your relationship with us. We know you might be here only because of our participation in this program.

And we don’t want to let that fact impede potentially good relationships, either with us as a brand or with you as a participant in our program.

We also realize that your sales depend on getting answers from us immediately, so it makes sense to expertly handle your inquiries through desktop notifications, e-mail and chat instead of just waiting for the customer service team to read the ticket and answer you.


Welcome to Affiliate Livechat!

We’re so excited to have you join the team.

Before you use the software and chatting with customers, we want to make sure you understand all the features and policies.

First, here is a quick overview of the software. The software is found on our website and is accessed through a login page.
You can create your own unique password or generate one automatically by clicking the Generate Password button.


To chat online with customers, simply click on the green online button in the control panel.

To accept incoming chats, click the Accept button that appears on the control panel when a chat is requested. If you’re dealing with a customer complaint, please say you’re sorry and ask how you can make things right for them.

You can also start an in-app chat with us through our support area by clicking on New Support Request.
We hope this will help make your first days onboarding a breeze!

I know this is long, but read it through to the end to see which service we recommend. It only takes a minute, I promise. There are affiliate live chat tools out there. A lot of them, in fact. We’ve considered all of them and have come up with a clear winner.                      

A great, free content management system that makes it easy for you to add pages and posts supported the design of Affiliate Livechat, and make quick changes. If you have questions, the friendly staff are available 24/7 to lend their support.

Great customer service can often be the deciding factor between two similar services. Download the free CMS for your own blog today and start improving your visitors’ experience right away.


While affiliate live chat may not be an absolute necessity, it is an invaluable support system for any affiliate business. This support tool provides you with the ability to answer questions, address concerns and improve conversion rates among your affiliates in real time.

Think of it as a direct link between you and your affiliates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Live chat is the latest way in which affiliate marketers can get ahead of their competition. Contacting your customers via live chat helps cement the relationship you have with them and helps you build strong relationships for the future.

To conclude, the benefits of live chat far outweigh the costs and anyone can get started with an affiliate Livechat. You don’t even have to have a website or business in place. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and some motivation to start work.

Don’t know how to use a live chat? Visit Affiliate Livechat, our affiliate program is quick and easy.

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